Tuesday Toot

Tuesday is science podcast day at gym, which has been quite pleasing this week since shul ceased session and the density of teacher taliban has pleasantly decreased. The podcasts this morning were semi-interesting if a bit whacked. “The World” episode featured an interview with some mediaist who had written a book on how people make decisions. I was unsurprised to learn that most make decisions that feel good. Confirms what da Vinci said, make your decisions to keep the bowel movements regular and unstrained.

The Guardian folks did some sort of interview/discussion about the mystical beings movie, which they referred to as ‘Forrest Gump gets religious, part 2. ‘ I found that mildy amusing and witty given that I rather enjoyed Forrest Gump because it has been the only movie with Hanks that I actually could enjoy and suspend my disbelief. Perhaps that is his natural character? Certainly it is the most respectable character he has played – that I have seen. But along that thread of dealing with difficulty and forging ahead, the discussion piqued my interest (not quite the “I” word) over the question of whether we can actually tell good from evil or are things always just a matter of keeping our metabolism smooth? Of course the second question was whether the church of Rome might actually be less evil (more metabolistic?) than what preceeded it?

On that azimuth,  I note that the whack job former chief justicer of the Alibam supreme court has announced he is running for guvner again. [Link] This news definitely qualifies as a bow knot in the colon. If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, is religious fanaticism the last refuge of a politician? Or the first? The question that immediately arises is where is Jim Folsom when we need him? An avowed thief is to be preferred over an avowed religious terrorist, even in Muntgum.

In less painful, even empathically, news, it seems that 0.08 of all Scots last year had to have a tooth drawn. [Link] The Scots love of sweets, and apparently disdain for oral hygiene, is notorious, if not famous. Seems to have something to do with the exceptionally high density of singing ability. Nonetheless, ouch! And it all seems so needless coupled with news that a development in Australia prevents tooth decay. [Link] Of course, there may be communication problems. It is one thing to understand a Scot, or an Australian, but each understanding the other directly?

Of course, the remedy has to be applied before the decay takes hold. Perhaps it can be added to sugar? And can it be applied to politicians and prevent them from developing? If so, send some to Gadsden.

Lastly, the good news [Link] is that MegaHard is losing ground among developers. That is, people who actually have to think about what they are doing on a computer and how to get it to do what they need done. As opposed to what? I leave that as an exercise for the reader to shew (as MacRobert would say.) Seems that the use of Windows by folks who actually use computers to do real work went down by 0.1 in the last two years, with the decreased spread into an increase in linux and unix usage. This is definitely a palative for metabolistic irregularity although it doesn’t compensate for that fanatic politician. Can we shift his OS, or at least do a reboot? Or maybe even find him something to do that is productive so that his alimentary canal is not working in reverse?

In the meantime we have another promise of a June day in the 90’s Fahrenheit. So much for a lull in global climate change, or sunspot cycle colling things off.


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