Post-Cambrian Depression?

While I got to listen to several segments of several science podcast episodes this morning, nothing really stuck other than the horror of the nastiness coming as a result of global climate change. For once, I am happy to be as old as I am so that I have a good chance of discorporating before the worst of the nastiness takes effect. Much of this nastiness is human in origin. No, I am not trotting out an argument that the cause of global climate change is human. I have already stated often enough that we need to get past what has become a political red herring and get to where we are doing some things ameliorative if not corrective.

No, the problem is that (a) we have settled almost all of the planet, and (b) too densely. As a result, when the coastal areas get flooded and the weather changes and food production fails big time, we are going to have lots of people starving, on the move, and discorporating in misery. I shan’t go into consequence scenarios here but it looks highly likely that one of the outcomes of all this is going to be some pretty stern revisions in our social view of the value of humans. And I, for one, am insecure enough and set in my ways enough, to not want to be around when that happens.

It is also with a bit of macabre humor that I found an article [Link] that relates how wonks at the Salk Institut extended the life span of drosophila – fruit flies – by doing gene engineering on their alimentary canal – intestine, specifically. The authors are projecting this strengthening-of-critical-organs [1] to humans. Longer lives through re-engineered guts. [2]

Then, I read [Link] that the 2010 carbon dioxide emissions far exceeded the worst case estimates of the climate wonks. The good news is that probability of observing a flying pig is increasing due to the greater number of tornadoes being produced. Especially here in Alibam, and apparently, in Oklahoma. That might be something to look forward to, the statistic of being the first person killed by being hit by a flying pig in the middle of a tornado?

Meanwhile, I found a very uplifting article [Link] yesterday advocating the use of XUBUNTU. I have to agree. Given all that we have to face now and in the future, putting up with mind stercus like Unity is an unnecessary affliction and an unneeded pain. I came to this conclusion some time ago although whether it was before Master Linus came to the same one or not is uncertain due to journalistic temporal uncertainty. I see that the new MINT – sorry, no citation – will shift to Gnome 3, which is also a Tile GUI. Somehow I sensed a perfidy in that distribution. But do I sense one in XUBUNTU. I hope not. I would hate to have to resurrect Winders NT or some such.

[1] Are their any non-critical organs? For years the vermiform appendix was though an evolutionary dust catcher until it was recently found to be the microbial buffer of human digestion. I suppose it depends on what critical means?

[2] Yes, it is Tuesday and it is a pun. Sorry about that.