How Long?

Into week out. A day closer to surviving this holiday season. Each year I vow to go off on a trip and hide from all of this stress, never actuating, perhaps because I know the stress is internal and I will drag it along with me.

Speaking of dragging along, the news services have finally (several months!) caught up with the work at the Gawjah Institut of Technology of how long it takes a mammal to urinate. [Link] I forget when I first ran across this work but it set off a spate of micturation logging. The reports I have seen have not included human data but I suspect we are skewed to the long side from social pressure. For some reasons we humans consider too frequent micturation to be some sort of stigma.

Which is doubly difficult if one is an introvert.

I have a habit of reflecting on my memorable micturations when I review this. In particular the urination when first I arrived on the campus of the Black Warrior. Part of it was the long car trip with my father steadfastly refusing any intermission in the motoring and the second was my first trough urinal. The U was in the midst of modernizing and eliminating such but I had the good fortune to experience it before it became a Smithsonian thing. And I began to learn about the social aspects of motoring and micturation. Or perhaps I should say "or"?

FD SCP and I have a social engagement this evening and it has given me some quandry on my dihydrogen oxide intake. I have a fairly regular schedule. Plastic enough for day trips but it has been quite a while since we had an evening do and it presents subtle challenges to my scheduling. Ah! The joys of age and intro.

Film at Eleven.

Art and Current

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! No, the air temperature isn’t that low, it’s just that there was a wind and my heat capacity starved corpus couldn’t take a full constitutional. So I stopped one lap short and fretted until the misting cleared on my eyeglasses. I knew things were marginal when I robed myself but I went anyway because the worst constitutional is better than the best stationary bike ride.

In some ways still better than yesterday. At least I didn’t have to exchange wet clothings for dry. But there is still a bit of shiver to my bones. Not that I am not a bit happier than in past days, which seems strange since next week is marathon dental week when I have to visit two different dentists.

Perhaps the exhilaration is due to the news [Link] that room temperature superconductivity has been achieved. Maybe? I can recall when John Bardeen and company got the Nobel for superconductivity. And John asking the President of the U if that meant he got a second free (didn’t have to pay for) parking place. Showed what was important. No prizes, but certainly relief from nasty, mind destroying, bureaucratic trivia. I sometimes conjecture that civilization is likely going to be the cause of the extinction of humanity.

And the first "art" has been discovered. [Link] At least until some older is found. But this is an incised sea shell that is 0.5 MY old. Yep. Mage-year! And it wasn’t marked up by homo sapiens. No, homo erectus did the deed. Which sorta indicates that art is way easier than science. The ranking of politics is still out, but my guess it will ultimately be ranked with miscegenation and genocide. Not that either of those really make any sense, but then neither does politics.

That’s enough. Going back to enjoying the feeling because with the holidays onrushing I know that feeling won’t last long.

Time and Bubbles

Back to gym! Almost a return to modality! Except that the gym is getting more crowded early on. And with other ORFs. And while there is disgust and angst hanging in the future at least this instant there is some absence of evil.

The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s "Best of Ideas" about the possibility of life on other planets, Solar and extra-Solar. It was not very good. The interviewees were populated more with science fiction writers than with scientists. And what scientists were interviewed generally did grave damage striking horrible analogs to try and bogize what they wanted to talk about. The worst such was a discussion of the search for electromagnetic signals from aliens as a nine-dimensional space. And then some analogy with oceans was made I was completely lost. I suspect this is one of the reasons I don’t try to do outreach.

On which azimuth, today is the first of December, which illustrates how whacked our timekeeping is. December mean ‘month ten’ although clearly it is actually month twelve. By rights it should be named Duodecember and November should be Undecember (or some such.) Sometimes I envy the French revolution that redid the calendar including renaming months so that they at least held together. Not like month named Ten that is actually Twelve.

Continuing, a group from U York has uncovered indications that humans began drinking milk about 5 KYA. [Link] No linkage yet with human genetic, just dental plaque, so we don’t know if the horrible effects of lactose on modal human adults was a tolerated evil or not.

Fall and Fallings

Gad! A better day, thus far. Actually seems like fall out there. Assayed a second constitutional for the extrogym period what with the temperature in the high forties but once I had exited the portcullis of Castellum SCP I discovered a slight but readily observable fall of dihydrogen oxide. Being in a bit of a cynical rebellious mood I persisted and executed the constitutional in due order with only mild wetting.

The "Linux Luddites" podcast ground to a rather grits conclusion with a lovely negative – but polite!, British podcast you know! – discussion of dropbox and owncloud. Bottom line, is much hype and little function, which probably means the Winders aspect is passable but the Linux part is sewage and decay. That, sadly, is corporate Amerika.

The observant may have noted that the last few blots have been composed and posted using Blogilio instead of ScribeFire. This is in the nature of an experiment. I have always rather liked Blogilio but almost always the spell check doesn’t work and given my pre-college "education" was exclusively in Alibam public schules, a spell checker is a necessity. Happily the Debian folk have made this happen in Wheezy so I am retrying Blogilio, at least partly motivated by the crippling of the FF version by Mozilla and the flaky nature of the Chrome version. What is it that browser boys have against blog editors? Do they violate the covenant of passive absorption?

Back in October I did a blot – another one! – on the issue of desk ordering.[Link] One of my apparently loyal readers sent me a pointer to a cartoon: [Link]

that bears on the matter. This type of thing does happen. Almost always it is caused by some interventionist causing difficulty in the name of "better". This is, of course, one of the great plagues of humanity and manifests most strongly among religionists, which is a sovereign reason for their suppression of not extermination. It does happen occasionally, however, to the desk owner and it serves a useful function in that it necessitates a complete reordering and partial cull. These are beneficial if the desk user/owner is actually rational. If laziness, entombment is the better outcome.

Next, some work at U Wisconsin-Madison indicates that brain farts travel in opposite directions depending on whether one is observing reality (?) or imagining. [Link] This provoked a couple of brain farts of my own. First, can I get some sort of sensor or app that will tell me which? It would be quite useful, especially when trying to communicate with someone. Although I can see where it would lead to more failed marriages and relationships and instances of petty assault. The second was an analogy to a toilet, although I am a bit bemused to consider which of the two directions is the proper one.

Ah! the joy of cheese.

On which note, another article, [Link] from New England J of Medicine on what kills us now. This chart

is at least partly encouraging in that the highest probability is from heart problems. Worse ways to discorporate. Cheese, for example.

Fall has this effect on me sometimes.

Who Nose?

Marvelous morning. I actually got to venture out to the park and assay a constitutional. The aft porch and exterior heat exchanger thermometers were within a degF and both above – barely – forty, so I bundled and broached. Evidently I have done some low temperature acclimation because I withstood the ordeal without shivering which tends to be extreme in my heat capacity deprived corpus. I did get well chilled but the motor home was short and the house heat soon diffused the discomfort. At least the "cold" discomfort.

The podcast was an episode of "Linux Luddites" which is an approximately 2 hour podcast so if I listen on Thor’s day I still have about an hour left which about bridges the three days of gymlessness. But I have found it is not conducive to much thought, just pure diversion.

This gave me opportunity to reflect on the sad state of governance in Greater Metropolitan Arab. It seems stuck in a 1950’s (or earlier) mode. Enormous amount of budget are spent on christmas lighting. If anything, it is the town’s largest civic activity. The figures in park were unlit, for which I was quite grateful despite the darkness. I conjecture than when illuminated, these Greater Metropolitan Arab decorations can be seen on Luna. Maybe even on the dark side.

Speaking of dark side, I note that a team from SUNY has ventured a publication that neandertals were indeed a separate species than sapiens.[Link] This is coming back about to what I was taught in undergraduate college when I took that anthropology track. Very risque in those days when everyone was a vapid religionist. Superstitious fervor was second only to football game inebriation.

The rationale for this differentiation is nasal. Evidently they have decided from anatomical fingerings that neandertals had rather different noses than sapiens. This, of course, also tracks with what was said when I was a youngster, that neandertals ere characterized by their brows and noses, both large and intimidating. But what I find intriguing in this contemporary revelation is that when it is coupled with other recent indications of miscegenation between neandertals and sapiens, is that people will reproduce with each other despite their noses.

This is not new. Middle eastern peoples have been proving this for years. In fact, one of my Jewish colleagues claims that the fact is actually written down in a lesser section of Torah. I fear I have to accept his claim unverified although the persistence of nasal magnitude tends to substantiate the actuality if not the literality.

I am of a mixed mind about my nose. When I examine it for skin aberrations, it seems all too large and ugly. But when I try to breathe through it, especially after dark when my blood sugar levels are low, it seems all too small and restrictive. Besides, I am too old to worry about nasal bowleggedness. And it still tends, on occasion, to take me to interesting places of research and exploration. So I shall be content with it.

Fall Timing

Despite all my efforts to disrupt linear time progression the season seems to be changing. Not that I like summer but rather that I should like a bit more fall before winter makes me a slave of its vagaries. I went this morning to park and executed my constitution and found myself at the ragged edge of ‘cold’. Cold is, of course, a sensation and not a thermodynamic observable but that seems to have scant effect on bogs and even on SCP. I find that courtesy of the physicians, especially the cardiologist and his prescriptions of blood thinners, that I have no comfort range any more. 

Tomorrow is foretold to be a bit better, at least in terms of early temperatures if not daily maximum but sundae is foretold to be less warm than today through and through. I find it emotional to bundle up in a thick coat and coverings while the young bogs strut about in scant attire. Except for the women lacking skin dirt. They are at least amusing.

I heard last evening on so-called news program that the Yankee government weather service foretells that the ‘polar vortex’ should not be a problem this winter. Since it has already struck and the promise is from the YG, I invest negative confidence.

On the subject of negative confidence I had a negation of such this week. Wednesday, one of my desk boxes, running SolydK presented to me that it needed to do a version upgrade. Actually it warned me on mundane day, which was a nice courtesy, so I had two days of dreading. So at 0630 on Odin’s day, I engaged the updater, a piece of software that has not engendered much satisfaction, and hence trust, in me, gather my gear, and motored off to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill from Gab and Grab. I did so with an incipient plan to replace SolydK with Nexus when the upgrade failed and I was presented with a need to do a ‘Nuke and Pave’ install. 

I returned at 1130 to find the process till running and muttered under my breath about the joys of Oneonta Telephone Company’s DSL service. Finally at 1430 the process completed, I rebooted – from the command line as instructed – and got back an operating desk box! To say I was shocked would have only implied a lack of electrons. This was quite contrary to my previous experiences – three in number – with Canonical *buntu distributions – that have all resulted in catastrophic failures followed by a couple of days of return to modality.

A very pleasant surprise indeed. 

It also occurred to me while walking this morning why Liinux is superior to Winders – another reason, at least – Linux can read Windows files/partitions but not the opposite. Is this a hubris thing? Or just incompetence? The World Wonders.

In the Storm

Kudos to the Greater Metropolitan Arab Electron Uncooperative for doing what they traditionally do when it rains – bug out. At least twice last night.

But since the electrons were unflowing I had opportunity to do some cogitation and I have thunk on a few things:

This year’s Nobel Prizes – perhaps we should call this the year of the “Glowy Gadget” since both the physics and chemistry prizes were awarded to people who built gadgets that involved glowing. I know they gave Bardeen and company a Nobel for the transistor but I am less sure of these;

People in Motorcars Aren’t – it occurred while driving back from gym this morning in the rain that one of the reasons people drive so abominably towards each other is because they don’t consider people in motorcars to be people. Instead these are motorcars with people in them. So what they are interacting with is a box on wheels, and not a people. This will require more thinkum.

Since the potential failures played merry ned with the computers, that’s it for now.