I note [Link] that Megahard has extended the period when computer manufacturers may sell XP by five months. They have also instituted a program where people may start out with VISTA on their new boxes and then after the disillusionment mounts safely back up to XP.

One has to wonder if this is prompted by a fear of becoming irrelevant? Lately Megahard has been beset by both the open source and the other closed source communities on two fronts. Megahard’s Office Suite may still be the big guy in town, but the population is on the upswing, especially since Open Office has opened the door to extensions, opening a campaign against the only thing that distances Office from Open Office and the other competitors.

Also, the other OS thing is similarly mounting. Now that APPLE has embraced INTELism, the only thing preventing the proliferation of APPLE’s OS on any Intel box is a paradigm shift of social nature away from the dependence on a closed architecture and elitist users. A more serious competitor seems to be in the LINUX world as more and more college students are embracing LINUX over Windows. For those who remember when CPM had more available software but was a clunkier OS, this doesn’t look completely improbable.

So maybe Megahard is running scared. Maybe Bill Gates saw this coming and has distanced himself from the collapse? Maybe Megahard is worried that when they quit selling XP they’ll be as busy as Ford showrooms were six months after they introduced the Edsel?