Voluntary Self-mutilation

It is said that we love in the degree that we hate. Or is it visa versa? Anyway there is some indication of a symmetric distribution and it seems to also apply, sometimes, to organizations as well as humans.

Tennessee is a case in point. There is much that is good about the Volunteer state. It, and its citizens, often possess a rationality far beyond that of the state and denizens of Alibam. But sometimes they also display a shocking profound stupidity.

Case in point: a few years ago the Council of Thieves of enacted legislation into law that set the numeric value of pi to be exactly 3.00000……… within the boundaries of the state of Tennessee. The result was a mixture of chaos and derision.

Case in point: the Scopes trial. The Council of Thieves enacted legislation into law forbidding the instruction of biology in the public shules. (Specifically Evolutionary Theory, but also Reproductive Mechanics as well.) One rational educationalist made an example of himself, a show trial was held, the state was subjected to ridicule and derision, the teacher was minimally fined to preserve the ‘dignity’ of the Tennessee legal cabal, William Jennings Bryant was not elected chief executive of the Yankee republic, and the overall genetic robustness of the population of Tennessee was decreased by 3 dB.

Case in point: the Tennessee Council of Thieves is debating legislation that will give educationalists protection to deride and deny evolution and global climate change. [Link]

This strikes me as more like the pi thing than the Scopes thing. For one thing it is giving the citizenry permission to be stupid. I have never known any people, citizens of Tennessee included, who needed permission to be stupid. If anything, stupidity is one of the best arguments for the existence of deity. But it also strikes as one of those things that will result in chaos and derision.

So long as Every Child Left Behind or similar Yankee government standardization is in place, what is taught (or not) in Tennessee shules is irrelevant and punitive if it differs from the information in the standardized tests. And those tests are largely written by liberal social engineers rather than conservative monopolists because of basic literacy capacities. So teaching this is just going to put Tennessee students at a disadvantage, which admittedly does strike home with the effects of the legislation leading up to the Scopes trial.

But regardless, the state of Tennessee is actively engaged in making the state look and feel like schmuck.