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Survived. But it was a challenge. Happily, (?) the family gathering is not till this morning so some of the stress of anticipation has been maintained. But FD SCP and I managed to endure the day and have our own – abbreviated – observance. She spent most of the day asleep while I tried to find some television content that was not terminally maudlin nor terminally boring. The search was largely a failure. Couple with that that my primary box is whacked for some reason that I have not yet fully understood, much less corrected, and the internet connection was so sparse as to be non-existent. I do love it when the schules are desessioned.

Because of the latter I have no real content to masticate and so I am at a loss for any pithy commentary.

The temperature is much reduced this morning, which has not enlivened my spirits. In fact it has temped me to access the spirits. The kind in a bottle, not superstition. We shall have enough of that when the family convenes.

I do detest these massive holidays. They warp the space-time of the week and beyond. This feels more like Sundae than Freya’s day. And if it were sundae then tomorrow would be mundane day and this madness would be ceased for a while. I used to daydream about technological hibernation, being able to hide in a box, unaware, during the bad times of the year, summer and winter. But now that these are basically all of the year staying awake seems a pointless exercise. I fear that indicates times of great upheaval ahead.

At least I will not be drug out into the maelstrom of shopping, except possibly by entrainment of others’ wake. It occurs that I have not been actually – physically – shopping in some months. The internet is much easier if less demonstrative. Perhaps that is also what is wanted. Less sensation, more dull. Civilization is a comic book.

Looking for Thankful

The day of dread has arrived. Yes, Thanksgiving. The local newsrag has a column written by the newest bible thumper in town. I am not sure if that’s a matter of vanity or naivety, but this week he wrote about what is proper and improper in Thanksgiving prayers.

Basic stuff for christianists, right? Wrong. It’s all extro stuff. I suppose the majority of pulpit pushers are extro but I am constantly amazed at how unimindedly extro they are as a group. It has been years since I ran into one who was the least bit intro conscious, which is probably why I avoid services like they were Ebola.

So it occurred to me what would an intro thanksgiving prayer be like. It certainly wouldn’t be about bragging because intros don’t brag well. But I’m not sure it would be necessarily thankful since there isn’t much about thanksgiving for an intro to be thankful about. I suppose, if they didn’t have to any family activities or such with extro it might be “thank you for not having to endure the extro ordeal of a highly stressful social gathering.” Or if you did, as most of us have to, it’s likely “help me endure this extro Hell.” Which is not very thankful but it is accurate.

Of course the rational, nerd intros are going to realize that these prayers are ineffective and while the first is harmless the second is actually harmful because it raises false hopes that intensify the awfulness of interminable hours with TOO MANY extros when the prayer fails.

On a happier note, I see [Link] that a lithic hafted axe has bee discovered in Denmark. Big deal! Axes are discovered every day. Old axes are discovered every day. But it is a big deal since this one is still hafted.

Yep, that’s a 5.5 KY old ax complete with haft. That’s handle for the extro bogs. And that’s something exceedingly rare. And it’s something to be thankful for.

Unlike gatherings with extros.

Day Before

Democracy is dead in Alibam. Not sure if the proper comparison is the Soviet Union or some third world oligarchy?

The newspaper, the Arab Tribune, published the local ballot in the Saturn’s day edition and I was amazed to find about half of the races uncontested, including the one for a senate seat. And the incumbent is an egregious fascist and oligarch. So what matters it to go to the polling place and exercise the franchise if there are no choice or both choices are evil?

All of this stuff about making sure one votes is a nice slogan but it seems to ignore the reality here in Alibam and I suspect in much of the country. We are a failed nation and being a failed state is close behind.

Identical but for Lies

Once more into the boundary between out and in, and once more adult supervision. FD SCP has ended her work week and I am already smarting under the onus of her projects. The park was a bit low in warmth this morning but not from a wind. Not quite comfortable and the necessary bundling seemed excessive for what the thermometer proclaimed. I tried out a new Linux podcast and was disappointed, which probably contributed to the ill ease. Not that it is a bad ‘cast, just that it is a style not amenable fully to me. 

On those azimuths, several thoughts. I have been watching the political races in Alibam increasing in heat. I have a great interest in the guvnuh race since it is really a good versus good failing and being evil race. The latter is the incumbent who found ways to grease the pockets of cronies but not provide medical care. That latter is still a repudenialist tactic, of taking an opponent’s good and making it seem bad. This is particularly the case with the attorney general race. If we go on positive aspects – what the candidates are for – then the two are indistinguishable to a confidence level of 0.95 which is the standard statistical goodness for bogs. 

I should comment that the bogs don’t understand that – heck!, I don’t understand it fully but that’s because statisticians are a special subspecies of nerd – but the parrotage they are taught in college stats classes – and then promptly repress – is o.95 (or 0.05 which is the same) confidence level. And I will insert the snideism that that confidence level is on the posing of the situation, not its actuality. At least, not always.

But getting back to the attorney general candidates, the two are essentially the same on what they are; the difference is in what they say the other is. The incumbent is claimed to be incompetent and the toady of monied interests – what politician isn’t? – while the challenger is claimed to be incompetent if elected because of – good political logic here – twisting good things done into evil and bad. We can only worry if the same goes of the incumbent. 

I don’t expect my concerns to be resolved. An article [Link] in IO9 shows the restrictiveness of state voting laws:

Alibam is notably one of the most restrictive states. In fact, voting in many ways is more restrictive than in the days of poll taxes when money was openly paid to purchase votes. 

The real lesson is about society. Individual voters are well aware that they are being deceived and prevaricated. But they vote for the evil anyway because with the partisan system there are no alternatives. And in Alibam, there is really no difference between the parties. Except which lies they throw about each other.

Marriage and Politics

Another morning of lowish temperature. Not as low as yesterday but low enough to provoke a search for heavier gym pants. The pair I had initially substituted for the summer ones were inadequate and being a shivering ORF I opted for more substance in the hope of lower thermal diffusion.

The podcast this morning was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”, the third in their coverage of a rather strange conference – aren’t they all, it seems? – called Ideacity. The subject of this one was contemporary mating rituals. There were three and they were all varying degrees of Extro which indicates once more how biased society is these days. The first segment was an economics academic prattling on the economics of modern (?) marriage. Sex barter. It reinforced my observational hypothesis that economists and economics are whacked. The tenor was decidedly that women endure sex for the sake of something — anything? – else. 

I subscribe to Wrangham’s cooking model of marriage: men stay around for the cooked food. And sex is mutual beneficial, it provides the women with offspring and the men with gratification. Not only does it make more sense, agree with my observations better, but anthropologists, in my observation, are less whacked than economists. 

The second segment dealt with social media courtship. The proponent was some sort of business analyst who kept prattling about her excellence at maths at what I took to be about the level of high schule algebra. Definitely teleological and not at all scientific. But at least honest trial-and-error correction approach and as close as they came to any aspect of Intro. She also did a better job of exploring the external versus internal dimensions of courtship. 

The last segment was a man who sold himself. On the stock market, not the meat market. The stockholders voted on his courtship. And his wife-to-be bought him. Blatantly Extro. Revoltingly so, in fact. Nauseating. At least to Intros. 

But then I thought about the upcoming election and the politicians courting the electorate. And all three of these folks came off amazingly honest and above board. No blatant lies. Like saving jobs that are going to be eliminated by the economy anyway – and wasting taxpayer funds. And doing things touted as benefiting the voters which actually sicken them and shorten their lives. 

So even the Extro tummy wobbles are better? It seems so. And there is cooked food involved that is edible. Unlike politician fare. 

Another datum indicating I should be happy to be ORF.

Fall Timing

Despite all my efforts to disrupt linear time progression the season seems to be changing. Not that I like summer but rather that I should like a bit more fall before winter makes me a slave of its vagaries. I went this morning to park and executed my constitution and found myself at the ragged edge of ‘cold’. Cold is, of course, a sensation and not a thermodynamic observable but that seems to have scant effect on bogs and even on SCP. I find that courtesy of the physicians, especially the cardiologist and his prescriptions of blood thinners, that I have no comfort range any more. 

Tomorrow is foretold to be a bit better, at least in terms of early temperatures if not daily maximum but sundae is foretold to be less warm than today through and through. I find it emotional to bundle up in a thick coat and coverings while the young bogs strut about in scant attire. Except for the women lacking skin dirt. They are at least amusing.

I heard last evening on so-called news program that the Yankee government weather service foretells that the ‘polar vortex’ should not be a problem this winter. Since it has already struck and the promise is from the YG, I invest negative confidence.

On the subject of negative confidence I had a negation of such this week. Wednesday, one of my desk boxes, running SolydK presented to me that it needed to do a version upgrade. Actually it warned me on mundane day, which was a nice courtesy, so I had two days of dreading. So at 0630 on Odin’s day, I engaged the updater, a piece of software that has not engendered much satisfaction, and hence trust, in me, gather my gear, and motored off to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill from Gab and Grab. I did so with an incipient plan to replace SolydK with Nexus when the upgrade failed and I was presented with a need to do a ‘Nuke and Pave’ install. 

I returned at 1130 to find the process till running and muttered under my breath about the joys of Oneonta Telephone Company’s DSL service. Finally at 1430 the process completed, I rebooted – from the command line as instructed – and got back an operating desk box! To say I was shocked would have only implied a lack of electrons. This was quite contrary to my previous experiences – three in number – with Canonical *buntu distributions – that have all resulted in catastrophic failures followed by a couple of days of return to modality.

A very pleasant surprise indeed. 

It also occurred to me while walking this morning why Liinux is superior to Winders – another reason, at least – Linux can read Windows files/partitions but not the opposite. Is this a hubris thing? Or just incompetence? The World Wonders.