Occasionally I run across something that indicates the differences between geeks and nerds. Amidst the upset of today I ran across one of these examples. The folks at Tech Republic pointed me to this article [Link] which is entitled "Tech Republic’s 2011 Geek Gift Guide: 12 Items for your holiday shopping list".

The ‘Geek’ part is accurate. Out of 12 things, zero are of interest to me serving in the office of archetype nerd.

That’s a significant score. It indicates that this list may indeed serve as a distinction among nerds, geeks, and bogs.  But the truly intriguing question is how did a bunch of IT hack mediaists do so well? The World Wonders.

My hypothesis is that all of these items speak to the talking aspect but have no projection onto the doing aspect that distinguished nerds from geeks.

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Today, I am informed by the consistent majority of humans I encounter, is Thanksgiving Day in the Yankee Republic. The Canadians observe this holy day in place of Columbus Day, which probably indicates their rationality concerning the nature of that wight and the evils that he visited upon so many. Besides, as a harvest festival, the earlier date matches climate better.

The question always comes of what should we be thankful, or, more meaningfully, of what we are thankful. Or at least that is the effect burnt into my mind by annual successions of public shul educationalists desperate for something to occupy the noise and antagonism levels of kinder prior to the solstice holy day recess. Certainly it would be as impolitic as ‘Every Child Left Behind’ to inquire of what the little egoists demanded as mystical cargo cultists. Ah!, but they do that these days, don’t they? And publish the lists in the newspaper because there isn’t anything else to print except meaningless but prideful third rate basketball tournament scores. Talk about the borer worms of the mind!

All right, let me start by expressing my thankfulness for Abraham Lincoln. He wisely promulgated Thanksgiving Day to assure the eradication of the then form of Amerikan chattel slavery and for that I am thankful for him. It was a horrible evil, almost as evil as the current forms of slavery practiced in the country.

Springing from that, I am thankful for the absence of mouthing and visions of bottom score bog politicians. Perhaps today all that I will have to endure is utter nonsense from relatives and friends and not from the dismal potential choices for political governors.

On which azimuth, I am thankful for the stress that comes from the close companionship with family and friends. I consider it a release valve for the feelings that would otherwise ruin the rest of the year. I am also thankful of being reminded of how intelligent and perceptive I am and how stupid, banal, and useless all my friends and family’s thoughts are.

Unless, that is, those thoughts are the product of enormous quantities of unhealthy homemade (?) foodstuffs. Can’t we just go to a fast food restaurant and the cardiac ICU? Perhaps it is to make us thankful for tofu?

But most particularly, I think I am thankful for all the aches and pains of life epitomized by this holiday that makes the rest of the year so joyful to experience. Except maybe Newtonmas which has been polluted by corporate oligarchs into a mixture of mysticism and propertyism.

Denial Diaspora

Tuesday is science podcast day at gym and I got exposed to the latest round of climate change denial: coffee. So as I contemplated that coffee is going to go away, which is no big deal since humanity will likely go away as well, I got the urge to cogitate on other forms of denial.

First, the grr brrr over the Amazing KFire and the BandN Nookslab continues. Some is positive but there is some that is rather analytical and penetrating. [Link][Link]Perhaps we can get to the point where we call it something else? Like a money leash?

As previously, I hold they, or at least the Nookslab, fails as an eReader because of the inability to render equations and other necessary stuff.

But how long this denial can continue is unclear. Probably too long.

The other piece of denial this morning the ScribeFire folks. They have pulled off a stunt of Mozillaesque stupidity, switching over to their new format blog editor before they get spell check working. I have to hypothesize that they think their user base doesn’t care about spelling? So much for the fiction of competency in software preparation and blogging as journalism.

Mixed Bag of Thanks

It is a joy to be returned to Castellum SCP. It rained much of the night, provoking thankfulness that we motored home Saturday before the rains set in although it looks as if quite a bit of the week will be wet, at least according to the threats of the weather beavers.

On which note, back to gym this morning, commencing an abbreviated week since the truly Amerikan holy day of Thanksgiving will be observed, in compliance with the actions of POTUS#16, who, despite being a representative of Illinois, has little else in common with the current incumbent, especially with regards to maintenance of the nation. It seems amazing how well the previous did under such dire circumstances and how the current seems to promote dire circumstances.

The podcast this morning, at least the primary one, was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealing with freedom of expression. I became rather distraught with the liberal babbling when they declined to explore the tool character of an axe and only concentrated on its weapon character. So much for objective discussion. I was re-attracted towards the end when the discussion bent into the realm of limits on free speech. This gave rise to my consideration is talking about the effects of climate change, such as reduced lifespan, disease, and starvation could be considered restrictable as hate speech?

But perhaps the best information I got this morning was a closed captioning on one of the electromagnetic audio-visual receivers – not sure what channel/network – that indicated, if I translated the hate text that results from speech recognition accurately, is that the Yankee government department of agriculture has declared, indirectly, that fast food – as in fast food restaurants – is unhealthy. What is notable here is not that we, at least the geeks and nerds, didn’t know this, but that the Yankee government would actually own up to it.

Speaking of admitting, I have to admit that I am very happy to get back to my own network. After most of a week’s stay at a hotel of a chain of the family of a pseudo-celebrity I am happy to once more make use of a network that (a) has some security, and (b) does not eat my browser tabs every time it wants me to revalidate my legitimacy. As a word of warning, if you plan on staying at one of these chain hotels and using their network – wired or wireless – make sure you have a good session manager in your browser. Otherwise you will lose links when it demands revalidation and takes over every tab in your browser, flushing the tab history when it does. I am not sure how much money I wasted but it was more than the cost of the room for a day with bashed connections.

Not that I expect most folks who stay at these hotels to benefit from this. After all, the chain caters to the business community and most business people are bogs but there are a few who are geeks or better and may save themselves some pain and loss hereby. It is also amazing that the network is open. Why the last three or four stays in a lesser chain all had secured networks. All it took was a call from a house phone to the front desk to get the ‘daily’ (?) key. And much better behaved validation. I guess the expensive hotels can get away with stercus IT because their clientèle are so techno-negative. Neuro-negative too?

The only bad thing I have experienced since returning was that I note the channels on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver have already begun showing banal, saccharine, irrational, superstitious, mystical, unbelievable christmas programs. We ain’t even finished giving thanks yet and now we have something to be thankful for when the next holy day is past? Sounds like a cross between abortion and self-abuse. Except that it is only self abuse if we watch it, but regardless it’s either sadism or masochism.

No wonder parents tell children there is no Santa Claus as soon as they can. That way they can avoid being exposed to this audio-visual swill.

God of the Gaps

While FD SCP and I were off on gallop – yes, we are safely returned, thank you – I ran across a pointer, I think in Lifehacker?, to a graphic [Link]

that was intriguing mostly from what it didn’t say. It seems that microbes like little nooks and crannies where they can be sheltered from the dangers and threats of the external world.

What is appalling is that apparently, at least in the minds of the folks who built this poster, is that bogs are unable to deal with that kind of general information. And hence they are not even told such but rather the incomplete delineation of the spaces between input buttons and suchlike on electronic gizmos.

Maybe we should tell them about the microbes in the cracks in the seats and backs of church pews? Or between the blades in the McGyver knife? Or under fingernails or between teeth? Duhhh. Of course not.

But maybe the gap between hair and skin? Might make them all go bald and then we could identify them easier.Dog

Sixth Watering

Back into the saddle today! A quick (?) return to Greater Metropolitan Arab.Our route is not yet selected to confuse those who wish to compromise us. Somehow FD SCP has managed to purchase less than last time and I have comfort in my belief that I can pack the motorcar in less than an hour or so, which will likely be a boon given the foretellings of the weather beavers realized this morning.

I heard on the electro-magnetic audiovisual receiver last evening that the Amazing KF has network interaction issues. This is hardly a selling point for an appliance that is supposed to be the bog’s entertainment conduit.

I can also – happily – announce that the Unity experiment has been concluded. After struggling with it and the hotel’s network last evening, I reached a conclusion that Unity also has interaction issues. But what is it about business hotels that they are so miserly paranoid about their networks for guests? It makes me happy to go home to my own network that has security and is not as antisocial.

Limiting Speed

OK. Experiment repeated with some care to better speed measurement. [Link] Same result, minor reduction in Time-of-Flight as given by speed-of-light. But has anyone considered that neutrinos in matter laden environment may have a speed greater than photons naturally?

Both neutrinos and photons have essentially zero rest mass. Photons have dipole moment. Neutrinos have very small dipole. Electromagnetic drag?