Rampant Curses


Nice day so far. I do tire a bit of this oscillation between what I think of as ‘cool’ and ‘warm’, realizing that such is completely subjective and a hold over of childhood susceptibility to bog programming. Falls into the same category as holding doors open for humans of the female persuasion which I rationalize as mommy programming to alleviate my guilt over sexism. This is one of the true curses of being old when you are stuck in the habits of mores past that have become anathema in mores present.

In the Old Confederacy

One of my Colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, and I were discussing the behavior wonkies of Nawth Alibam/Southron bogs and we came up with a epiphanal hypothesis that the primary religion of the old confederacy is football christianism. Film at 11.

Shards of Clovis

Tuesday being science podcast day I listened to the latest episode of the SCIENCE podcast, among others, and was thrilled with an excruciating error on the part of the hired mediaist doing the podcast. It speaks volumes that actual knowledgeable nerds are not called upon for the podcast except the actual researchers being interviewed and that an error of this magnitude could be perpetrated. Shows how degenerate SCIENCE has become, why this is more akin to something coming from Scientific American. The hideous error? The journalist referred to the "Clovis civilization"! Embarrassment all around! Are these the lost cities of gold as well?

The egregiousness is that the Clovis folk, heretofore thought by archaeologists to have been the first folk in the Americas, had a culture and one or more societies, but no civilization. No cities, no civilization. To use the venerable words of Andy Griffith, ‘she done stepped in something", that something being a science cow flop.

The matter being discussed, [Link] also covered in this article, [Link] was the validation of a projectile point in the remains of a mammoth isotope dated to almost a kiloyear prior to Clovis. In fact, the PP was itself made of mammoth bone, indicating some sort of recursion, although not the type of idea used by anthropologists or easily explainable to mediaists.

New Forms of Denial

Lastly, I found an article in the Economist, [Link] which makes it at least as suspect as one of those gossip newspapers sold at grocery store queue stations about the denial of climate change. Apparently a large part of the effort is to impeach data taken prior to any living observer. Thomas Boyle would certainly understand this argument but I rather doubt he would accredit it. Despite this, and some analytical legerdemain, it appears that the magnitude of the thermal trend is not impeachable, which would indicate that the citizens of Texas should consider as a fitting fate for their current chief executive on ground of gross irreality and bottomless (?) stupidity.

Let us get past the cause and figure out how to do something about the effect before we start killing each other over food and living space.