Incompetent Complaining

Once more sundae and we are all thankful that Greater Metropolitan Arab Electron Uncooperative reset their switches (or something) this morning that prompted a considerable bit of effort to get clocks reset, …., and computers restarted. Bazinga! In the words of Sheldon Cooper of the sitcom Big Bang Theater.

There was probably some benefit to this but I don’t know what it was and at the moment I am not inclined to be particularly introspective of what it is. I suppose, and I am stretching myself for this, so don’t gainsay it lest I unleash a tactical fission on you, I would prefer that they do this on sundae than any other day of the week. But I don’t understand why they do this while I am performing my ablutions rather than when the christianists are in the middle of one of their propaganda fests.

On which note, I saw an article [Link] in arstechnica about incompetence. ArsTechnica is another complaint magnet because they split their articles up across several web pages and then won’t give you a print/consolidation option. A subtle form of information hoarding and organizational control.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, or at least the fox hole, it seems that the Catch 22 is that for folks to deem themselves accurately competent at something they have to be competent. The article doesn’t say that because if it did, it would be about as long as this paragraph. But that’s it. If you are incompetent, you think you’re competent; if you’re competent, you think you’re competent. Sounds like a recipe for humility to me but I know from experience that it’s actually a recipe for arrogance. The difference is that in the old days if someone was incompetent we either took them aside and told them or found a way to do them in. Nowadays we just let them be because we either don’t care or can’t be bothered. So the fraction of the population that is arrogant inepts is growing. Another indication of extinction.

The other complaint article [Link]

The Greater Metropolitan Arab Electron Uncooperative just struck again, permitting me to cool my heels on the back porch for 23 minutes. Congratulations on a now standard in incompetence for the year! And without the excuse of a tornado storm! Anyway, continuing –

                                                     is in The Register – another example of what we have to read about Amerika in the English/Furrin press because Amerikan journalism is just plain incompetent – and it asserts that

“Americans with higher levels of scientific and mathematical knowledge are more sceptical regarding the dangers of climate change than their more poorly educated fellow citizens.”

The reason for this is laid upon the differences between “egalitarian communitarians” and “hierarchical individualists”, which is a bit of a new, at least in terminology, taxonomy for me. Apparently, democruds are egalitarian communitarians, despite their blatant aristocratic behavior, while repulsians are hierarchical individualists, which is somewhat similarly baffling given their solidarity in the face of blatant stupidity.

But what surprises me is that supposedly hierarchical individualists tend towards STEM while egalitarian communitarians tend towards (?) something else. Is this a synonym for “luvvie”?

Somehow this makes sense. If someone is an egalitarian communitarian then it stands to reason one of their tenets must be equal ignorance for all. Of course, they don’t know they are incompetent.

Nor, it seems, do bogs, which is not surprising but is somewhat explained here. I, on the other hand, am quite sure of my incompetence – except when it is demonstrated to be less than the incompetence of those around me. Certainly this blog demonstrates that.

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