Electronic Miscommerce

It has been raining, not hard, but steadily, since dusk yesterday. I just got back from visiting the Yankee government postal office here in Greater Metropolitan Arab. I waited this late to (a) get there after the postal boxes have been serviced, and (b) a bit later to get past the rush caused by the former.

As it was I was under guidance from FD SCP to purchase additional first class postage so I also had to go into the sales area and queue up. The queue was short and jerky. As I got to the front of the queue I discovered why. A large but ad hoc sign announced that the credit/debit card server was off line due to weather. The largeness was such that one had no problem reading the sign from the front of the queue but not from the back. Hence a lot of folks were getting to the front, seeing the sign, and stomping out in disgust, not a few with words that could get them criminal charges for profanity. [1]

Anyway, my purpose is not to complain about poor administrative practice; this is, after all, the post office. My purpose is to note that this is supposedly the era when we are ceasing to use paper and metal images of discorporated caucasian politicians and transacting money conveyance for goods and services via electronic means. Except when the means don’t work because of the weather. So much for eCommerce! At least in Greater Metropolitan Arab! Or any place in the hinterland!

I stepped to the sales desk. announced my requirement, and presented portraiture. Then gather my box mail, and motored back here chuckling under my breath all the way.

[1] Yes, I know. As a manager working for the Yankee government I had to know about such things. It’s not just the post office, its any Yankee government location. It’s not enforced often; the last time I noticed was in one of the national parks when there was some gathering of boy scouts and it was necessary to maintain good order and decorum.