Market Service

That almost ideal of days, a rainy winter sundae, seems to be upon us. We shall see. And in the province of shall see, it is time to peer into old tabs and eradicate them either immediately or after snide commentary.

On which note, this article [Link] indicates that Apple continues to lose market share in the tablet azimuth. The article claims “Apple’s market share in the tablet arena dropped from 64 percent in Q3 to 57 percent in Q4, with Amazon nabbing a 14 percent share.” Since we don’t know Amazing previous take, the comparison is incomplete which implies that the survey firm is being less than objective and altruistic. And I am sitting here amazed that I actually used the words “firm”, “objective”, and “altruistic” in connection. Must be due to the soothing effect of the precipitation?

I feel rather conflicted on this. After all, it is a matter of which master the possessors – given the nonsense of modern licensing it is less than clear that one can own a tablet, especially an Apple one – serve? As is so often the case with modern society and corporations, terminology is inverted. Vendors used to offer service; now they claim that to assure they are serviced with cash flow. Modern licensing and contracts are one form of the current slavery. And that neither political party in the Yankee republic will even acknowledge it is an indication they are as much slaves of corporations as the citizenry. 

Next, via NASA through the Scientific American, [Link] indications that we may not be able to blame soccer moms (and their mommy vans) for global climate change. It seems that the cause may track back to the end of the last cold phase when we humans began to seriously experiment with sedentarism. And, of course, agriculture, which was necessary when we killed off all the animals for a day or so walk around. 

I cannot help but be reminded of that quote of the first Lord Wellington, “if there is something of which I know nothing, it is agriculture.” Not necessarily believable given the period and his profession, but it seems that we are again presented with some new information about an old subject. And we shall get to observe how wildly the politicians deny that farming is part of the reason the species may be doomed.

On a more enjoyable branch, the same disreputable rag offers us a guest blog [Link] speculating on the role of beer in that sedentary process. Sitting still started so we could have more possessions, stuff, Burns’ ‘gear’, and that leads us down a path where beer could occur accidentally and then drive us to the cultivation of wheat. Not completely digestible but definitely palatable. The story, that is.

Regretfully, it is still a bit early for me to do beer. Never has been one of my morning libations.

And lastly, a lovely article [Link] on why the Gnome folks have wondered off into some sort of la-la land and have ceased to pay attention to what users want? Is this some sort of corporate greed or merely artistic fascism? It is often hard to tell, especially in our modern world. The good news is that it is recognized and numerous contraries efforts are under way. But it seems strange that we can unify over how out GU Is work and not over our own freedoms?