Lemming Lunges 2

Missed a few so there seem a few more low comments to evacuate.

First, the Emulate A Lemming of the Week Award goes to candidate for chief executive Resistance Packing Fraction for his statement [Link]

“The idea that we would put Americans’ economy at jeopardy based on scientific theory that’s not settled yet, to me, is just nonsense.”

This is what happens when we let a bog, and a politician, for that matter, twist things to his own desirements, for while this is what politicians and bogs do, it is still evil and lemmingish. No scientific theory/hypothesis (not that I expect a politician to grok the difference,) is ever settled. But what is rather nasty is the arrogance and selfassurance that permits him to tell us that climate change will have no effect if he ignores and denies it.

I was here in Alibam in April. I have seen the retreat of the ice at the poles. The issue of whether this is anthropocentric or not is a crafty diversion crafted by politicians so they don;t have to do anything, the modern equivalent of Nero playimg music while Rome burns. We can leave for the historians to settle whether soccer moms and the Fortune 500 cooked Tellus at some future date. We need to get to work on countermeasures that are robust enough to not be source dependent.

On a similar azimuth, we have a report of a survey from an untrustworthy corporate entity that half of all computers  have at least one instance of pirated software. [Link] So what? The problem, common to many advertisements as fiction and bogs as confusion, is the difference between value and price. At the moment of commercial transaction, the two are equal and the same. At all other times, they are unknown. Not different, just unknown. Its like Quantum Mechanics, until you collapse the wave function you don’t know what state the system is in. Until you have an honest open market transaction you know neither value nor price. So all this grrr brrr about intellectual property rights is nothing more than opportunism by organizations who want more profit.

The same as the folks behind those commericals that try to tell you the value of something while offering t for sale for less. Same kind of Lemmingism.

The journalist and the proponents of the survey, which is clearly in the service of those corporations, is that half of humans are thieves. I have to reject this premise on two counts. First, their means of arriving at is specious and aobjective. Second, all humans are thieves. Thievery is an accumulating state in a Markovian sense. So all it takes is one dishonest act, however unconscious, and one is a thief. And the label sticks. Forever.

And as to software? It clearly has zero price. The argument is that Free Software has no price associated with the software, although perhaps of accesing the software, and because that software spans the spectrum of software, by association all software has zero price. So stop and think what MegaHard and Apple are thieving from you. If you use their software.

On which note, it appears that the value of computers may be altering as well. A report by the Gartner folks, one of the principals among the untrustworthy of corporations, is that sales – market transasctions – of desktops and laptops (?) will be less this year than their previous forecast. [Link] Should we comment that both forecasts are stercus of the finest aroma? Probably not. 

The grrr brrr is expected. It is exactly the same situation as a couple of years ago with netbooks. When personal computers started there were desktops and that, like the color of the Model T, was the only choice. Then there were laptops, and netbooks, and tablets , and smart phones, and someone says that the higher priced items are doomed.

Moose Muffins, to quote Sherman T. Potter, AMC. People buy the tool/appliance that jibes best with what they need to do and how much money they can/will spend. And since most people only use their home and personal computing tools/appliances for mental short circuiting, the density curve shifts to cheaper, lesser devices. 

But since Gartner makes its living forecasting doom, they forecast doom. Maybe we can get them to manage Resistance Packing Fraction?

And lastly, we note [Link] that Homo Habilis may be on the way out and Australopithecus Sediba may be on the way in as the founding parents of humanity. This should make the creationists happy, now they have an ape in the family tree to direct their heretofore prevarications at. Personally I am elated, relieves some of the pain of having politicians as relatives.