The Doughnut Award

In light of the preceding blog, I am reminded of the Great American doughnut, a hole surrounded by a ring, an annulus of transfats and other not very nice things but mostly once hot air. These annuli are generally quite attractive, covered with sugar glaze, chocolate, or even candy. As a food they are almost universally loved, have only instantaneous benefit, and lingering negative impact. This makes a superb metaphor for a False Authority award and thus, I would like to initiate the False Authority Doughnut Award.

Authority to bestow this award is reserved to the SCP and such of his colleagues as he shall invest. The award will be bestowed as deemed needful. Recipients will not be invited to Sweden to receive a medal. In fact, the only component of the award will be acknowledgment of some behavior or activity that needs to be mended or desisted as it reflects an intelligence level consistent with pond scum or sewer slime.