Our Kind of Town

Morgan Quinto Press has determined St. Louis to be the most dangerous city in the United States.[Link]

Does that jibe with my personal experience. Let’s see now. There was the time I was on TDY for the Yankee Army to McDill AFB, on the eve of our invasion of Granada, and three sentries stuck M-16 muzzles under the nose of myself and the other occupants of our rental car as we were trying to get to a meeting we had been invited to by the CENTCOM CG. Naw, no shooting.

The only time I ever got (knowingly) shot at while traveling (in the United States) was in St. Louis. I was leaving the parking lot at AVSCOM (the parking lots had a guard kiosk and were surrounded by 12 foot fences with razor wire,) and I hear shots across the street – a gang battle, I believe – and two of my rear windows got perforated as I made rapid forward progress to the airport.

The amazing thing was that the car rental company didn’t bat an eye when I turned the car in and told them about the gun shot holes. They only asked if I had required any medical attention.

Now there was the time I saw a shooting on the highway as I was driving home from work, but that was in Huntsville, and the shooting was entirely justified – but that’s another story.