Modern Sadism

A moderate morning. Dihydrogen oxide fall is predicted for the whole week out, at least sporadically. I caught it on the last lap of my constitutional, Only moderately soaked. And it did reduce the heat in the atmosphere a bit.

Since it is week out I suppose I should do a bit of tab ‘hawgin’. So first off, the Boston Globe, courtesy of IO9, has discovered something that I have been commenting on since before the blog. [Link] That is, that we are producing too many irrelevant Ph. D.s. I shan’t review the horrible journalism but I will comment that it seems to epitomize the state of journalism in Amerika that it took them a generation to find what we have been talking about in the nerd community on the subject. And after something of order twenty-five years this is what they consider news?

Sadly, this is not a solitary event. last night I heard the chief news reader on national news program declare that the Texas Ebola patient had been released from that hospital emergency room. When did I first comment on this based on a web article? And this schmuck has the chutzpah to declare this to be BREAKING news? Is this stupidity, laziness, or corporate manipulation? Or a mixture?

While we’re on this azimuth, I ran across a Register article [Link] entitled “No one wants iOS 8 because it’s for NERDS – dev”. I was bemused and not minutely astounded. What is up with Apple? Last week I saw a bit on FaceScroll where they were quoted as saying that their users were too stupid to fix the ShellShock defect, and now they say that their users are too boggish to even want to update their OS? This confirms a lot of what I have always hypothesized about Apple slaves users but for the corporation to boast about their users’ incompetence so openly? Is this an anti-intellectual thing? Or is Apple successful only for its sadism? The latter makes more sense based on my own experiences with their hardware and software. Evidently where MegaHard is venial Apple is depraved.

On that note I am going to go out on the aft porch to sit and listen to the fall. Perhaps that will cheer me up.

To Hug or not To Hug?

Once more into the boundary. Gimping a bit. Seems I abused the plumbing in hairy region number two at gym and thing are a bit tender and biting. So this morning’s constitutional was a bit longer than usual. But I didn’t fall down or wander off the path. Quite.

The weather was clement if not enjoyable and the Friday Freyas were gathering. That’s my name for them. I have never held converse with them. They are a group of young women who run/jog – I decline the third obvious term – once a month (it seems like) on a friday. I am unsure of their number but it is of order ten  And they are quite aggressive, taking up the width of the road. And intimidating all but the most chauvinistic of motorists. If I am late and encounter them on street I stop and engage safety flasher until they pass. Happily they are not harassful except when running.

Which puts me in mind of an article [Link] in Washington Post about hugging. It is a con article (as in pro and con, not as in confidence scheme) and the second I have seen. The other was in, I believe, the Saturday Evening Post in the late ’50’s. At least it was in one of the magazines my parents subscribed and were part of my omnivorous reading. 

I have seen pro articles. They were written in the late ’80’s, early ’90’s, primarily for managers to encourage them to treat their employees as humans. 

As an introvert I am not a great fan of hugging. As a child I got hugged at all family gathering by female relatives unseen except at these gatherings. They were less familiar to me than the nurse at my physician’s office. Men did not hug in those days. It was taboo and emasculating.  

I do not mind being hugged – and hugging – people I know. Being a relative does not make one known, nor remove from suspicion. I attribute my ambivalence to relatives to those hugs. 

Until the late ’80’s, there was not much hugging in the workplace. But then the management fashion embraced it as a show of something and being a young manager – or, at least, a new manager – I had to learn how to do so. It was not natural and I never did it well. It did have two benefits. My father and I learned how to hug each other; he never did that when I was a child, at least that I can remember. And I wooed FD SCP. Who gave me ample reason to hug and be hugged.

But as the ’80’s became ’90’s the whole thing of sexual harassment emerged and managers had to not touch employees without permission, except in demonstrable medical emergencies. And most managers I knew would not do so under any circumstances given the horror stories of the penalties exacted on some managers by employees who claimed – rightly or wrongly – harassment. Happily this mostly applied only to new employees and hugging was still acceptable if initiated by the employee. 

Now that I am ORF I don’t have to worry about that any more. Mostly. I am still uncomfortable with men hugging but the only ones who do that are people I have shared great ordnance with. And we are clumsy at it. I enjoy hugging FD SCP and I have to hug my mother. But gingerly. Some aspects of ORFdom are cruel. 

Return from Modality

Well, I survived the weekly – usually – expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Wasn’t all that bad. Turns out the schules were desessioned for autumn dissipation. What does one do on an autumn dissipation? Do parents take leave from employment and the family – in a loose sense – travel somewhere? And if so, where? The mad holiday (in the vacation sense) just before schule resessioning is traditionally a beach trip although since the Alibam Council of Thieves Legislators mandated that it was one’s duty and obligation to visit the state’s coast and enrich the whacked tourism “industry” I have noted a healthy sense of rebellion.

For that matter how can tourism be an industry? What do they manufacture? And if the visit is so rewarding why does it have to be mandated? Is this a case of the politicians’ lords and masters having money invested in these properties and they are failing and capitalists cannot be allowed to fail lest our culture be destroyed? And what does that say about Alibam culture?

Back when I was a child in public schule we had a desessioning this time of year. It was to permit the farm kids to stay at home and pick cotton. But as cotton faded away and machines to pick cotton because cheaper and more efficient than humans, that holiday went away. This makes it the opposite of a real holiday which is created to exalt some saint or savior and this one went away to exalt the passing of a capitalist dinosaur. For which matter, are capitalists the new dinosaurs? How can we have any progress without a marketplace? 

Anyway, the traffic was light in Huntsville and I was able to execute my planned activities efficiently – in the main. And I even had occasion, during and after, for cogitation.

I read somewhere, I am not sure where or by whom but I think A. Bertram Chandler, that ‘ethanol is a poor crutch but a pretty fair staff.’ It occurs to me that we have rather too many people in the old Confederacy for whom religionism is a crutch. And a goodly number of them are politicians. Or is that another politician prevarication? 

And it occurred last evening as FD SCP and I were semi-watching the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver – me dividing attention to read a new book on the history of the scientific revolution and she to nap – that the best boggish metaphor for the multiverse is New Yawk City constabulary programs. By my count there are eight or ten different multiverses of the New Yawk Police Department on the eyebox. Which is probably a richer demonstration than any physicist could come up with, even on controlled substances that whack the mind. 

Selah. I have need of attending to my appearance this day in fulfillment of the guidance of FD SCP. 

Two Day – two casts

Much rain overnight. But passable this morning. And as is usual for a two day, the gym was sparse. Very few weight bouncers, and those the well behaved ones, and educationalists. I keep coming back to the Yankee government thing of three days (minimum) and the mental dragging of MWF. Another indication of bogs?

The podcast was plural this morning, a melange of the Guardian’s science podcast, the NPR science segments, and the SCIENCE podcast. That latter used to be first when it was forty minutes but now that it has slipped to less than twenty, usually less than eighteen, it has been relegated to a slack taking filler.

Two of these stuck a bit. The first about how the Ebola afflictee in Texas happened to  be sent home from hospital with a script for antibiotics. Seems that they did ask about travel history and exposure but the information didn’t register or get masticated. 

This isn’t really surprising. After all, Texas has the highest arrogance quotient of any state. It isn’t as high as the district’s but then the people who pump that number up, congress critters and their staffers, especially the staffers,  because of numbers, don’t live in the district. They may sleep there – a few – when congress is sessioned but they don’t live there. In fact some of them don’t have lives. Which tends to explain the whole zombie craze. Such things tend to be highly correlated with the electorate’s displeasure with congress critters. 

But after the district, Texas has the highest arrogance, either in toto, or per capita. So no surprise that a hospital emergency room wouldn’t recognize Ebola infection. Ain’t possible. Not in Texas. And if you find that unbelievable, just examine the Guvnuh.

Of course, Alibam isn’t much better. The arrogance level is lower. Except in Muntgum. But the incompetence level is much higher than the arrogance quotient. And it’s hard to be arrogant when you’re incompetent. Except out of insecurity and compensation. Which we have lots of in Alibam. Also lots of absence of smarts and rationality. 

On which note I saw this morning that Alibam has a law that requires pregnant women to stand trial to be permitted to have an abortion. And the court is encouraged to appoint justicers for the fetuses. Only in Alibam (and a few other incompetency states) are the unborn considered citizens. At least in chicago they limit that sort of thing to the dead. 

I probably shouldn’t say that so loudly. With the election coming the repudenialists will probably appoint ambulance pursuers for all the pregnant women to vote proxy for their unborn citizens. And I would expect them to extend the idea to unconceived as well. Anything for office!

But on the good side I heard that the biodiversity of New Yawk’s Central Park is exceptionally high. Comes of having a variety of plants introduced over the years. And probably lots of animal and people fluids? I doubt you would find such in green places in Alibam. The politicians are determined to abolish all of them for any money available. 

Efficient Suicide

Not as low, but because of rising at an earlier hour and venturing out directly still an unpleasant experience. And then the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” was a nasty – to me – exaltation of how artificial intelligence and robots are going to extinguish humanity. Quite apart from the reducing everyone to unemployment it will totally destroy the satisfaction of work and make life meaningless for all but the most slime moldish, and we shall fall below the numbers necessary for continuation.

It seems fitting somehow that I ran across an article [Link] about how the eyewitness foundation of the justicer system, at least here in the Yankee republic, is based not on sand but quicksand. And the warning is issued by the Yankee government’s research council which is still adequately nerdy despite the pollution of administrators and political appointees. 

I find it intriguing that the politicians have not weighed in on this either on religionist grounds – God makes us true witnesses – or progressive – we are the keepers of society – grounds. 

But what is depressing is that the tenor is how to patch up an inherently flawed – to uselessness? – system rather than building a valid replacement. Sometimes I am convinced that calling ourselves ‘sapiens’ is galgenhumor.

Cherry Cartoons

To observe pseudo-shabbat, I ran across a couple of cartoons to comment. First: [Link]

which led me to “MalWart – the store that offers only what you don’t want.”

And second: [Link]

which affirmed to me that the baggers at grocery stores, whether MaWart or a real grocery store, can’t bag correctly. So the only way one can get groceries bagged correctly is to bag them yourself. I usually have to put up with their bagging because of in-my-face niceness but I decline the bagger pushing my buggy to my motorcar so that I can rebag as I transfer. 

Sweet Tartarus

Now is the fall of our dissatisfaction. The primary dissatisfaction is “where did fall go?” Definitely beyond brisk this morning. Mostly because of being summer adapted, of course, but still not what is wanted for now. The weather beavers foretell some improvement but this has been a foretaste of the nasty that is winter in Alibam. Especially now with climate change.

Which leads to the matter of politicians and denialism. The two are synonyms these days. Here in Alibam, with a heavy campaign going on, the matter is an unmentionable. So the denialism is deep and cancerous. Which impacts the race for guvnuh between a dermatologist incumbent and an ambiguous oncologist. Given what all is wrong with the state of the state, I favor the latter more with the idea of jamming up the wheel spokes than actually accomplishing anything.

Along which azimuth, I read once that “Hell is people.” I forget the source and am rather too chilled this morning to go look, but I do know that politicians are Hell. And that for an introvert and the pictures of heaven proselyted by the religionist organizations, heaven is hell. So its all about people. And all people are a mixture of good and bad. But more the latter in politicians. Of which the not least bad is claiming their bad is good. 

Which reminds me of an article [Link] about how the development of the cerebellum in primates led to humans. The title was a bit trashy, talking about monkeys becoming human but what does one expect from journalists/ Another group whose good is actually bad. But maybe not as much so as politicians? And how can we measure that to decide?

I have to admit that the older I get the less difference I see between monkeys and humans. Both are very adept at slinging poo. Just in different forms. And monkeys are not as handicapped as humans because their tails are longer. And yes, Virginia, humans do have tails. And mine is broken and hurts this type of weather. 

On which note, I noted an article this morning [Link] that saccharin causes diabetes. Or perhaps more correctly, increases markedly the probability of developing adult diabetes. So it seems that sweetness is damned. If you use sugar you get fat and diabetic and if you use artificial sweeteners you get diabetes or cancer or brain seizures or some such. But since we’re gonna discorporate anyway I suspect the right answer is to use whatever you prefer. But don’t proselyte or evangelize. The relgionists do enough of that and if we can believe their prevarications (?) things will get worse after. Regardless. 

Selah. If you don’t go to pseudo-shabbes services today, it’s understandable. On several azimuths.