Decline and Fall

One of the purported causes of the disintegration of the Roman empire was the practice of drinking wine out of lead tumblers or goblets. The small amounts of lead leeched out of the vessels by the wine sweetened the wine, giving the drink somewhat the properties of a rum and coke, long on the coke. Also long on numerous deleterious effects on the human body, including the reproductive system and the brain. Saying that the Roman empire was dumbed into oblivion would be both an exaggeration and a misuse of the English language.

Yet another candidate for the American equivalent of the lead goblet with wine is emerging. What is it about the cellular phone that sucks intelligence out of the skulls of users? Or are our telephone calls so glacially inane and outre?

I read in the New Yawk Times – which once more displays that the chief benefit of newspapers in this day of Web 2.0 is their facts, their opinions and pronouncements may be discarded as directive, missionary, and irrelevant – that the former mayor of New Yawk and candidate for the (modern) republican nomination for chief executive, Rudy Giuliani interrupted a speech to the National Rifle Association to take a cell phone call, ostensibly from his wife. [Link]

As a good Southron I could make some righteous comment about whether one could expect good behavior from a Yankee, but I shall rise above this. Rather I might comment that this is typical behavior of a fuzzy minded liberal, in this case made more deranged by the intelligence sucking properties of the cellular phone and the apologia of the New Yawk Times is nothing more that one liberal defending another trying to cozen gullible and evil gun proponents into thinking the first liberal is a conservative?

Certainly the matter, if accurate, is sufficient reason to cast one’s vote for someone else. Presidents are not supposed to be unfailingly and insentiently well mannered, but they are supposed to display good sense and this was not such. It was at best bad manners and at worse stupidity, which at least may be blamed on the device and not years of living in New Yawk, although slavish use of such may be so blamed?

There is so grr brr in the article about how the use of cell phones is being curbed, and well they should, since the most egregious misusers show no signs of killing themselves off prior to reproducing. One suspects however that these local incidents are destined to be as ineffective as the Roman authorities railing against the use of lead goblets.