In celebration of DST

Since we are on the subject of the tail wagging the dog that is hitched behind the cart, I have a comment on modern life and women’s clothing.

On occasion, I succumb to two filthy habits that should be controlled by law, but are not for rather obvious capitalist reasons. I speak of watching the image orthicon and flipping channels in search of something worth one’s attention. The former, is an affliction that besets all humans, so far as I can determine, but the latter is evidently chromosome differentiated as it seems to primarily afflict males of the species – at least that is what FD SCP advises me and since she is a bookkeeper (wonderful word to type!) and therefore much more knowledgeable of such practical matters than SCP.

As an aside, I have found that there is actually a third component to this, which is that after about five minutes and two complete flipping cycles through the channel forest, I invariably pick up a book or a pad of paper and bend my brain to something else. But there is evidently some childlike expectation of what should be displayed on the image orthicon since the behavior is repeated almost daily.

Anyway, I ran across an interesting juxtaposition. The LG (R) corporations, which manufactures appliances and various hardwares, has a commercial featuring a young woman in a blue dress and the combination of a clothing washing machine and dryer.[Link] (I regret not reproducing clips here but my skills and SW for this have not proved up to the desired competency.) The Science Fiction Channel, which, incidentally, shows very little science fiction, and most of that would cause Phillip Nowlan, E. E. Smith, and George O. Smith to take up blank verse and the bongo drums, has a program interruption commercial (of the channel) that portrays a young woman in a blue dress and a masher (human, not potato.)[Link]

While it is difficult to discern exact details, given the limited resolution of both television and the videos posted on the internet, (and HDTV will still be rather less than the resolution offered by a good computer monitor – previously blogged!) the two young women bear an amazing resemblance both in appearance and attire. The masher in no way resembles the clothing machines other than both are shiny on top. There are however, two major differences.

In the LG commercial, the dress has short sleeves, while in the SciFi commercial the dress has long sleeves. Of, and second, in the SCiFi commercial, the young woman displays some rather intimidating spikes.

Now basic physics indicates to us that these spikes have to be deployed from some mechanism interior to her body, primarily because the structure of the dress is not sufficient to anchor the spikes adequately. We may thus tentatively hypothesize that the long sleeved version of the dress does not come with spikes. Instead, we have to hypothesize that the spikes are some component, possibly mutational but likely prosthetic, of the woman’s body, and, secondarily, she is motivated to use it, not by crowds or washing machines, but solitary mashers. Although one can easily see how this capability would be useful on a crowded bus or trolley.

We could also hypothesize some connection between the two commercial proponents. Could LG actually stand for “Little Green”? This however, is not supported by the data and must be reserved for further observation, which given the nature of this blog, will likely be long awaiting.

And what does this have to do with DST? Well, I told you the boundaries upset my circadian rhythms.

3 thoughts on “In celebration of DST

  1. Minor correction. The image orthicon is the tube inside the camera that converts light into electrical impulses for transmission, and for eventual viewing on a cathode ray tube.


  2. I shall hasten out and disinter my freshman physics professor and soundly admonish him for malteaching.

    I thank you for the courest of the correction. Now I must wrestle with myself to abolish this inaccuracy from my vocabulary.

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