IBLT Coordinates

One of the amusements that I have a perversion for is characterizing organizations in terms of their ‘natural’ coordinate systems. Some organizations appear to have no natural coordinate system, such as the internet, but a bit of study reveals that while it is scaleless, it does have a coordinate system that is arc-and-node (edge-and-node in some parlances) and the two subcomponents have their own interesting characteristics. Military organizations, on the other hand, are rigidly Cartesian and rectilinear officially, but arc-and-node unofficially. The difference in the two has to do with node correlations since one is informational and the other social.

Hence my interest [1] was captured by a ‘blog’ [2] by Information Week minion journalist Michael Hickins. [Link] He quotes the COO [3] of Apple,

cramped keyboards, terrible software, junky
hardware, very small screens, and just not a consumer experience, and
not something that we would put the Mac brand on quite frankly. And so,
it’s not a space as it exists today that we are interested in, nor do
we believe that customers in the long term would be interested in. It’s
a segment we would choose not to play in.”

and he goes on to rather lambaste the fellow for being duplicitous and prevaricative since Apple already makes netbooks (itty-bitty-lap-tops) under some Neuvo Cuisine Rapide alias.

I cannot and shall not improve on his death of a thousand cuts, but I shall weigh in on his claim that netbooks have “terrible software”. My IBLT, an HP-2133 that has has been freed of the bounds of HPs penchant for good hardware and poor software, does admirably, as well or better than my desk box. That is due to be spaying (neutering?) the SLED distribution that came on it (I can only rationalize that decision on the grounds that all other choices from HP were MegaHard stercus) and transplanting SUPER UBUNTU (that’s a version, not a new super hero). As a result, I now have access to the same clients on my IBLT that I have on my UBUNTU deskbox. And I don’t have to put up with the intellectual artery hardening that is the MegaHard and Apple OS.

Incidentally, the natural coordinate system of Apple is either a prolate or an oblate ellipsoidal. Those are the rather strange coordinate systems that act almost spherical at long distances, but are almost whacked in close. The only uses I have seen for this was some special problems in Electromagnetic theory and a single case in molecular Quantum Mechanics (the hydrogen molecule ion, which consumes a chapter in a couple of John Clark Slater’s books; the other uses are occasionally found in textbooks – not John David Jackson’s as I recall but I may be mistaken – usually Russian, as it gives them an opportunity to show off their drawing skills honed over the long winters.) And, of course, describing the Apple organization.[4]

[1] No, not quite the “I” word, not the gerund indicating a state of general enfoldment for everyone except the epsilons of our ‘Cowardly Evolving World’, but a matter of personal attraction and consideration and hence Jesuitically acceptable under my own rules.
[2] Yes, I am harping on that old thing that it almost certainly isn’t a ‘real’ blog if a journalist is writing it, and it definitely isn’t a real (no quotes) real blog if the blogger gets paid for it. Perhaps we need a special term for paid (pretend) bloggers? How about ‘jorgers’? Or ‘blogists’? Hmmmmm.
[3] COO = Chief Operating Officer, which translates to me as the chief administrative lackey who has been given excessive power in generally mucking up the performance and effectivenesss of an organization in the strident and screeching (think spoon lip on the base of an aluminimum saucepan, both of the cheapest possible manufacture and retail price) apologia, an autark of the most tyrannical and negative bent. Also, an ACRONYM pronounced in a manner to indicate association with city street pigeons whose most positive contibution is fecal matter underfoot.
[4] Physical connection. Some species of apple have two seeds corresponding to the elliptical foci.

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