Progression: Cheerleaders -> Zombies -> ?
Answer: ? = MegaHard

Now is the time to pick on MegaHard, just because they foster zombies bogs. I ran across this article [Link] this morning with the title “Windows 8 Download By Businesses Is Getting The Wait-And-See Approach”. Notable quotes from the article include:

“Windows 8 is, frankly, more of a consumer platform than it is a business platform, so it’s not something that makes any sense from a business perspective at this juncture,”
“There is really no additional business functionality that Windows 8 gives you that I see.”

The mealy mouth that goes with this is that businesses not adopting Winders Ate is inconsequential. The rationale for this is that most organizations buy annual seat licenses and so it doesn’t matter if they are running WXP or X7 or W8.

This is a classic mistake. What is classic about it is that it ignores other costs than just the OS. And in a few years when WXP is no longer supported and organizations are lukewarm on W7 and icy on W8, what happens?

Unless the organization switches to BYOD, I suspect that things will not be so rosy for MegaHard. Especially if the organization can convert to something cheaper that preserves the L&F.

Organizations have decided against Tile GUI. That lets out MegaHard, Apple, and Canonical, maybe Gnome. So who’s left?

And I beg to differ with the idea that individual is more important than organization. Organizations are only going to listen to a few individuals and they are not likely to ask Tile GUI questions nor receive Tile GUI answers – unless they are in food retailing. And while something less than 0.5 of individuals practice some form of self-determination at home with regard to OS, the rest follow the eroded arroyo that they got from the organization.

This begins to remind me of the kid who wanted out of the Army so he shot himself in the foot. Unfortunately he only had a machine gun. Six rounds, five in what was his foot. Except I think in MegaHard’s case it’s a bazooka.

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