Rip ‘Em UP!

It seems a group of grocers in California (see what I told you last blog!) are suing Wal Mart for advertising that mom and pop grocery stores rip off customers. [Link]


Wal Mart only sells products that move off shelves rapidly. If the reside time of any product exceeds a certain amount, Wal Mart ceases to carry the item. They also refuse to carry any items whose manufacturers refuse to pay Wal Mart substantial rebates or bribes for carrying their products.

In effect, Wal Mart is flagrantly guilty of the worse kind of ethnic, disability, and age discrimination. But expect a Republican administration to act against a good Republican and taxpayer corporation? Has Tartarus thawed?

Go to a Wal Mart and try to buy ethnic food, or specialty diet food such as low sodium or low gluten content. I’m not talking fad diet rubbish here. Diet means what a person eats. If you’re diabetic or suffer from any myriad of physiological conditions you can’t buy those special items at Wal Mart.

And they’re arrogant about it. They seem to train their staff, what few there are, in the Gary Cooper “High Noon” style of customer interaction. Except the register clerks, who are always backed up. And in many communities they have driven the other competing stores out of business.

How is this type of monopoly different from the Communism we fought against for so long?