Disaster and Disintegration

As we sit here in the boundary layer between week in and week out, or, if you will, work week and week end, which is sadly neither opposite nor symmetrical, there seem to be attention gathering articles moldering in the tabs.

First, on the heels of my brief blots this week on the aspects of tornadoes, I find an article [Link] that proclaims the idea that the stercus storm of BAD weather we are experiencing is indeed the new modality brought about by global climate change. Neglecting for the moment whether such is anthropocentric and whether American homo sapiens is mentally unbalanced in denial, the emergent indications is that we need to quit wringing our hands over “acts of deity” and put ourselves to countering the impacts. This needs be treated as an engineering problem, not a Chautauqua.  Before we have to start converting farm land to grave yards.

Next, and in the same depressing storm drain, we have word from the Yankee government FCC that Amerika is a third world nation. [Link] We have mean internet access rates (baud) that are as much as 10 dB less than much of the world. South Korea notably has rates three times the national average. And that national average is dominated by the urbologies, not the hinterland. Here in Greater Metropolitan Arab we are operating at dial-up rates. Not only are the roads becoming unpaved, but the internet is a muddy track.

On a somewhat happier azimuth, boffins in London have determined that electrons deviate from spericity [1] by something less than 1E-15. As one of my colleagues, the noted physicist Magnetic Inductance Force noted on hearing of this “english peas, not mashed potatoes.” Lest the bogs be befuddled by this foodstuff allusion, the electron is not fuzzy about the edges, and we would do well to reflect on the long standing discussion of self-energy in molecular structure.

This may be a bit of a disaster for some theorists – it places supersymmetry on rather shifting ground – but new data on the nature of reality is always encouraging that our “visualization of the cosmic all” can be improved.

I shall not repeat the comments about rubber chicken.

[1]  What is it about mediaists and weather beavers that they consistently try to describe three-dimensional tings in two-dimensional terms? We had numerous hial storms in Nawth Alibam yesterday and I found my head hurting from listening to weather beavers on the audio-visual electromagnetic receiver describing the size of the hail in terms of Yankee government coinage which is effectively two-dimensional. And now we have mediaists talking about electrons being round. Silly journalists, electrons are spherical,, pie are round.

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