Hammer Time

Day of Thor! Once more! Gad!, that’s a horrible rhyme!

Anyway, the exercise week has been exhausted with an old, pre-solstice, episode of the Ubuntu UK podcast. What is it about the British that they can do such excellent podcasts and Amerikans cannot? I admit some are very bad, in fact the worst of the British podcasts are slightly worse than the worse of Amerikan podcasts but usually due to language. I fear that once the profanity exceeds 0.05 or so of the word count it has a catastrophic effect.

I do have to admit that I rather find quizzes as part of podcasts tedious and off-putting, but I did find the grrr brrr about Unity in this episode uplifting. Even the positive things said about it were damning.

On which note, I saw [Link] that Apple – the megalomaniac computer corporation – does not find Amazing’s Kindle to be threatening. Some mention of this should probably be made to Charles I. (We do already have a British thread here and it is always a good time for regicide.) This is all part of the Yankee republic litigating Apple and book publishers for polymerizing eBook prices. [Link] I have muttered about this nonsense previously and while I am suspicious this is just an election year Potemkin village on the part of the Yankee government I can still hope they will bash these fellows the way they should have bashed the bankers that precipitated the current depression. (There!, I used the “D” word.)

Evidently Apple is at least a tacit partner in this conspiracy through their iTunes monstrosity. Which, incidentally, I saw instruction yesterday in how to install on Ubuntu. Not that I read the instructions, nor have any intention of installing. Apple is not an organization I choose to have any association with. And conspiring to compromise the marketplace is exactly what they are all about.

Not that the book publishers are blameless. Contrarily. I admit they are all more panicked than MegaHard over the erosion of their product’s utility (economic version.) But inflating prices on eBooks is not a good answer. In either the functional or the ethical senses of the adjective.

So maybe, just maybe, some betterness will get hammered together from all this. But I am not delaying respiration.