The Hidden Obvious

Saturn’s day and fully into week out. And the tabs have multiplied rabbitish this week. And too little patience and cognitive umph to treat more than a few.

I had a fun thing this week. Had bought two refurbed HP deskboxes with nice hardware and the home version of Winders VII to serve two purposes. One was to serve as the back up for FD SCP’s current deskbox when it discorporates. She has a short span of abidance of no deskbox. The other I purchased to replace the box I am using at the moment which is a bit over whelmed by Ubuntu 12.04. I wanted a box with Winders on it for the few – four – apps that I use under Winders.

Anyway, long story made short I got things working on the Winders side and had shrunk it down as much as I could, which was still over half a terabyte – talk about memory obese! – and the KUBUNTU installer fritzed and wiped the hard drive. And since it was a refurb box no backup disk was available. So my outlook on OS and boxes has been quite negative since.

Which brings to the first article [Link] entitled “Apple may have killed the Linux desktop, but the web is where the battle is”. I grabbed this article not because of its content, which is not bad in refuting the thesis, but because I considered the title to be hilarious. Simply put, the Linux desktop is not discorporate. If anything it is healthier than either Winders or Apple OS. The measure of this can be considered to be either the GUI itself or the the OS, and the measure is the degeneracy. Let us start with Winders. In terms of GUI, Winders has a degeneracy of two: the Winders VII aero GUI and the Winders Ate “Modern” gui. In terms of OS, I am unsure of how many versions of Winders VII there are but it is about two and the number of Winders Ate is two. So regardless of metric, Winders has a degeneracy of two.

Apple on the other hand has a GUI degeneracy of one and an OS degeneracy of about two, so it is not much different from Winders. Linux on the other hand has a GUI degeneracy of order ten, and an OS degeneracy of order twenty-five. I can’t list all the variants of GUI but they include unity, gnome, XFCE, LXDE, KDE, clones of gnone II, ….. So in terms of these metrics we have two autocratic/communist tyranny OS and one democratic OS. No wonder the latter is called “FREE”!

So not only has Apple not killed off the Linux desktop, it has done a great service. The premise is that at least some of the folks who use Apple OS would have gone with Linux. The unasked question is whether the Linux community would benefit from them? I suspect the answer is the same as the one about whether the Linux community would benefit from the average Winders user? One of the strengths of the Linux community is that its members can do stuff. They are not bogs nor slaves, except maybe wage slaves of Canonical and such totalitarian organizations masquerading as FREE. So despite what Canonical seems to be trying to do with unity to turn Ubuntu into an appliance, those who want to bash thing [yes, I know it is a horrible pun!] are not tempted to dilute the mental gene pool.

Incidentally, the thesis of the article is that Apple may rule the desktop (not conceded) but Linux is whomping on the server side. My consideration is that we learned back in the early days of WFWG that the server version worked better than the desktop version as a desktop OS.

The second article [Link] is entitled “The Results Are in: Scientists Are Workaholics”. Again, it is the title that is the attractant, not the content. Although the content is of value it only confirms what all bogs know: if you enjoy what you are doing as work, then work becomes play as well. In fact, if you don’t like what you get paid to do, then you do real work during play time. That’s how Albert came up with Relativity and Isaac came up with mechanics. It’s called rabbinical science.

The difficulty is that because STEMS are working all the time (even asleep,) unless they hate their jobs, they are thinking STEM all the time and that makes it hard to communicate with bogs. SO the bogs tend to get their feelings hurt because they don;t understand what is being said and they go off and sulk and maybe get violent. One more of the burdens of being a species with bogs.

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