Cell Phone Science

I have blogged previously on the question of whether computer science is science. Much of it is engineering but a bit is science in the sense that computers are part of the universe and thus the study of them can be science. I am reminded of what Ernest First Baron Rutherford of Nelson said

    “In science there is only physics; all the rest is stamp collecting.”[Link]

while, of course, recognizing that the good baron also though nuclear power was moonshine.

This stamp collecting science also applies rather extensively to some of the social sciences as well. A nice example of this surfaced today in the PHYSORG feed.[Link] Seems a professor at Virginia Tech has been researching how students use cell phones. While the results are interesting it is unclear if this can be serious considered to be anything more than stamp collecting science. Of course, that may be deficient reportage. Also, at the risk of a rather bad pun on a Tuesday, one might be tempted to label it as hokey science but since I have known some scientists on the faculty at Virginia Tech, I known this not to be the case.

Meanwhile, the folks at U New Mexico have been studying the impact of cell phone on political campaigns.[Link] Evidently this is currently centered on ring tones although the reportage does not make clear what the mechanism of interaction is, presumably because it cannot be adequately communicated although an inability of the media to comprehend explanation is possible. It is thus not clear this is even stamp collecting science.

Happily, the institute does offer some interesting ring tones that offer the educated and environmentally conscious a means of countering those with trite pop tones. Regardless, more noise pollution and the FCC has still not approved cell phone blockers.

Happily, researchers at several places [Link] have nominated a mechanism by which the gravitational singularity at the center of our galaxy [Link] produce teraelectronvolt gammas. These gammas have the beneficial effect of disrupting cell phone usage and perhaps life on Tellus. It will help us abide until research is done to determine any linkage between adult lactase secretion and incessant and aconstructive use of cell phones.