Thieves, Liars, and Mad

The nature of politics in Alibam has reached new depths, a situation directly analogous to the oil leak in the Gulf, the connections are part and parcel of the situation. The sadness of the phenomena is that if one lives in Alibam, one cannot not be immersed in the moral, ethical, and intellectual equivalent of the oil mess, with its subsurface plumes of oil and dispersant, the nastiness in the tidal estuaries and the land-water boundary, the tyranny and torture visited upon environment biological and social. The direct analogs of these are automated phone calls that fail to recognize they are talking to an answering machine, lethal toadstools of political signage in private yards and the public verge, and visual advertisements of candidates that epitomize the concept of Ying and Yang.

The regard of this has departed the boundaries of Alibam, prompting the friends and colleagues of SCP, especially the Yankee who are used to a different form of dirty politics (redundant?) I have grown tired of explaining that ‘liberal’ is a term more negative than ‘pedophile’ in Alibam, and that any question of gun control or women’s rights so besmirched by social and mystical fanaticism that it cannot be uttered even in the dark of one’s thoughts. That Alibam is a state where democrats are republicans who are not rich, smart, or evil enough to obtain nomination and hence will appear to be a member of another political party as an opportunity for election. That republicans are the same as democrats were prior to the administration of Abraham Lincoln and the ‘recent unpleasantness.’

They have difficulty understanding a state and its society where education is at best suspect at at worst evil, that ignorance, superstition, and agriculture are at worst good and at best transcendent. And that this molds the nature of Alibam society and culture; that farmers and the superstitious and the ignorant are by nature negative in outlook, adverse to any change except the deepening of their own personal fates, leading commonly to asentiently conviction of their own rightness and superiority. Democracy in Alibam is not about democracy, but theft and prevarication.

The most amusing aspect to me, while being also the most fatiguing both intellectually and from responding to the questions of colleagues has been the corrosion commercials aimed at Mr. Byrne for allegedly being historically aware about religion and having some awareness of the validity of science, smears on his being educated which is the most dire and venial of holy Alibam political sins. But horribly dark beyond blackness in its evil, although the mere aspersion may be adequate to assure Mr. Byrne the nerd and geek votes.

Then, this morning I was offered up a link to this article, [Link] 

Imagine for a moment that a large proportion of Americans–let’s say half–rejected the “germ theory” of infectious disease. Maladies like swine flu, malaria and AIDS aren’t caused by micro-organisms, they claim, but by the displeasure of gods, whom they propitiate by praying, consulting shamans and sacrificing goats. Now, you’d surely find this a national disgrace, for those people would be utterly, unequivocally wrong. Although it’s called germ theory, the idea that infections are spread by small creatures is also a fact, supported by mountains of evidence. You don’t get malaria unless you carry a specific protozoan parasite. We know how it causes the disease, and we see that when you kill it with drugs, the disease goes away. How, we’d ask, could people ignore all this evidence in favor of baseless superstition?

Now substitute ‘evolution’ for ‘germ’ and you have the gist of the article.

The thesis is much more brilliant than the remainder of the article, mostly because it is written by an educated person for other educated persons, all of whom respect the value of education. Such will not work well in Alibam, where those who have education and hide it successfully become elected officials but must reject their education for gain, and those who have education and do not hide it are the untouchables, the unclean of the majority.

Even in a third world, almost failed state in the midst of the Yankee republic, one may find humor in watching those the gods destroy by driving mad in their adulation of ignorance and superstition. At least that seems the most probably explanation other than raw stochastic chaos.