The Novelty of Frustration

OK, week out is about over and it is time to prune tabs. FD SCP and I have been in a bit of a state of denial. We have to go over to Kennesaw for her annual sewing training there and we have been often enough that the novelty of everything except the horror and the frustration have about worn off.

Speaking of novelty, I ran across this article [Link] about folks at Delft and Eindhoven Us in the Nethelands looking for the ‘elusive’ Majorana fermion. I have to admit to some mixed reactions on this one. The ‘elusive’ label brought forth thoughts of rather inane royalist propaganda disguised as an adventure novel to say nothing of the rather questionable acting skills of Leslie Howard. But then the Howards, at least the English faction, have always been royalist and shady. The Majorana brought back memories of graduate shule and those moments of almost unendurable trivia made desperate when one needs to do something more fundamental than physics such as micturate or defecate or rush to another class or even anti-defecate or anti-micturate. And lastly, fermions, the most wonderful of particles, Nature’s introverts as it were and hence sharing a bond of temperament with most physicists. In fact, many physicists I know shape their lives on an emulation of the behavior of fermions.

What is special about these fermions is that they possess spin (or they wouldn’t be fermions,) but not charge. Thus in the somewhat specious taxonomy of opposites, they are their own anti-particles since an absence of charge can only be reversed into itself. I find myself taking mental exception with one of the article’s statements however,

The researchers have “produced quasiparticles that act like Majorana fermions: electrically-neutral particles that are their own antiparticles, such that if two collide, they annihilate.

Since their only internal observable, at least from the brief reportage, is their intrinsic angular momentum or spin, annihilation would seem to occur only if the two particles have equal and opposite spin. Since the research has only begun, at least according to the reportage, this question may not yet have been addressed. Of course, it seems likely that the particles must be created with equal numbers of opposite spin value, for energy composition if nothing else, and hence every other encounter is likely to be with an opposite. But if the like spun do not annihilate each other then perhaps these beasties may be concentrated by sequesterment? Absent that, it would be nice to know if the annihilation mechanism bridges spin sameness.

While we are on skepticism, I ran across an illuminated – in the Medieval sacred work sense – article [Link] on the statistics of opinion (?) of the population (sample, at least) on the subject of global climate change.

It seems that a reasonable fraction of the sample, which presumably is large enough to include a fairly representative fraction of bogs, is indeed concerned about global climate change. Except for those who consider themselves members of the repulsian political persuasion, which explains why the outlook is so whacked in Alibam. Here in Alibam, of course, even the democruds are repulsians in liberal’s clothing.

Next, I ran across this article, [Link] which argues that since MegaHard’s browser is slowly decomposing, FaceScroll needs its own browser to combat Gooey in their war to be the internet mental component in the same way that Apple controls the appliance mental component. As one who rejects the covert serfdom vehemently, I find the whole matter laughable in the sense of a poorly executed hanging – galgenhumor, as it were. The matter only matters, as it were, if one is concerned with controlling the gammas and deltas. From an economic sense this is worthwhile, of course, since these people pay large amounts of money for piles of poorly but cheaply produced crap.

The shiny Gooey browser is popular and has some good points although the much touted level of security are not one such. It is fast, and hence desirable for meaningless activity on the interned such as observing captioned photographs of uncooked felines. It is not however, very useful for actual work. There are plenty of faster browsers out there  but they suffer from a klutzy exterior lacking the economic resources of Gooey for cosmetic facading.

The intriguing, but unraised question is whether FaceScroll, given their penchant for changing facades for no apparent reason other than micturating clients, can actually pull off a browser even as unsuccessful of MegaHard’s?