Faked Up?

Sundae at last, and the Arab Electrical Cooperative is at the top of the index sterci. The untervelt mentsch who dispense potential difference in Greater Metropolitan Arab discontinued service at least four times yesterday! So I spent most of the day repeatedly coaxing computers to reboot after having trash shut-down. And while I was waiting for hard drives to scan I got to wander around resetting clocks on appliances. This level of incompetence and disdain almost made me entertain the idea that a ritual decimation was appropriate although I am not at all convinced the poltroons are worth even that modest overhead.

We may only hope that today will be less punctuated by electrical incompetence. On which note, it seems time again to strain through the lees of tabs in the browser as commentary on the culmination (?) of the week. First, I have an article [Link] describing how Barnes and Noble are discontinuing their offering of a 3G Nook eReader. Quite frankly, I find this a matter of some intrigue.

It is commonly represented that the primary demographic of the eReader is the urban commuter, the folks who sit on mass transit vehicle for a hour or so every morning and afternoon (if they are lucky enough to get a seat) and need some diversion from the press of humanity. One would have thought that 3G might be necessary for these folks to download reading text for their diversion. But could it be that these people are actually disciplined enough that they can stock their eReaders in advance, and using the less expensive 802.11 pipeline?

I have to admit that this was my assessment early on. Why, I asked myself do I want a cellular capacity for an eReader when I have some access to WiFi? Not that I am ready to procure an eReader. I still have difficulty with the IP aspects, the titles I want are generally unavailable – math and physics references rather than bosom rippers and milliporn, and why an eReader when tablets are booming? (The question of why 3G in a tablet is related but a bit more intense.) But I am not a member of the avowed primary demographic, and I still want to hold a book that displays pictures and equations and such, as well as ASCII.

Conceivably this could even be an organizational thing. Could it be that the folks who want an eReader with 3G predominantly patronize Amazin’? And those who patronize BandN are conventional sit in a chair or on the porcelain throne to do their reading folks? I patronize both vendors but for different things, fewer books from the former, less stiff from the latter. Is this indicative? Do we GEN X mugwumps and tar pit sinkers want to download that eBook onto our hard drive and then put a copy on the eReader? This idea has an attraction that is not strange but is undatafied.

Next, I note a rather incoherent article [Link] in the BBC about a homo sapiens migration out of africa somewhere about 125 KYA.This is about twice the temporal depth of the textbook date for sapiens excursion. Recalling the data sparseness of such findings, one is tempted to think about the growth and decline of neighborhoods. Still, it does give us some insight into just how less than competent we are.

Laastly, and of some neatness, coolness, and scientific merit, boffins ate U British Columbia have made fake ‘hydrogen’ atoms and found that they do have properties consistent with quantum mechanics. [Link]

So there is some sense and sensibility in the world, after all.

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