Water Park

Well, I survived the expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill with only slight challenges. The most stressing was some fellow in one of those small pickup trucks – the kind you can’t transport plywood in – that I juxtaposed wiith here in Arab and had to endure all the way into Hunstville. He was one of those exasperating drivers who wanders back and forth across the lanes in a seemingly random fashion and who would get in front of you, slow down to under the speed limit, and then once you managed to get around him, speed up to wreck speed, dash in front of you, and repeat the cycle.

This fellow put me in mind of Athenian democracy where there were no minority rights and rather few laws. I suspect that he is one of those people who would be brought up before the bar for his driving and be given either a death sentence or exile. For life.

On a happier note, it seems that the climate denilists have now sealed the doom, at least economically of Alibam. [Link] With the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, the city of Mobile is fated, I fear, to be history, as well as all of the developed property of the Alibam gulf coast. So much for our politicians and their pro-capitalism stance. And given that this has made the news, the only people who will buy any of that property are likely other repulsians who either don’t read or are too denialist not to have to carry through.

We can only hope this will be deep enough to also flood the Capital. Purely as an object lesson, of course. Not that I think politicians can benefit from object lessons. Or any kind of lesson.

And on the down side all the superstitionist haggis-heads will come out on boxes proclaiming the end-of-days while quite ignoring that this was caused by human stupidity. Sometimes I think the species should have been called homo cupiditas.

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One Day Start

Back to week in. Good session at gym. I missed the rain, which occurred after I arrived and ceased – temporarily – before I exited. There were not too many weight bounders although a couple of rather bullyishness and the podcast episode, one of the CBC’s “Best   of Ideas” dealing with the battle of York, was adequate if a bit thin. The context, as is usual with this podcast, is more than a bit sob sister and shy of historical depth and breadth. More was made of the eccentricities than the dynamics. But it was a diverting almost-hour away from the tedium of exercise.

I am still not back up to speed and have not had time to acquaint myself with external events, which based on the viewing with FD SCP of the weekend news programs, are somewhere between nonexistent and banal. The similarity to the period preceding the War to Make the World Safe for Democracy continues. As does the grrr brrr that has been expected about the climate change exterminating humanity. But the denialists still persist in Amerikan governance. So if we are doomed, why blather?

The weather beavers are mongering a last (??????) cold snap and freeze this week. Amazing how humans can ignore science and bend observation to their own purposes.

Film at Eleven.

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Reflection on Humidity

I had occasion, while on my morning constitutional at the park, to contemplate the climate of Alibam, Nawth Alibam in particular, and therefrom, society. Summer in Alibam is nasty and beastly, moderate heat but coupled with tangible humidity. As a result the intelligent are indolent in the summer and the bogs generally kill themselves off although not, unfortunately, before they have bred, so while this does tend to keep the population somewhat controlled, it does almost nothing for the quality of the gene pool.

The rest of the year is moderately nice, a secret that we try to hide from the rest of the Yankee republic. After all, it is bad enough that we have to suffer with the Yankee Army of Occupation in the wake of the recent second rebellion without the added insult of Yankee bogs clogging our land with alien stupidity. Thank you, but our domestic stupidity is quite depraved enough.

The worst of our domestics are confined, much of the year, to state capitals where they are put to the theatrical labor of enacting laws. This serves as a general source of amusement for the intelligent and diversion for the bogs, thus keeping them from intruding on matters of import and utility. It also serves as another form of camouflage to hide the goodness of the state from the rest of the republic while providing their bogs with red herrings to rant and foam about.

The rest of the year is quite clement. The fall is quite comfortable and has the alloyed blessing that the bairns are back in schule where they will be subjected to anything but education. This assures that the bogs are unable to comprehend anything of merit or worth. It has the advantage of keeping them out of the way most of the day but does have the disadvantage of the annoyance of organized athletics culminating in high schule and party schule college football. This latter does have the advantage of demonstrating some of the advantages of dogs over bogs in that the latter are not only cleaner and more loyal and affectionate than bogs they also do not engage in gratuitous and wasteful team athletics of abysmal quality and competence.

The winter is characterized by annoying periods of ice and occasional snow, mostly cause of concern because of the incompetence of building contractors who all flunked out of party schule colleges if not high schule itself. This is a necessary evil since importing competent builders from the Nawth would not only be a major security risk but also put large numbers of otherwise unemployable bogs out of work, forcing them to become professional methamphetamine cookers and hence threaten the status quo of fire insurance premiums. It would offer the possibility of improving the financial lot of dentists except that meth cookers do not visit dentists. Otherwise winter is enjoyable since it concentrates bog team athletics into confined spaces where its intrusion on neuronorms is minimized.

Spring is a mixed season. It is quite comfortable except for the intrusion of tornadoes. These storms are a mixed bag. Their occurrence does have some geographic patterns that are generally heeded by the intelligent. The bogs gleefully reside in these areas thinking they have obtained a financial victory on land costs. The storms also have the advantage of providing a source of propaganda to deter immigration from other parts of the Yankee republic, at least so long as the factories that produce pink foam hair “rollers” are maintained. Obese subjects for the Yankee journalists to “interview” are also no problem so long as the fast food “restaurants” can be maintained. The stupidity is evidently natural. At least we have not yet been able to find a cure. And it does permit us to reduce the costs of public schules.

So summer is something to be endured. At least until the project to develop suspended animation is successful and we can skip over the parts of the year when the climate is unpleasant. Except for those few who have to stay awake to assure that the bogs don’t get into improper mischief. AT least until we can figure out how to breed slightly more intelligent dogs.

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Archy, no Dancing

It’s ice cream day and I didn’t need it during my morning constitutional. I rather hate it when it’s hot before the sun rises.

On which azimuth, Chinese researchers have unearthed the skeleton of the oldest primate, [Link] Archicebus Achilles.

The beastie was about 55 MYA and was about the (body) size of a mouse. One more thing for the religionists to marvel at during pseudo-shabbat services.

Meanwhile, the administration’s direction that all refereed articles paid for by Yankee government money have to be publicly available has finally bashed the crania of some capitalist journal publishers. [Link] I personally would have liked a bit more use of truncheons but if they give on this maybe their overweening prices will be next?

Next, a report from U Waterloo [Link] indicates that flourocarbons rather than carbon dioxide are responsible for global climate change. This bears watching. It may substantiate – again – that correlation (or consensus in this case) is not causation.

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Shule Show

Two day, and the gum was relatively deserted. Must be getting close enough to summer for the denials to mount up. Science podcasts today and aside from a rather extended discussion of dark energy on one of the NPR ‘casts, not particularly sticky. So unsticky in fact that I find myself at a loss to offer comments on anything.

Except a rather naive segment on a road show aimed at exposing high shule students to climate change. The come-on is that climate change isn’t taught in public shules. Thud. Flat.

Why isn’t it taught? Probably for the same reason that evolution isn’t and mysticism is. Political pressure. It isn’t on the tests because politicians don’t want it on them. It’s one more symptom of what is wrong with the shules and our country.

But the question I want answered is why was the presentation permitted? Are there still rebels out there?

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Fog and Folderol

Beautiful! I do love a good fog and this one was/is bonnie. At about 0400 this morning the visibility in Scant City was about 0.25 km, estimated from headlamp beam spread and street lamp halos. It was a nice middling fog. The water accumulating on the windscreen was minimal, almost so little as to make the wiper blades squeek.

Once inside the gym, the bag was mixed, just like outside. There was a strange courtesy among and from the educationalists but the podcast, an episode of CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks” was vapid. The most engaging bit was about a newly discovered rat with only incisors that eats worms. Sadly, no elaboration on what type of worms.

Along that azimuth, I chanced upon an article about work at Royal Holloway U and a couple of spear holder shules that indicates the Clovis society (culture? maybe) of Nawth America was not eradicated by a comet (meteorite?) fall. The principal digger proclaimed the absence of relevant impact crater or impact debris.

Ever since the Alvarezes, pater et fils, advanced the extinction of the dinosaurs (except their descendants) due to one (two?) meteorite (comet?) strikes, it has become fashionable to explain all sorts of population fluctuations by astronomical intervention. Quite frankly the whole thing requires a great deal of effort and it has never been all that engaging for me. My principal interest in the matter is to get a reliable estimate of the mean time between “extinction” strikes so an estimate may be made of the effort that needs to be expended to provide reasonable assurance of human continuance.

Not that any government or large organization is going to do anywhere near that amount of effort. Especially in Amerika. After all, just look at our inability to do anything about climate change. Like get past the terrorists who deny it.

But come to think of it, freezing is a better way to die than baking.

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Hot Intelligence

Gad, I hate weekends. Especially sundaes when the christianist pseudo-shabat closes everything down and I am stuck in a vacuum of activity. It is at times like this that I empathize with the tin woodsman.

Speaking of which, I noted an intriguing article [Link] that argues that human intelligence is the result of coping with climate change. Not an implausible hypothesis but one that is less than obviously testable. Of course, we have spent much of the intervening 2-3 MY trying to negate that intelligence. Witness the climate change denialists today. Of course, there is a rather charming reverie of climate change denialists back then arguing that primates had no need for intelligence. Nice to know that the repulsians have been around so long.

For that matter, what positive contribution can the repulsians advance other than nominating Lincoln?

More particularly, this raises the question of how intelligence plays out in an overcrowded environment. That is, as climate change builds to the point where much of the environment, and thereby society and civilization, collapses, will intelligence do any good?

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Let Us Doom

It’s ice cream beverage day, aka pseudo-shabat for the christianists, and I once more find myself with a covey (?) of tabs that have need of resolution.

The first is a rather draconian and laconic piece [Link] out of the Detroit Free press on the end of the world in five days. I was rather taken by the High Noonishness of this statement,

“the long-awaited, much-hyped and entirely farcical Maya apocalypse is just that — and archaeologists can’t wait until it passes so they don’t have to explain anymore why it was never going to happen.”

It is nice to observe that there are still a few (apparently) good mediaists/journalists out there. I promise Mr. Vergano that I will keep him under observation until I can remove that parenthetical.

I also have to admit that this sort of contemporary mysticism takes me back to my high shule days. As a senior I was required to take a course in economics, frankly, not a very coherent nor useful one, falling neither into the practicality of personal budgeting, a subject I learned by derivation from managing mega-shekel projects for the Yankee army in my early days with them, nor into the perversion of theory, a subject I have repeatedly attempted but repeatedly failed because of the stercus for maths that economists do. That’s why I tend to place them second on my gibbet list after lawyers.

What made a difference in that class was the teacher, a peppery neandertal haired woman named after antiseptic mammals and the Kryptonian’s love (?) interest. She made us read a biographical collection entitled The Worldly Philosophers, a title whose humor and subtlety was wasted on our ignorance. But I clearly recall that in his dotage the French economist (?) Laplace predicted a planetary transformation where, among other things, “the seas would turn to lemonade.” Never mind that I did not recognize the name for its actual relevance to humanity and civilization; I would find out about Laplace and his wonderfully useful integral transform, which, along with that of Fourier, is one of the foundation enablers of modern technological civilization. This computer, and the cellular telephones, and anything else electrical would be likely impossible without these transforms. So we cannot fault Laplace too much for his nonsense of age, nor, I suspect blame him too much as an economist. But I do make the association whenever one of these gloom-and-doom mysticisms  escapes the eraser of rationality.

Thank you, Angular Momentum Speed-of-Light.

Next, while on the azimuth of world endings, I note an article [Link] on the gotcha of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, aka MegaHard’s Maginot Line against the depredations of Linux. The article, amusing enough, is written by a helot of MegaHard who describe its impending failure as ‘only three distributions of Linux have managed to demolish the wall.’ The system, billed as a replacement for the BIOS, is actually a means for MegaHard to assure (?) that everyone else’s OS is rejected at boot. This is Goebelized as a security measure, which I suppose it is in the sense of trying to provide a measure of security for MegaHard in the marketplace of competition with better OS freely available with only the usual price associated with freedom, an educated, competent, aware user.

In that regard I cannot soon count MegaHard out, for too much of their user base is mind shackled bogs who have been rendered incapable of thinking of, much less learning, another OS without Grand Mal seizures. AS for me, I am happy to leave those unhappy many to their servile fates since they cannot but degrade and degenerate the utility and functionality that is Linux. Do not envy MegaHard its numbers of serfs, rather revel in the ranks of the free and knowing.

Next, a paradox of Yankee governance. I came across this article [Link] of a study at U California that indicated that 0.81 of the sample population wanted a ‘do not’ list for junk mail akin to the ‘do not call’ list that is patently a sieve. What makes this a paradox is that the Yankee government postal service panders to junk mail. I don’t know the actual volume of junk mail, but I suspect it is greater than 0.75 by count and greater than 0.9 by physical volume. And the YG postal service lets these ‘spammers’ send out their stercus at a lower rate than any useful generator can access, except possibly newspapers, which are only 0.6, by surface area, themselves junk. So if 0.81 of a representative sample, hence indicative of the Amerikan public, don’t want the stuff, and it is causing much of the postal service’s insolvency, why continue with this perversion?

The best I can come up with is that it lets the postal service make hideously and egregiously exaggerated claims of efficiency based on this volume of unwanted merde. And probably the judicious use of baksheesh to politicians? At any rate I suspect this is one of those evils we know of but are prevented by our own protectors from eliminating, other than with the use of blue recycling bins?

And to close, I note an article [Link] in Lifehacker, that strange oleo of utility and blathering social stercus, about a study of weather caused discorporation. It produced this rather colorful map

that is useful in telling me there are places other than the old Confederacy where tornadoes are a primary threat ignored by authorities. That is not to say they don’t invest in sirens and public address systems that are conflicting, confusing, and incoherent, but they don’t invest in any effort to actually combat the threat by any means shy of sitting in a hole and osculating one’s derrière.

Enough. Selah. I gotta seed the dinosaur descendants and the tree fluffs.

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Grapefruit Gollys

It being sundae, it is also time for the hawg’in of the tabs. So without too much grrr brrr, commencement occurs.

I start with a rather confusing article from a university I have never heard of before but infer it is not an English (language) institution because the language of the article is patently a rather strained translation. So far as I can gather, the researchers performed a study of students learning on-line and found no gender differentiation. Since this likely comes from an ethnicity/culture/society that strongly differentiates on gender, this may be a shocking and outre report. I am still looking for a similar work dealing with age and intelligence and extrovert/introvert differentiation. I know that I am a POOR on-line student. Simply put, it is not my medium. And, IMHO, it is a medium poorly suited to nerdish subjects, despite all the popularity of massive on-line courses like those offered by (e.g.,) Courserea.

On a nostalgia trip, I ran across an article [Link] projecting detection of gravitational waves by 2016 with an 0.95 confidence. I ain’t convinced. Back when I was a new graduate student at the campus of the Boneyard I went to a departmental colloquium. The speaker was Joseph Webber who was THE gravity wave experimentalist of the day. He was ruthlessly grilled by the senior professors, especially John Bardeen, the grand exalted kudzu of physics on that campus. It was wonderful. So far as I could tell, the physics played in the match was first rate, and the game was a draw. I learned a lot in that hour, and not just about physics. But I also came to find out that finding gravity waves was a bit more difficult than we thought. So I am not going to wait avidly for their discovery. Wait patiently, yes; avidly, no.

Next, on a rather more pragmatic front, an article [Link] from the medical instrumentality of Canadia detailing that the density of prescription drugs bewhacked by grapefruit is even larger than supposed previously. One almost suspects this of being a government conspiracy to counter demands for the fruit with the Floridas shortly to be immersed by global warming. Evidently only in the boonies of the hinterland do fruit cups include grapefruit?

On which subject, an article [Link] detailing how the melting of the ice cover is “patchy”, as measured by orbital sensors. The statement:

“At current melt rates, the Greenland ice sheet would take about 13,000 years to melt completely, which would result in a global sea-level rise of more than 21 feet (6.5 meters).”

rather puts a kibosh to the immediate inundation of the Floridas (98 feet meal elevation.) So we can look forward to all sorts of seniors keeling over and discorporating from being fed grapefruit by uncaring restaurateurs.

On an equally pleasant note, there is a report [Link] that the incidence of type 2 diabetes is positively correlated with fructose consumption. Another nail in the accuracy coffin of the corn sugar mafia!

And crossing all the way into the silly bin, it was revealed this week that the Yankee government had plans to nuke Luna as a demonstration of resolve to the Soviets. [Link] This has evidently become an instant piece of Sagan-ana but I should hope the old boy would be embarrassed by the whole thing. A nuclear explosion on the surface of Luna would be about as spectacular as an infant’s flatulence. I do have to wonder whether this one was thought up by some congress critter or in one of the sub-basements of the five sided fool farm?

I rather suspect the former, right after he had fruit cup in the cafeteria.

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After Action Realization

The primary lesson that we have obtained from Storm Sandy is that Amerika needs to diversify its manufacturing, production, distribution, and management resources. IOW, smaller and more instead of fewer and bigger.

Will this happen? Almost assuredly not. It would cut into corporate profits too much and be too good for the citizenry.

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