Sleep and Marriage

Sleep-in day implemented! Not caught up from four mornings of up at 0330 and off to gym, but the deficit is dented, which is more than the Yankee government can claim. Although based on my occasional observation on CSPAN I am sometimes of the hypothesis that congress critters are not sleep deprived; they get plenty while the national convocation of thieves is in session.

On which azimuth, I note an article [Link] of research at U Warwick on the health benefits of a full period of sleep. Their metric of full is bounded at six hours, uninterrupted. I personally do not find that full but marginally adequate. In fact I would say full is at least seven hours and maybe more, depending on the individual and what their recent samples are. But that all goes back to the idea of a sleep deficit. Which, in turn, probably goes to some chemical compounds in the body being above some critical concentration and others below, but the folks who do these kinds of tests think not in terms of actual reality and only in terms of their own.

Which, when we think about it, is what is wright and wrong with human society, isn’t it?

On which note, some work [Link] done on neandertal social groups at sites in Spain indicates that they practiced patrilineal mating. That’s nerd speak for brides adhering to their husbands family structure. What makes this intriguing is that it puts a bit to kibosh the idea that humans started out being matrilineal and Gaea worshipers. It also puts a definite squoosh on the claim by the christianists that they invented the practice.

But the intriguing questions is whether we sapiens invented this practice on our own or plagiarized it from the neandertals in the process of miscegenation? Is titian hairedness and patrilineality correlated or even, related?

Perhaps a ewer of Sangria would help the consideration?

Anyway, the snow is almost gone from my yard here at castellum SCP. The daily mean tmeperature is supposed to increase slightly, just enough to manifestly increase most chemical reactions. Sadly my aft steps are still ice clad, largely because of the shading from insolation by the house eaves. So my sally yo spread squirrel seed had an increased quotient of risk this morning.

Which is probably why I approve of marriage in general, matrilineal or patrilineal.

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