Morality Gestapo

I note [Link] that the supreme justicers of the Yankee government have done their bit for improving the fortunes of television magnates. They have cramped the Yankee government’s communication constabulary from arbitrarily restricting stuff like obscenity, nudity, and reproductive activity.

That is not to say that I do not engage in all of these, every day. I curse – in one of six languages – daily when something goes wrong and I need an outlet for emotion other than smearing myself with woad and going berserk. I get into he shower daily in the nude. I also bare my buttocks several times daily to ascent the throne. And I think about reproduction every day although I do not have congress every day.

That is not the issue.

Issue number one is whether a broadcast service should be permitted to transmit content that is undesirable or objectionable, or worse, to a segment of the population? This does not apply to a content service that is paid for, only to the ones who force themselves on the public. The sub-issue is how much of the population, what fraction. is sufficient to merit any ban. If 0.5 of the population objects then it is pretty clear that this behavior needs to be restricted to the paid sources. If 0.05 then the clarity is disproportionately less. To what extent do minority rights extend?

A complication of this is whether other, comparable, but sanitized content is also available. IMHO this is the means for the matter to be resolved, especially with digital encoding. All publically transmitted sources should be required to transmit two channels of almost equivalent information; one with profanity, nudity, perversion, and reproduction; and the other without. The programming has to be exactly the same otherwise. No substituting cartoons for drama. With the sate of computer aided editing these days this is not a difficult or even expensive requirement. And it removes the FCC from the ambiguity.

Issue number two is whether the Yankee government should be in the business of dictating “morality”. The argument for doing so is that it reduces the instance of other difficulties like prudes and whoopees having street fights over the matter.

Issue number three is when is the Yankee government going to open the gates to other objectionable content? Like worthless athletic competitions and religionist fanatics? And broadcasts in some language other than Amerikan?

Someone got lard? I want to grease the slope.

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