Holier Than

Religion was supposedly invented to provide an explanation for things that threaten people that the people cannot contend with. This is why religion, with the military, are the two secondary fundamental human organizations. Government, of course, is the primary fundamental human organization. The military was invented to address contendable threats.

So given that we have these organizations whose purpose is to explain the “why” of natural disasters, shadows under the bed and in the closet, and the perceived inequities of stupidity and random chance, is it any wonder that they often succeed by inflating their adherents’ egotism? In particular, there is the quaint custom of convincing their adherents that those who are not members of the organization are deficient, bad, smelly, unattractive, and just plain wrong.

We shake our heads in dismay over the violence in Iraq between Sunni and Shia organizational adherents. After all, they are just furriners who do strange things anyway since they aren’t, thank our deity, good, deity fearing, Americans. Maybe if they kill each other off enough they will come to their senses and join our organization that envisions the true, correct, right, good smelling, handsome/beautiful, right and accurate, deity.

In fact, we can even do the same thing here in America, which isn’t the same thing as what those dirty, smelly, unattractive, wrong minded furriners are doing because we are Americans. Because we’re right, because our organization tells us so.

And that dirty, smelly, ugly, wrong, even bad, guy who may want to run for President should be punished or something because he’s not a member of our organization.[Link] Good application of religion. Definitely protecting people from things that cannot be contended with.

Makes one wonder if maybe the religious organizations should have stopped when they invented prostitution?