Once more at the cusp of the week, old shabat concluded last dusk, new sabbath widely observed today, hence the controversy over when is the end of the week, when the beginning. The debate is tempered this week by tomorrow being a Yankee government holy day, the day of observation of the value of labor although it has never quite been made clear whether this is labor in the individual sense or labor in the organizational sense, whether we are supposed to celebrate those who actually sweat to earn their exchange coupons or just their all-too-often overlords, a matter of some decision and disputation as the nation continues to evolve into fewer and fewer of the latter, more and more separated from the society in the main, increasingly a caste of Amerikan untouchables, and, in parallel, of fewer and fewer unions, often viewed as little more than Potemkin facades for organized criminal organizations.

In retrospect one has to muse upon whether the theme of a day of rest from the toil of factory or ditch was a better one than the Boxing Day motif of our recently evicted English overlords? Not the Amerikan nobility, either the corporate oligarchs or the social engineering liberal aristocrats would participate in such willingly and in any mode other than the guise of propaganda. This, of course, leads us to the joys of an earlier, simpler era when the evil in society was openly displayed in the form of unridden jodpurs and hakencruz arm bands. At least then we knew who was the bad guy.

Leaving this maudlin consideration, we may take great satisfaction in the labor of others this weekend, as displayed by the lees of the RSS feeds of articles. Their time in the tab list of my browsers is almost concluded and in a way they seem to give rise to a complex, perhaps imaginary theme. First, I am advised, via Discover,  that researchers have fairly clearly demonstrated that when men interact/talk with women they want to mate with, they become stupid. [Link] It has been a while since one of these everybody-knows-that-BUT-it-is-nice-the-porch-sitters-showed-it-scientifically articles came into our view. And this one is definitely a sterling example of the genre.

This is not a case of stupid science but just of acadimic rigor. After all, what is know commonly is not to be accepted until people of the proper caste and discipline investigate it, which in this era of discipline divisiveness means much redundancy and duplication of research. And sdaly, theresearhcers do not seem to have differentiated between reproductive and non-reproductive (recreational) sexual congress in their efforts.

More disturbing, is news via Live Science, that U Michigan researchers have determined that education graduates are the most religious of college graduates. [Link] This undoubtedly explains why children are continually being exposed to teachers’ whacked dogmatic beliefs despite the restrictions of the laws of the Yankee government. One more example of what is badly wrong with our national education system down to the local level. Of course the other implication, courtesy of the article, is that the educational faculty at colleges are most definitely not teaching and instilling any kind of questioning and criticality of authority in their students. So perhaps the rot starts at the top? Why else would teachers work so hard to be a union?

Next, courtesy of The Scotsman, I see that human development has been faster than previous understood. [Link] For example, we wise humans seem to have split from neandertalensis about 0.35 MYA, 0.2 MY less than previously thought. And similarly left Africa 20 KY later than previously thought. So we must have an excuse for being as silly and stupid as we are since we haven’t had time to mature. But it is somehow comforting to read this on the sabbath.

On a related note, courtesy of SCIENCE, it seems that there is new evidence that agriculture was brought to Europe by migrating farmers 7.5 KYA rather than through diffusion of information. [Link] Perhaps an early example of voting with the feet? Or just another example of the joys of human overreproduction? And from SCINETIFIC AMERICAN that one of the earliest forms of cattleherders’ mutation originated in central rather than northern Europe. [Link] These mutations are why a minority of the human species, except the part in Nawth Amerika, can digest lactose after chilhood. As is usual the reinforcement of the mutation is pegged on pollution of the watercourse, another example of human induced mutation.

And finally, there is evidence of an outbreak of rationality among the humans of Chicago, a double rarity given the nature of humans as well as the nature of Chicago. [Link] It seems that disquietude over the plans of the tyrant of Chicago to host the Olympic games is on the rise. This leads us to consider once more why anyone in their right mind would want to host these games. Of, they are all nice and warm-and-fuzzy, but why waste local substance on what will be an abysmal loss. Almost no one in recent years has achieved any benefit from hosting the games except construction contractors; in almost all cases the communities who hosted have been worsened and reduced by their hospitality. So perhaps it is time we returned to the original Olympic model and build some permanent site for the games and put them on a paying basis to support that site rather than inflict poverty on a community with the scam that the games have become?

All in a day’s work.

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