Tyranny of Ego

Sad to say in some ways the farther south you go in Alibam, the greater the whackedness. It seems that the town of Bay Minette has decided to force criminals to attend religionist services instead of incarceration. [Link] Rightly the Amerikan Civil Liberties Union has gotten on their case about this being an abridgement of separation of church and state. I rather suspect that the conscript parents of Bay Minette, in proper Alibam fashion, will protest that they are a municipality, not the state, and that this is not a constitutional violation. At which point the ACLU will have to do the litigation thing and the Yankee government will have to clout the community, exposing them for the bigoted social engineers that they are and overall embarrassing all of the rational folks in Alibam.

I suppose that’s better than waiting until they get some nice Jewish lad in their clutches and he sues them for religious discrimination and takes the operating budget of the town for ten years as punitive damages.

But why do I have to read about this stuff in furrin newspapers? Do we here in Alibam lack the courage of our misguided, bigoted, perverted convictions?

On a more positive note, the grrr brrr over the CERN neutrino experiments is becoming clearer. The data have been serious examined and plans are underway to reproduce the experiment at FermiLab. [Link][Link] So the right things are being done, as I knew by conditioning that would be.

I have to admit to being of divided opinion on this. Part of me wants Einstein’s postulate to hold up, an aversion to change, I suppose. But part of me also wants this to pan out. Too much of physics has become entirely too much like the conscript parents of Bay Minette lately and we need a good experimental shock to cure us of our misplaced awe of our own excellence.

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