Peach Fuzz

It has been a bit busy the last couple of days. FD SCP and I are over here in Middle Jawgah but so far the only sights I have taken in were an aborted walk of the Kennesaw battlefield and hordes of homo formicidae in their automobiles. There were a couple of minor distractions.

But noting that today is a double birthday anniversary, first of the scourge of America, the MacDougal’s fast food (?) chain, [Link] and of a man hailed as a critical step on the path to today, Leonardo da Vinci, [Link] I was moved to reassert myself in the arena of “mitchin’ and bonin'” to use the twisted catch phrase popular back when television was still monochrome and reproductive propholaxysis was still mechanical only.

For some time I have been watching the efforts of the Huntsville – Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill – airport conscript paricrents to increase their throughput with a mixture of minor amusement and the bemusement one enjoys at a zoological preserve over the antics of simians. The issue here is cash flow since operating a facility of this sort is not only expensive but the expense is largely intercept rather than slope. And since the public acknowledgment of the “Global War on Terror”, air travel numbers have been down, coupled with increases in the cost of security and petroleum products.[1]  Not that I can blame anyone who doesn’t want to participate in a ritual that has become the modern equivalent of an Estern European Jew’s intake to the work camp.

Anyway, courtesy of the Huntsville Times [Link] I read a lovely polemic on how the mere committment of a ‘budget’ airline to the airport has caused the other tenant airlines to reduce prices. Moose Muffins!, to quote Harry Morgan in the role of Sherman T. Potter (the other one!) COL, Yankee Army Medical Corps (no ‘e’!) One has to wonder whether this is a case of short memory, basic ignoraance, or just Pollyanna stupidity?

This is not the first time that the airport parents have lured a discount airline. It is, by my personal, therefore annecdotal, count, number four. And one of those was driven out of business in six months by the other airlines, the ones with regular service and other amenities absent the economy airline, cutting their prices. And once the economy airline had departed, prices went back to antebellum norms. So media of Huntsville, don’t insult our intelligence.

Another nugget of correlation is an article [Link] about the value of a college degree or training certification. This is a matter that has enjoyed my consideration previously so I am happy to have some confirmation of others out there. Being right is often a lonely undertaking, especially in a consumerist society dominated by bogs.[2] I have long had the opinions, based on observation, of course, that training certifications might have short term benefits but these hid long term pitfalls such as slavery and marginalization. Similarly, and despite the attitudes of personnelists about low hanging metrics, that degree without education is Potempkinism.

Next, I observe a bit of a book review [Link] on a somewhat different view of scientists and religion. It captures one of the difficulties I have had in analyzing my observations. The attention space is largely dominated by folks like Francis Collins (running dog religionist who enjoys the same extremism in conversion from his atheist upbringing that reformed smokers exhibit in persecuting their previous compatriots,) and P. Z. Myers (filthy atheist communist – antireligionist – who has the wit and wisdom to make asentient religionist bogs look like the lumpen serfs that they are.) My observation of colleagues is that they are well founded in their faith/anti-faith belief but neither demonstrative nor hydrophobic, essentially Jeffersonian in neither asking nor telling. But they do have a rather righteous intolerance of those who are not so reserved. Thankfully! We have enough destructive advertising around as it is.

And lastly, for now, we find out that [Link] not only is reality stochastic but its randomness is considerably different than our traditional models of randomness. Once more the ultimate crucible of experimental data embarasses mathematicians and computer scienceists. Seems that some quantum mechanics types built a random number generator out of a quantum system – actual matter, not symbology and transistors – and its output is manifestly different from what all the random number generators have been putting out since we started trying to make random number generators. Black eye of computer ersatz reality, black eye for encryption, black eye for lots of stuff and folks but one step closer to understanding reality.

That one was worth waiting for.

[1]  Incidentally, can anyone imagine an electric 747? Maybe an ultralight, but not a so-called air liner.
[2]  Given my sketchy knowledge of history, I suspect it is more the bogs with their pitchforks, nooses, buckets of tar and sacks of feathers, and the occasional stake and bonfire that is the difficulty rather than the consumerism, per se. Perhaps James Burke can write a counterpart to his Axemaker’s Gift on the reactions to the gifts that result in the torture and discorporation of the axemaker?

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