Speech before Saturday

Now officially on the downhill slope to weekend, with all the angst and agony that portends. I am not a summer person, but then, I am not much of a winter person either, except maybe here in Nawth Alibam and ignoring obsessing over whether the pipes are going to freeze – again. Been there, done that, in some ways worse than heart attack.

That means cleaning up what is in the browser tabs a bit this morning so that after FD SCP drags me around Greater Metropolitan Arab executing errands (extinguishing errands?) I can clear out what has amassed in the RSS feed accumulator over the last few days. After all, I am not British Petroleum and I hardly want the well head that is the accumulator to burst and spew toxic RSS feed articles all over the state.

On which note I was contemplating that Utah still has legal execution by firing squad. Then I decided that was entirely too rapid for such things. But then organ harvesting without benefit of anesthesia is too slow. Not that the Yankee government is going to get its act together and discipline any corporate oligarchs, even with a democrat social engineering administration.

On a more positive note, the renovation of the Moundville museum is complete. [Link] At least until they commence another iteration. I understand by some means of rookery the ‘duck bowl’ has been wrestled away from the Smithsonian? Anyway, a visit is not on my agenda. Say what we may about the absurdity of the machinations of academia, like officializing common knowledge, and enslaving themselves entirely too much to meaningless athletics just for the sake of obtaining adequate cash flow to pay for way too many administrative types, but occasionally they do something actually beneficial to the continuation of the species. I look forward to visiting the site, adding to my knowledge, and honoring the spirits of Dejarnette and Jones.

Next, we discover [Link] that those who perceive they are closer to the deity know fewer words.

and that by denomination christians know fewer words than jews. So if absence of vocabulary is evidence of being the select of the deity, all the evangelical protestants can take heart in learning that catholics are more select than they. I am still trying to figure out the connection between godliness and wordiness? But then I still haven’t gotten the one connection godliness and cleanliness.

I shall refrain from any comments about grunting and ground trailing knuckles. After all, that would be bringing evolution into the discussion and such is anathema to?

On a similar azimuth, the progenitors of HAL are peddling software to help bloggers find things to blog about. [Link] And here I thought the ideas came out of people’s heads? Or is this one of those things where corporations have adopted whacked consultant advice to implement blogging in the organization as a fix for the ills of society and stupid management fads like Knowledge Management? (We may only hope that the anti-survival inanity known as Six Sigma is next on the extinction list.) Then I can see why serf-bloggers have creativity problems. After all, slave artists don’t do very well. Or perhaps it’s because they view the corporation as deity and have scant need for words?


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