Second Again

Seems Alabama again came in second. This time in obesity rate. [Link]

What is obesity rate? I won’t go off into Nerd land discussing transition from discrete to continuous representations, but I will cite my McGraw-Hill nerd dictionary that says a rate is the amount of change of some observable quantity with respect to time.

In more direct terms, the first derivative of that observable quantity with respect to time, which is sometimes difficult to separate from the subjective.

Do journalists know what derivatives are or do they just consider them unreportable?

I suspect that what they are calling a rate is nothing more than the fraction of the population that has been determined to be obese, which the last time I checked was also a subjective quantity.

If we take the time derivative of that quantity, and I’ll settle for a first finite difference here, then we would have a rate.

Subjectivity aside, there are some objective quantities that can be applied, most of them more meaningful than the International Astronomical Union’s definition of planet. One such meaningful formulation seems to be fraction of body weight that is fat, metered against gender (women have need for more fat than men), age, body type, and to an extent, ethnicity.

The second part is to stop thinking of a diet as a transitional thing. A diet is forever, or at least to death. Its what and how you eat. Period. Its not something you do to lose weight, bulk up, or whatever.

Part three is to make sure that you burn enough calories every day. The metaphor here is of a pump. If you don’t get a certain performance out of a pump, it isn’t working. So its not just how many calories per day (which is a rate) and how they are distributed and have trace compounds, but also how many you use up every day. (That’s a rate of a rate thing.)

Part of this is where you get the food. Fast food restaurants are bad. Most of what food you can get at Wal Mart is bad. Almost every food advertised on television is bad. Get smarter about food.

2 thoughts on “Second Again

  1. Three tried and true ways to lose weight:

    1. Stop drinking, period.

    2. Stop eating that tastes good.

    3. Work out vigorously for 4 hours daily.

    Never fails.

  2. I believe it was Franklin who said “Eay to live, do not live to eat.” He obviously did not fully adhere to that precept, nor do we. Equally effective techniques are: join the Army; move above the Arctic Circle and maintain your present caloric consumption; or use the Missile Tape Regime.

    The latter is: upon arising cut a six inch length of Missile Tape; place over your mouth; go about your daily activity; in evening, remove tape, brush teeth, and go to sleep.

    However, one is also noteful of

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