“Whom the Gods would Destroy”

I was rather amused yesterday with this article [Link] “Windows 8 and Linux: The perception of change”.

The amusement started with the title. I found the order of the OS indicative of the arrogance of both the journalism and the PC community. Winders is all that counts and everything else is slime mold.

Never mind that Winders is blatantly imitating Linux, specifically Unity and Gnome 3, with its adoption of tile GUI in W8, Winders is deity!

Indeed, that association is the fabric of the article. While the Gnome project and Canonical may fail, respectively, MegaHard is too big to fail and will be the second coming.

Never mind that the basic GUI structure that hit plateau with W95 and Gnome 2 is arguably the best, in several metrics, for working with a big screen, what counts now is that the big screen will be abandoned by the unaccomplishing boggery for the small screen and the tile GUI is necessary to provide some presence in that court of the proles.

Think bustles. Think rushing. Think ruffs. Think bread and circuses. Then think Winders 8.

The good news is that MegaHard is hideously fragile. Their passing is not assured but assurable, if not now, in the not distant future. And then those who actually have constructive work to do can find something constructive in an OS without the slavemongering of MegaHard, their corporate mindserfs, and their jackbooted IT support.

Intriguingly, the latter show increasing signs of recognizing the folly of computationally lobotomizing their user bases to accommodate the monolithicity of Winders in large organizations. And taking some action to embrace the mammals when the dinosaur finally falls.