Mechanic Needed

At the boundary now and starting to try to close tabs. And I have been weak and added new sources. One of the podcasts I listen to is what used to be “Future Tense but changed a good while ago to “Marketplace Tech Report”.[Link] The tenor and timbre is different and while not as good with content as before the presentation is much improved which probably indicates the change from type 1 to type 2 management.

Anyway, they have a 4 minute podcast every day during the ‘work week’ that I use as spanners between when the primary podcast episode runs out and I can finish my cool down walk and depart the gym premises.  Usually I listen on Mondays (CBC’s “Best of Ideas”) and Wednesdays (CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks”) while I try to walk the gym biggest violation of trust and integrity, the indoor track. The track is mandated by their cardiac rehabilitation charter to be rigorously conserved but it is continually clogged with people ignoring direction convention, equipment piled in the middle of the way, and weight bouncers doing prone machinations.

Lately they have been having commercials, which are rather banal, and pushing their daily email eletter, which pushing is banal in its own way. But I  succumbed and actually came across a couple of good things this week. First, it appears that the superluminal neutrinos over in Europe may be a bad measurement. [Link] The things being investigated are a bad oscillator in a timing device and, this is my favorite, a coax cable with a flaw, which results in a time delay of the signal passing. This reminded me that when we were playing with spooled optical fiber for the Yankee army that we found out that the speed of light was less when the fiber was spooled compared to played out. As one of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, commented on hearing this, “the electrical engineers masticate derriere once again.”

Much as I hate to say it, this is an appealing development; it satisfies both KISS and William of Occam’s shaving tenet. Of course, as my colleague keeps asking, ‘why wouldn’t the speed of a neutrino in dirt be greater than the speed of a photon? A photon has transient dipolar charge; a neutrino only has a quadrupole.’

And while we’re on faulty hardware, I also noted, from the same source, that [Link] that the current (political) administration has proposed a ‘Privacy Bill of Rights’. The idea is not a bad one, but the described implementation is utterly specious, the White House wants the search engine organizations, and their advertisers, to agree not to collect personal information. The obvious glitch here is that even if they publically agree to this, we cannot trust them for even one Planck length (time?) This is how they maximize their revenue from those of us who frequent the internet. It is contrary to their deepest religious beliefs – contemporary capitalism – to act so. Enlightened self-interest only appertains if there are actual punishments.

Since the data collectors, and now, apparently, even the Yankee government, cannot be trusted, getting a ‘Privacy Bill of Rights’ is relatively easy. All the government has to do is (a) guarantee that any effort, short of actual physical violence, taken by a user to assure privacy is legitimate and cannot be discriminated against, or foiled under penalty of eternal incarceration at Guantanamo as a terrorist, and (b) actually educate the general citizenry, including the boggery and the SMUGs in Congress, on anonymous browsing, personal DNS, and the like.

But this, it is a Potempkin village. With bad singing. The Moscow opera was much better than this. Perhaps the current resident of the White House is scared of the Repulsian fire drill?