Hot Stuffings

Tis sundae again and after a too long night of being sociable, even with good friends and colleagues, my spirit is a bit flattened this morning.

On which note, I found an excellent, if a bit overlong, article [Link] in the Guardian about how contemporary society is destroying itself by making extroverts demigods and introverts pariahs. The only surprise here is that someone would actually own up to this and therefore that it is published in a British newspaper is not a surprise. No Amerikan newspaper would think it newsworthy.

The piece is essentially a paen for a book on introverts/extroverts but somehow I doubt many introverts will read the book. Maybe those who are unwilling bogs and want to let out their nerdish reality?

Now, on the level of a horror story of organizational and boggish insanity run rampant, is an article [Link] about a South Carolina educationalist being accused of promulgating pornography for reading Ender’s Game to her class. Is there any wonder that this nation is rapidly on its way to becoming not only a third world state but a mental feudalism as well? This whole thing would be roll on the floor humorous except for the obvious Catch 22 for the educationalist. If anyone needs to be penalized it is the craniolithic parent and the troglodyte constabulary.

But then, this is South Carolina after all, the center of mental defect and intelligence absence for the whole Yankee republic. And we don;t even have an Andrew Jackson to beat them back into line. Where are the righteous warriors of GWOT when we need them to protect us from domestic terrorism?

On a more pleasing note, NASA has finished a 17 year project to provide a map of the universe (at least the seeable portion) in the infrared spectrum. [Link] Sadly, the article is terminally geeky in its absence of any really useful information such as the spectral densities of measurement, and such, Marginally savingly, links are provided to NASA.

Hot stuff, or at least, the image of the heat of stuff.

And speaking of hot stuff, an article [Link] out of the Natural History Museum of London that homo sapiens beat out homo neandertalensis by the lucky chance of where the former chose to live out the last cold phase. Seems that the neandertal, by living so far Nawth, adapted to the cold and when it went away they lacked the warm weather abilities to compete with us.

Sort of an opposite of Paine’s “fair weather patriots”?

Of course with the coming hot phase of global climate change, so widely denied by politicians and those with bowel craniums, we can look forward to the hot adapted once more coming nawth and doing in the present occupants?