History Interpreted

Yesterday I an article [Link] in the wall street journal. Since it didn’t misaddress anyone I actually got to read it through without being diverted. The question asked was why is it that Mormons can be made the point of humor but Muslims cannot. The author claims that this is because Mormons don’t carry bombs.

Evidently memory is short. There was a time when Mormons carried weapons and there was some considerable probability of civil warfare with the Yankee government. As it turned out there were no external political influences and the matter did indeed go to the larger battalions. The author has forgotten this but I suspect those who lead among the Mormons have not.

American history is replete with several similar confrontations with Muslims, going back to the early days of the  Yankee republic and the motivation to amend our dislike of the English and continuing into the Twentieth Century. What we have to ask is whether those interactions have been forgotten or not by those who lead among the Muslims. I suspect so, but they draw a different lesson, one of revenge and retribution.

We need to recall two things. Children who do wrong are not shot but are deprived of allowance and placed on restriction. Rabid dogs are put down.

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