Welfare Coexistence

Yesterday I ran across an article [Link] about Winders and Linux coexisting on the same machine. I have to admit to viewing this with a great deal of distrust and derision.

I have been trying for a month now to get Winders VII and Ubuntu 12.04 on the same box. I have already related the starting part of this where the Ubuntu install went bonkers and reformatted the whole hard drive. After that, lacking any means of reinstalling W VII, I went and bought a real copy of Winders VII Professional.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

The install was a moderate nightmare. The basic install only took about three hours, which is about an hour longer than installing Ubuntu would have taken. But then Winders VII Pro is a REAL microcomputer OS so one has to expect it to take a while longer.

And it did. Because nothing worked quite right. Seems the basic Winders VII drivers are stercus. And it wouldn’t even talk to my network. It took two hours and three different 802.11n dongles to get one, yes, integer the first, to work.

Then I spent twelve hours installing the updates that had amassed since the DVD was pressed and then. And the hardware still didn’t work quite right. Bad, not right. The 1080p monitor wouldn’t do better than 800×600.  So I went to Hewlett Packard, who made the box. And spent another six hours downloading drivers. Twelve of them. And another few hours installing, and then the hardware sorta worked.

Did I mention that I am getting half the download speed on Winders as I am on the slowest Linux box in the house? That’s part of why it took so long. But another big part of it is that Winders is serious deficient in drivers. I have never had to download more than two drivers under any version of Linux.

Then I spent five days, 2-4 hours per day, installing the five programs that are gotta-haves under Winders for me. And the most important one doesn’t work right.

So let’s see, Winders VII Pro is obese, slow, and won’t run Winders clients. Did I mention slow? This is a six core box with 10 Gb of RAM and a good (too big) sized hard drive and Winders runs about half as fast as the slowest Linux box I have with one core.

And that’s with what Winders calls minimum eyecandy. Not that Winders eyecandy is anything to write home about unless you’re a candy historian and want to illustrate what candy was like before sugar and chocolate. The only part of Linux with less eyecandy is command line. Heck, I have seen terminal clients with better eyecandy than W VIII.

So yeah, I want them to coexist, because I need those programs but I don’t want to waste a box this good just on slime mold like W VIII. I need a good OS to do all the other stuff.

Somehow this reminds me of Amerika. We have people who work, people who seem to work, and people who don’t want to work if the Yankee government will pay them not to. So we have an OS society?

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