Ice Cream Progress

Closer. I think. The biggest problem right now is getting JAVA to work, which I am only working on so that Ubernote will work……. And enabler not a desirable. Necessity. At least in terms of modal work procedures.

Anyway, the constitutional was enjoyable until my back started complaining, which is modal – also! – for this time of year, so it will get less nasty in a few weeks.

Not much to comment on because I am still trying to get basic functionality. And thence devote some attention span to the exterior universe.

Film at 11.

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Bonus Army?

It may be recalled that Douglas MacArthur got exiled to the Philippines which led to all that mumblage about “returning”, which led to the thread on this blot. Anyway, what is less known is that MacArthur got exiled to the Philippines because of his obedient suppression of the “bonus army” in the early days of the “Great Depression”. Did good, at least from the standpoint of the politicians in office but micturated the populace and became one of the occasional top generals who becomes a scape goat. So much for politician integrity.

Anyway, I am back, or at least I once more have a primary deskbox, a Dell Precision T5500 that decided it didn’t like my last changes to get it up to my needs. So I spent much of yesterday dealing with all manner of digital ankle biting. Not yet settled in but at least we have landed.

And we did have a good constitutional in the park this morning. No jocks, no felines, no nasty weather, just a mediocre podcast episode and the protests of an ORF corpus. The latter are mostly from FD SCP telling me I have to clean up some of my gear piles and dispose of the storage system. That latter bothers a bit since FD SCP has what seems a chromosomal infatuation with storage systems. But I did the intelligent, rational, pain avoiding thing and complied and should be continuing with such for a few more days.

So coupled with softening and fulfilling the implementation of this “new” deskbox, I will be working my way back into the blog as I can give some attention to things other than HW and SW foibles.

I Have Returned! And without the Yankee Navy!

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Sad Crunch

I rather hate to step on pine cones, those reproductive macrogametes of the ubquitous Southron pine tree. The reason for this is two=fold, a lose-lose situation.

Pine cones fall in a collapsed state and once on ground and under the proper meteorological conditions open up and free the seeds within. In the latter state they are at once delicate and attractive rather like some ornamental thing blown by a master glassblower. And once opened up, they dry and become quite brittle.
And in Nawth Alibam, they are as close to ubiquitous as superstitious (and obnoxious) christianists. So just walking from one’s house to the motorcar or the mailbox is a bit of a minefield dance to avoid the things. And if one is distracted by actual thought, admittedly a rare commodity here in the old Confederacy, especially among members of the Alibam Council of Thieves, it is a simple search calculation that one will step on a pine cone (or several) as one walks from point A to point B.
If you step on a pine cone, and it has been previously trodden and hence, crushed, and one is an ORF or even just clumsy, then they are just large enough – usually – to provide a substantial probability of relieving one of one’s balance. So as the children’s rhyme goes, “All fall down.”
If you step on a pine cone, and it is untrodden, then the crushing emits a hideous noise of breakage and wonton destruction. In some ways it is worse than losing one’s balance because that noise seems to exemplify the human practice of abusing Nature and destroying the environment. Falling down is almost preferable other than the significant probability of crushing other cones in the process. And, of course, the difficulty of arising. And abating the impact damages. 
I am told that there is a firm in Jawgah that collects uncrushed cones and anoints them with wax to make a thing for easily starting fires in chimneys. I also remember that while a bairn in loer schule painting cones and anointing them with painted stickerburrs to make solstice tree  models. I am unsure of the goodness of either of these activities, neither of which seems to be permitted to long survive by humans. 
(I am getting closer to having my primary deskbox replaced and then – hopefully – will be able to have spell check on blots.)

End of Days – Sorta

Today is the end of support by MegaHard for Winders XP. It may also be the day marking the beginning of the end for MegaHard but that is not only uncertain, but likely improbable. Nastiness tends to stay around. I noticed an article earlier – lost when my other deskbox imploded – that some storage barrels of stercus several centuries old had been found and still had the odorus sterci – the olfactory punch of poo. MegaHard may not be several centuries old. nor all that nasty as corporations go today, but they still have magnum odorus.

The onslaught on XP will not be immediate, but it likely will come. Low hanging fruit and all that sort of rot – language rot, that is. I was marveling this morning after listening to science podcasts how abused the American English language is, and how facile Americans are at abusing such. I find it very disturbing when scientists, who should be speaking with care and precision, utter misuses and catch phrases like illiterate valley waifs. So there will be no shortage of low habgubgf fruit for the evildoers to rob and plunder.
I mentioned yesterday the issue of money instiututions. I feel moved to reiterate. If your money institution is not forthcoming that they are using a trustworthy OS, and tell you which one, then they almost certainly are using XP and should not be trusted. Sadly, since the vast majority of money inistitutions are still using XP – I have heard numbers as high as 0.8 of all ATMs are still XP driven – there is no easy answer on how to find a trustworthy money institution. And unfortunately, the use of a mattress safe is neither wise nor practical. Too many organizations, the Yankee government included, do direct deposit. Add to this the arrogance and cupidity of the bankers who manage these organizations and the risk becomes a necessity to assume. But you can reduce your exposure by not using ATMs. Unless they have a Penguin sticker. The new ones are Linux driven, but  they are few. The money organizations with technical savvy will advertise that in short order. 
The same goes for other organizations, including chain stores. If a store or business establishment won’t tell you what OS their money hardware is using, caveat emptor.
As for me, I am going to continue to use XP for the clients I still need to use. But I disabled wifi on all those machines and limit their interaction with the external world to printers and USB sticks. And I am doing more with money these days – pictures of dead politicians. Stores may not like it but if they complain I’ll spend it elsewhere. Be an offensive consumer!

Monetary Caution

Tomorrow, as we should know, is Abandonment Day for Winders XP. MegaHard will be releasing a final update but it seems to mostly be about Office. Anyway, we now need to enter a mode where we are very leery of any corporate (or organizational) computer system involving things of value – like money – unless the corporation (organization) has provided positive evidence of upgrading to another OS.

In particular this applies to banks and credit unions and and business where you use a credit or debit card. One of my colleagues, Magentic Inductance Forse, forwarded me an email from a credit union that declined to respond whther they had upgraded or not. It was also quite rude, a diversion that indicates that their system, especially ATMs, is vulnerable. So act accordingly Caveat Emptor.

Foul Weather

Last evening, just as the precipitation was intensifying, my primary deskbox, went Sowth. Second hrad drive it has eaten, or masticated, at least. Anyway, the blogging will be a bit sparse for the next few days as I tyr to get some parallel capability to the deskbox secundus on line. Not that I am likely to be that engaged, but my language is likely to be a bit foul. Besides, lacking ScribeFire I have no way of practicably doing spell check on blots.

Incidentally Scribefire quit working back about FF XX, which is why I am really not very concerned about who sits at the Mozilla table. 

Reverse Prevarication

The grrr brrrr over the National Park eruption seems to be an epitome of the current political – Democrud and Repulsian alike – attitude and usage of science: say the opposite of what the scientists do and claim you got it from them.

I think they got the idea from the Creationists and Intelligent Designers.

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In Praise of Foot Stupidity

Yesterday, FD SCP drug me out into Greater Metropolitan Arab on a grubbing expedition. What we needed were nose tissues (I don’t blow my face with them so I decline to call them facial tissues,) but we ended up several other places including a place that used to be a rather poor furniture store (Yes, I know that is almost always redundant) and now purveys kitsch and gibble. It’s one of those places where people try to sell their old junk and/or stuff that no real store would. And as one might expect on a Saturday, all manner of folk were present and I was given a chance to reflect on the nature of contemporary Southron feminine ugly. In fact I made up a short check list:

  • Big Hair, indifferently and infrequently washed;
  • Big Gun; masticated with exaggerated jaw movement and voluminous smack; and
  • Big Flip Flops.

I might also add Big Scent, preferable cheap and a bit astringent, but that is not a universal.

I should also comment that the human foot is a matter of Freudian beauty. That is, it is a love-hate situation. A foot may be very attractive, especially if it lacks wear, bunions, corns, ……… It is also unattractive if dirty, unless the viewed is an adolescent boy in rut, in which case the state of the foot is irrelevant. The fascination women have with footwear is common knowledge. What I do not fathom is the current fascination with uncomplimentary – ugly – footwear. I am abashed that any women dressed in business attire but wearing canvas shoes is ever taken seriously. Dressed like a geek or nerd, yes; like a “professional” bog, no.

But the flip flop is even worse. I entertain the conjecture that the reduction in birth rate is the direct result of the flip flop being fashionable and popular. I also entertain the conjecture that that popularity is some conspiracy. Or an elaborate joke.

This is one of the things that make me happy to be ORF. I would hate to be young and vigorous and so deflated and nauseated by the display of feet, male or female, in flip flops on a dense basis.

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