Network Septic

I just ran across an article [Link] on IO9 about the “Walking Dead” television series. After writing about cheerleaders with inadequate adult supervision it seemed fitting to continue with zombies.

I do not watch this program. It is not entertaining, for reasons I will detail shortly. As a rule I do not watch any zombie movies except possibly old mummy movies.

The reasons for this are fairly simple:

  • They are not science fiction – they may be fantasy but they are not good fantasy, if I may use such a construction without gagging a bit;
  • Zombie shows are not even good horror shows although they do have a high quotient of disgusting which may explain much of their current popularity – for mental children raised on mind rotting hand sanitizers and over-cleanliness a bit of rot is very attractive, especially if they can walk away from it unfixed; and lastly
  • Zombies are metaphors for bogs.

Think about it. Zombies do not contribute, nor do they create. They do not do maths or any sort of STEM stuff. And they are mentally deficient.

Zombies are bogs. And bogs are not very entertaining except in a depraved Three Stooges fashion. So I don’t watch zombie videos. Or read zombie books.

But a lot of them get watched/read. Presumably bogs like watching/reading about themselves?

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