Humanity Mellifulant

OK, gym is past tense, at least for the week. Regardless of whether your week ends today at sundown, or sometime over the ‘weekend’. Some progress has been made on the front of FD SCP’s deskbox. Seems that her previous machine ruptured a maternalboard. No indication whether the failure mechanism was electrical or mechanical but that’s just as well because I don’t want to pay the price of that information. This can be fixed by transplant of another maternalboard but quite frankly given the vertically copulated design and box implementation I would rather just buy a bare bones system for maybe 2 times more.

This also gives FD SCP a bit of closure. I gave her the news that while we can get her a box running WXP without big problems, it will be a lot easier to do a fresh install than to try to get her current hard drive contents into master shape. I think she is a bit taken with W7; it has nice eye candy, almost, maybe within 8 dB or so, as nice as Gnome with Compiz. Of course it is slow, but W is slow and gets slower as it ages, regardless of flavor. So she hunkered down and got her necessaries installed in W7 last night, except for some of her sewing programs and I got to worry about other things.

On which note, I see that the Yankee government center of atmospheric research has released a study [Link] that indicates that within about 30 years we are going to be starving, what with drought and increased wetness. What this apparently tells us is that humans are incapable, in the main, in crediting any major change in their lives. Not that I am very worried either; after all the probability that I am alive is less than 0.95 already and slipping every day.

On a related matter, I see that wonks at Syracuse U have confirmed that young people in love are high. [Link] This is one of those instances of academic officialness of something most humans already ‘know’. I learned it when I was an undergraduate watching the lemming rush of seniors to get engaged, and by extrapolation, married. Now the brain chemistry has been tracked down – maybe – and the appropriate euphoric biochemicals manufactured by the body identified. The question I have that is unanswered is whether this euphoria improves or degrades academic performance? I tend to the former based on personal experience. During the early periods of the flush of ‘love’, my maths skills were considerably improved. This phenomena could also explain why parents tell their children that algebra is useless after high shul; after all, nothing stifles romance like children.

Next, we have the somewhat unlikely seeming information that Starbucks, the purveyors of Tellus’ worst brewed/roasted coffee beverages, has warned cities that they need to mind their recycling programs.[Link] Happly we find, after a bit more reading, that this is nothing more than Starbucks usual self-aggrandizement in a novel form. If cities have crapware recycling programs, which almost all do, and all definitely do if you get serious about sustainability, then Starbucks looks bad. And obviously, given their corporate paranoia and such, Starbucks cannot look bad. They can sell bad tasting coffee brew but as with most organizations they cannot be perceived as bad.

And lastly, from boffins at U Edinburgh we have word [Link] of research that indicates, for sheep at least, that the stronger the immune system, the less fertile the animal. The obverse is rather more impressive: the more ineffective the immune system, the more likely the animal is to reproduce. No wonder we are ‘marching’ along towards “The Marching Morons”. Now if they will just determine the relationship between intelligence and rationality and either fertility or immunity. Then we can determine whether the smart are increasing or decreasing in numbers. Officially. The acadmic way.

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