Saturnine Saturday

The economic situation continues to deepen. The only obvious bright side to all this is the somewhat macabre opportunity to watch the gradual, mostly calm slide into destruction. I did pull out an article about the Yankee government seizing Washington Mutual, aka WaMu this Thursday. The obvious pain of the investors aside, the equally obvious question arose of whether this was in any way related to their innane television commercials? Were such a matter of stupidity among bankers, or stupidity among advertising agents. And if the latter, is it a combination of both. Or, has there been any non-stupidity among advertising agents in many years?

I have to admit to growing up in the youth of television. My early years were flavored with Howdy Doody and the Do-Bee, my later years with George Toffel and Science Fiction Theater. In those days, television commercials had a presence. Members of my age cohort are always commenting on some advertising icon or jingle that grabbed some primordial aspect of the human mind. But by acknowledging that we have to ask where are those momory grabbers today?

Yes, in those days we had the horrible commercials of Honest Whosits selling used automobiles or some other sleaze. Now, even the sleaze merchants like the folks who sell annuity compaction or insurance have prettied up and reduced the entirety of advertising to mundanity while the people who should be deliberate and confidence inspiring are overexcited primates – like WaMu.

I also see, courtesy of the United Nations practice of ineffective observation that by end of year, presumably the calendar year of Europe?, that there will be 4M cellular phone users on the planet, closer to two-thirds than a half. [Link] My first thought on hearing this is whether anyone has informed Mr. Gore from Tennessee, the self-appointed wizard of warming and former – thankfully – deputy chief executive of the Yankee government? Surely all of these people talking on telephones all the time has an increasing effect on global warming. And, pray note, all of what comes out of their mouths is carbon dioxide, with a bit of nitrogen and trace gases, including methane and ammonia. Something must be done about this! This run away stoking of the planetary heat budget by phone users must be quenched. Perhaps legislation, after the Yankee congress solves the Well Street problem, to restrict cellular phone use to one hour per person per day? Or perhaps a bounty on the ears of cellular phone users? After all, they are not protected like wolves. Or have wolves been unprotected again by Wall Street?

And while we are again on the matter of idiocy, it appears that not only will people blythly install malware on their computers – at leat the Windows users – to “make the pop ups go away”, it seems that they will gladly sell passwords and other vital personal information for a gift voucher. [Link] And while this study is a trifle suspect since it was conducted by a company that sells security clients, (when did clients cease to be people and become software?) it fits, and brings us to the wonder of why we should trust ourselves with either money or cellular phones. But it does offer a resounding illumination of why we have so much religious fervor. If we will give away our personal wealth for an immediate payment of less than $10, then what will we do for a promise of eternal boredom and slavery?

And lastly, Yves Rossy has become the first human aircraft to fly the English Channel – successfully. [Link] I am not at all sure that whether this is a good or a bad thing. On the one hand I am all in favor of a bit of individualism and proper disrespect for false authority, but I do wonder about such things in an era of rampant consumerism and corporate greed. Can we not expect a proliferation of such commercially. Will the man frame aircraft become the new motor scooter of tomorrow?

On the bright side this will do wonderful things for global climate change by stirring up the otherwise placid pockets of greenhouse gases and reducing our population numbers. Tales of air surfers who run out of fuel and crash to their deaths or are struck by lightening, and in places like Huntsville, the Shining City on the Hill of Nowth Alibam, shot from the sky as terrorists by alert Army guards at beautiful Redstone Arsenal will be so commonplace that not even the blatantly aggrandizing news readers of local television news programs – like the ones from Huntsville itself – will find benefit from reporting them. But it will make our daily lives more difficult with these folks crashing through our roofs and into our paths while driving. After all, it is hard enough to watch in two dimensions without having to do so in three. Although this will likely revitailze Detroit with all the changes in automobiles made necessary, such as those bobble tops they have never been able to sell – mostly because of the greenhouse effect in miniature – and new sensors to avoid falling homo flierensis.

Of course, our wise and proactive government will surely protect us from such. After all, noting like this can be permitted without it being regulated and taxed, and the automobile metaphor is clearly inoperant since the model of the flying test will not work. Or perhaps they will propose an inspector wing walk on these tiny strap-ons? Of course, these may be like cellular phones, unregulated and proliferating faster than antibiotic resistant bacteria in a sterile hospital.