I note a fairly good article on the second generation Kindle this morning in the wonk shul review. [Link] No real technical details but, after all, this is written for people outside the campus who, by wonkish definition, are incompetent and inadequate.

But what rather gathered my attention span here is a quote,

“Our vision is, every book ever printed in any language, all available in less than 60 seconds,”

by the grand exalted kudzu of Amazon.  This is heartening although to date the catalog is still almost as sparse on nerd books as the campus of the Charles is on humility.

I was taken by the open endedness of this. It implies that anyone who wants to publish a book in electronic form, on Lulu or wherever, will have that book accessible by Kindle. Presumably after a small fee to Amazon, of course.

As someone who writes books of such limited interest that the probability of attracting actual New Yawk publication industry action has a probability comparable to being killed by a neutrino, I find this not only entrancing and alluring, but emphatic. This is exactly what the nation needs, a book marketplace defined by the consumers, not the oligarchs.

But, of course, the speaker was one of these.

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