Information is/is not Human?

In the full spirit of lagging this week, I am just now beginning to clean out tabs and since they are spread over two boxes, this may be a two-part blog.

First, one of my colleagues, Force Spring Constant, sent me an article [Link] about how 0.51 of the ‘traffic’ on the internet is non-human. After the initial cynical chuckle I had to gag; the article is a masterpiece of chocolate covered stercus. First of all, it relates a study performed by an internet security company. Hey, security companies do not stay in business by telling you that your security precautions are adequate. Security precautions have only two states: non-existent and inadequate. That’s one of the reason I use Linux. It’s a small target and hence anything I do is a lot less (stochastically) inadequate than anything any Fortune 500 corporation mind serfed to MegaHard can do, much less will.

And second, quoting the article,

“Here’s the breakdown:
– 49 percent human traffic, 51 percent non-human traffic
Non-human traffic:
– 5 percent hacking tools
– 5 percent “scrapers,” software that posts the contents of your website to other websites, steals email addresses for spamming, or reverse engineers your website’s pricing and business models
– 2 percent comment spammers
– 19 percent other sorts of spies that are competitive analyzers, sifting your website for keyword and SEO (search engine optimization) data to help give them a competitive edge in climbing the search engine ladder
– 20 percent search engines and other benevolent bot traffic”

I immediately have to ask, what exactly is “human traffic”? Are human beings being transported somehow via the internet? The answer is a resounding NO! What we have here is apparently some sort of conspiracy of deception by the security company aided and abetted by the journalists. We will continue to hope that this is a result of stupidity on their prat rather than malice. But with journalists it is hard to tell.

Point being is that nothing on the internet is human. What is on the internet is information. Some of that information is code, some is fileish, but nothing on the internet is human. Nothing on the internet is biological, animal, human. Everything on the internet can be traced back to a human action. Browsers are directed by humans to seek out web pages just as scrapers and bots are dispatched by humans.

So either everything on the internet has to be considered human (dispatched) or everything on the internet is non-human by composition and form, but there is no middle state, no socially/politically correct mixture. Either pure one or the other. Selah.

This is not to say that there are not threats and they need to be responded to. And since we don’t know where their human sources are – usually – tactical nuclear strikes are impractical. So anyone who doesn’t have a firewall and antivirus (even if to prevent being a disease vector,) and a couple of other minor things is a poor citizen, survival stupid, and deserving of whatever crotch cooties they get.

Next, from another colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force, comes an article [Link] that claims that the wonks on the Charles have found that memories are stored in neurons (not a BIG surprise, is it?) and that they know how to read and rewrite memories. That latter is a big deal, I think. It means that mindwashing is now a looming reality, not just a tool of government. On the good side it means that you can get all those bad memories erased thus making yourself less hag ridden, more likely to do other stupid things and get yourself killed, but maybe think you are happier? On the bad side it means that you can have all sorts of false memories planted, so 1984 just became steam punk conservative.

And incidentally, the whole legal system of Western civilization is now a sham. Because of this witnesses are not just subject to the human propensity to edit memories but now their memories are totally untrustworthy. Welcome to the new world where only video or confession counts. Say hello to the rebirth of torture and inquisition.
On which note, I see via the Marketplace Tech Report [Link] that the Yankee government is now telling their contractors that any computer equipment they bought with any YG money have to be disposed of in YG approved recycling facilities.  My question is how do we get a YG approved recycling facility? Greater Metropolitan Arab is a computer wasteland. The real estate agent government puts no effort or funds into anything that does not attract new residents so things like sewage, electricity, and recycling of anything, much less computers, are priority after last. The YG doesn’t want old computers, with trace amounts of rare earths and other strategic materials going to some third world country for recovery. They use the excuse of health hazard but that one rings totally vacuum for any organization but especially the YG. Here in GMA we either have to go to Guntersville and lie about where we live – sort of like all those folks who live in Marshall county but have Madison county tags because the Madison county tag office is accessible and effective but the Marshall county one is barricaded and antisocial – or go out in the dark of night and dump in the verge of some county road.

I just want to get rid of the things. I have no desire to be a disposaphobe, by effect, of old computers. I don’t even mind paying a bit but no more than it costs me to load in motorcar and drive out to a county crossroads at midnight. Consumerism in Action!

And lastly, at least for this box, I fond an article [Link] entitled “Windows 8 may drive me to Linux”. The reason, “surprise, surprise” as Gomer would say, is tile GUI. The bad news is that time Gui has been in Linux for over a year and the larger demographic representation distros have been that way for a year. The good news is that those distros have been abandoned and/or hacked severely for the last year as rational Linux users reject their rejection by the fascists of Gnome and Canonical.

Yes, I agree completely that the tile GUI is wonderful on a smart phone or tablet but an absolute La Brea on the big screen of desk or lap box. And those offspring of tertiary syphilitic prostitutes who developed and packaged tile GUI in distros have the characteristics of such children. Namely, they’re mentally and maybe physically unfit for existence. So the other good news is that Linux can be hacked and there are folks working on reinventing window GUI although for some reason Gnome 2 seems to have disappeared and its imitators are pale and watery in comparison. If nothing else you can “roll your own”.

The bad news is that you can do neither if you are not willing to get beyond being a Winders serf. You have to learn to do command line and add repositories and all that stuff that IT staff will get you fired for if you do in workplace and that you get your daughter’s nerd/geek friends, that you can’t stand and have bone chills over having reproductive activity with your daughter, do on your home boxes.

So if you;re not willing to be a learning human for a while, maybe you would be better off to accept the mind fetters gracefully. And admit that you are not much more than feed lot residents.