Ice Cream Progress

Closer. I think. The biggest problem right now is getting JAVA to work, which I am only working on so that Ubernote will work……. And enabler not a desirable. Necessity. At least in terms of modal work procedures.

Anyway, the constitutional was enjoyable until my back started complaining, which is modal – also! – for this time of year, so it will get less nasty in a few weeks.

Not much to comment on because I am still trying to get basic functionality. And thence devote some attention span to the exterior universe.

Film at 11.

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Two Thought

The temperature increasing is. But the density in gym was quite low, even for a Two Day. And the podcasts were passable. Better than last Two Day although the SCIENCE podcast is too short. And I learned that the mud slide out in Washington (the state) was a disaster because of real estate agent greed and county government collusion. Gee, that sounds like Greater Metropolitan Arab.

Which led me to reflect on the failure of the civil legal system and the rot of society. If someone does you wrong without actually committing a criminal act, it can’t be made good. It can only be made to give you an inadequate amount of money. You lose an eye or limb on the job due to employer negligence? All you get is a paltry sum. No new eye or limb. That’s what we call justice in Amerika.

And the criminal side is worse, since if an organization does something illegal, they don’t lock management up – not that that would be adequate – they just fine them a bit. Organizations get the rights of citizens with almost none of the responsibilities. And they get to own congress critters.

But on reflection, maybe that’s better than the code of Hamurabbi?

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News Negation

The journalism instrumentality appears to have become Orwellian. That is, they ar broadcasting/publishing not-news.

Case in point: Large airplane disappears – News; Large airplane found – News; anything in between is not-news. AT best it is mind kibble to divert the bogs from what attention should be given to like World War III (number uncertain.)

The news media has become maskarovka and diversion.

Private Killing

Another wonderful day in Greater Metropolitan Arab where we have ample demonstration that pickup trucks are a vanity since the correlation between owning one and having poor driving skills is VERY high, almost deterministic. The season “Spring” is nearing and the city guvmint is busily out scraping roads with inappropriate equipment to frighten homeowners that they may be stranded while the city repaves a few streets, all unannounced as to schedule. In the interim driving is akin to walking on a gravel path.

At gym this morning I listened to the SCIENCE podcast which is becoming shorter and shorter and will soon become useless as a diversion from perspiration and pain. It did however give a good counterargument to the noxious idea of corporate aristocrats privatizing science. Seems that the Gooey web site for tracking influenza, which started out mediocre, has become steadily worse. The best indication of influenza infestation is still the center for disease control which is a Yankee government apparat.

The reason the Gooey influenza site is failing is simply that Gooey is a for-profit corporation. Capitalism in action, as it were, and that action is contrary to good scientific practice. In fact, the whole thing seems to be a cornucopia of bad science and bad capitalism, not that the latter may not be redundant.

First of all, what Gooey is doing is closed off because, naturally, it’s corporate secret. Which means it ain’t science since there is no review or test. Second, there appear to be bad assumptions about the nature of things which can only be inferred since, as stated, all the real mechanics is hidden away. And thirdly, it seems that Gooey keeps changing the rules for how it builds it data set that the influenza site searches WITHOUT telling the influenza site people how it changes the rules!

The inference, if not conclusion, is that closed science isn’t really science and private ownership of science becomes not-science. So part of the road to Amerika becoming a capitalist aristocracy is the abandonment of science.

Is it nap time yet?

It seems that pollen irritation season has arrived. Much unpleasantness and mucus – yes, Qadgop, the two are different, at least for humans – this morning. The temperature was a bit low but I bundled up and assayed a constitutional at the park, which was doable mostly because of the slow wind speed during.

Nothing springs to mind to blot upon this morning so until I have some  mental flatulence, silence prevails. And I can spend the time watching the first episode of the new COSMOS that I had to record since it came on after my time of retirement. Sometimes having Early Riser mutation is a bit of a rectal pain. But speaking of which the Coccyx is acting up this morning which indicates too much sitting so I may not.

I spent a part of yesterday morning trying to pre-order the COSMOS DVD on the National Geographic web site. Bombed four different browsers and never seemed to complete the transaction so I just defaulted to Amazing and found their price ten percent less than NG’s. And then this morning NG sent a confirmation email. So someone is going to get a COSMOS DVD as a Solstice present.

But I will probably not buy anything on the NG website again.

Daylight Politics

This is the obligatory rant about daylight savings time. The temperature was 45 degF at 0530 this morning so I was in bounds to go to the park for my constitutional. Gad! Was it dark. Not so much cold and oppressive with the absence of sky photons. So I quickly made a selfpromise to vote against every – EVERY! – incumbent at the next congressional election.

Not that this will do a frig of good since Alibam is morally mired in reactionary troglodytes for political office. Even the independents and democruds are medieval, if not antediluvian. Example in case: the council of thieves of Alibam is on a fever pogrom to reduce women back to chattel status. There are riots in the streets between the hypocritical “pro-life” mysticists and the rational pro-choice advocates. Makes me wonder how degraded this country has become since we threw out the British at point of bayonet.

Not, I suspect, that the politicians really care about anything other than control and their kickbacks from autocratic capitalists. Which seems to be all that government really cares about these days. Point of example: O’Bama destroying Amerikan healthcare by his affordable healthcare act. This seems typical – say one thing and mean (and do) the opposite.

To the list all is a lie we have to add anything done by a politician.

Clock Politics

A refreshing morning. Courtesy of the weather, the temperature was sufficiently high to satisfy my cardiologist’s conditions and I was able to venture to the park for a constitutional. The wind was relatively still so little cooling and I was well bundled and had a new headlamp so I was well appointed and situated for the walk. All I had to do was stay on the path, not destroy my MP3 player, and marshal my thoughts.

The first was easier, largely because of the headlamp, which, despite rather shoddy construction I would not expect from an outfitter like Eddie Bauer (C), was relatively bright. The second was difficult. The podcast this morning was an episode of the Pen Addict [Link] that was rather egregiously grating. The discussion on this podcast varies between putz and ferd and the grammar is exceptionally bad, so much so that the grammar of most other podcasts becomes withstandable by comparison. But the discussion today was excessively oily and false-ringing and I was only glad that my stomach was empty. I never cease to be amused that this is supposed to be the best of the pen podcasts although that amusement was sorely strained this morning. Still I primarily listen to this as a means of diverting my conscious attention during constitutional since the podcast is usually lengthy enough to encompass three constitutionals and I don’t have to waste good podcasts when I can’t stop and appreciate the discussion.

Which is not to say that they do not have some useful information but it is almost always in sidebars or unscripted bits.

But the illumination did raise a new variation of one of my recurring disquietudes. Tonight is the spring shift to daylight savings time, that left over wartime expedient that the Yankee congress refuses to adjust to the desires of the citizenry. I suddenly realized that a measure of their perfidy and selfservice is the absence of any accompanying legislation that would compel clock manufacturers to automatically adjust their clocks for this delusional torture.

I will spend a bit of time tomorrow going through Castellum SCP adjusting clocks. For this transition the effort is small since all clocks set forward easily. It is the sheer number and diversity that is the problem. Other than the computers, only the few atomic clocks reset themselves and each has a different reset procedure, a failure of our Congress that should be dealt with by requiring congress critters to reset clocks for their constituents.

The real pain will come in fall when the clocks have to be set forward 23 hours since most clocks can no longer be set back.

I take up the cry of criminalizing partisan ship and shudder to behold the dark tomorrow morning. All to placate and titillate a bunch of obnoxious schmucks.

A Day of Unfun

Yesterday was a good day for tyranny in Alibam.

The Arab Electron Uncooperative ran rampant through my neighborhood, killing a large number of trees in the name of protecting their aerial power lines. This anti-environment pogrom was particularly Draconian this year, raising questions of why the Electron Uncooperative does not marshal funds and bury its lines so that this massacre becomes unnecessary. Could it be that at least some members of the cooperative’s board are receiving kickbacks from the tree killing corporation?

And the hypocrite chauvinists in the state council of thieves moved forward on their legislation to disenfranchise women yesterday with an abortion bill that is nothing more than harassment and intimidation since it will not likely survive review by the Yankee government justicer system. I may can put up with tree killing but human slavery? This is too much even for religionist hypocrites.

Moral Prevarication

Somewhat belatedly, I noticed over weekend that the CVS drugstore chain has announced they will cease to purvey tobacco. What makes this noteworthy is that this is proclaimed as a morality matter. Which is intriguing since organizations not only don’t have morals, they almost always also don’t have ethics.

The reason given for this withdrawal from the marketplace is that tobacco causes all manner of diseases. So far, accurate. But if they are ceasing to sell tobacco because it causes diseases that kill humans, why are they continuing to sell foodstuffs that are laden with salt, fats, and other ingredients that cause diseases like obesity and heart disease and such? Have they decided these are not fatal or are morally (?) acceptable diseases? And what about homeopathic remedies that don’t cure any diseases? How can they justify such morally since they have discontinued selling tobacco on a moral basis?

I rather suspect that the profit of tobacco is marginal to their business and the demographic askew to their business model. In effect, they don’t want to sell tobacco because it doesn’t make them enough money and the people who buy tobacco don’t spend enough overall in their stores. Which is obviously a quite moral basis of decision. Not enough profit and the wrong clientele has always been fundamental to Amerikan social morality as reasons for exclusion, persecution, and abuse.

Isn’t it nice to know that greed and evil are still rampant among Amerikan corporations?