Monetary Caution

Tomorrow, as we should know, is Abandonment Day for Winders XP. MegaHard will be releasing a final update but it seems to mostly be about Office. Anyway, we now need to enter a mode where we are very leery of any corporate (or organizational) computer system involving things of value – like money – unless the corporation (organization) has provided positive evidence of upgrading to another OS.

In particular this applies to banks and credit unions and and business where you use a credit or debit card. One of my colleagues, Magentic Inductance Forse, forwarded me an email from a credit union that declined to respond whther they had upgraded or not. It was also quite rude, a diversion that indicates that their system, especially ATMs, is vulnerable. So act accordingly Caveat Emptor.

Foul Weather

Last evening, just as the precipitation was intensifying, my primary deskbox, went Sowth. Second hrad drive it has eaten, or masticated, at least. Anyway, the blogging will be a bit sparse for the next few days as I tyr to get some parallel capability to the deskbox secundus on line. Not that I am likely to be that engaged, but my language is likely to be a bit foul. Besides, lacking ScribeFire I have no way of practicably doing spell check on blots.

Incidentally Scribefire quit working back about FF XX, which is why I am really not very concerned about who sits at the Mozilla table. 

Reverse Prevarication

The grrr brrrr over the National Park eruption seems to be an epitome of the current political – Democrud and Repulsian alike – attitude and usage of science: say the opposite of what the scientists do and claim you got it from them.

I think they got the idea from the Creationists and Intelligent Designers.

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In Praise of Foot Stupidity

Yesterday, FD SCP drug me out into Greater Metropolitan Arab on a grubbing expedition. What we needed were nose tissues (I don’t blow my face with them so I decline to call them facial tissues,) but we ended up several other places including a place that used to be a rather poor furniture store (Yes, I know that is almost always redundant) and now purveys kitsch and gibble. It’s one of those places where people try to sell their old junk and/or stuff that no real store would. And as one might expect on a Saturday, all manner of folk were present and I was given a chance to reflect on the nature of contemporary Southron feminine ugly. In fact I made up a short check list:

  • Big Hair, indifferently and infrequently washed;
  • Big Gun; masticated with exaggerated jaw movement and voluminous smack; and
  • Big Flip Flops.

I might also add Big Scent, preferable cheap and a bit astringent, but that is not a universal.

I should also comment that the human foot is a matter of Freudian beauty. That is, it is a love-hate situation. A foot may be very attractive, especially if it lacks wear, bunions, corns, ……… It is also unattractive if dirty, unless the viewed is an adolescent boy in rut, in which case the state of the foot is irrelevant. The fascination women have with footwear is common knowledge. What I do not fathom is the current fascination with uncomplimentary – ugly – footwear. I am abashed that any women dressed in business attire but wearing canvas shoes is ever taken seriously. Dressed like a geek or nerd, yes; like a “professional” bog, no.

But the flip flop is even worse. I entertain the conjecture that the reduction in birth rate is the direct result of the flip flop being fashionable and popular. I also entertain the conjecture that that popularity is some conspiracy. Or an elaborate joke.

This is one of the things that make me happy to be ORF. I would hate to be young and vigorous and so deflated and nauseated by the display of feet, male or female, in flip flops on a dense basis.

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Unfit to Continue?

Not a bad constitutional. A bit lacking in atmospheric heat but not enough that I was engulfed in my exhalant. After the incessant rain yesterday and the foretold torrents tomorrow, the absence of dihydrogen oxide was not unpleasant. The podcast episode, one of “The Pen Addict”, was mostly angst rather than actual content, so I was able to turn my attention span to a question that occurred last evening:

Is Evening Television News Worthwhile?

Let us consider.

It seems reasonable to consider the local and national (network) news programs separately, for reasons of content if nothing else. The national news is strictly news, or what the network propagandists choose to call news, whereas the local news is part news, again selected by propagandists, weather, and athletics. The national news is smooth and elegant. News of a complete state’s population being extinguished in a nuclear fire storm is delivered with a beaming smile on a face of perfect cosmetics and conspiratorially composed coiffure. The local news is Klutzy. Banal banter is frequent, often inappropriate and irrelevant, and smiles fail frequently. The acting is definitely amateur theatrical.

The problem is, for the national news, that too much of the speech is propagandist slant and cant, often blatantly so at least to the non0bog, and a point of view so contrived and alien that one begrudges the time and attention that must be given it in hope of some scant real atom of news data. Given the news services on the internet, the answer to whether national television news is worthwhile is a fairly resounding “NO”.

The local news is a bit more redeemed. Some of the local news: schule closings; or the lynchings of local politicians; is worthwhile to some. And it may be argued that everyone in the community has some need that is partially and occasionally satisfied. The weather, despite its inaccuracies, is also, at least, local, and thereby has some merit, especially in seasons when the weather can bite and maim. And the sports rubbish has some interest to the deltas and epsilons, I suppose.

Of course, the local weather is available on the internet from these folks, but we must not forget that if their television presence goes away, so does their internet presence, so at least those gullible enough to use the advertised services and products need to watch. I am unclear on how we can instill a compulsion to do so in those people however easy it is to find them among the boggery.

We should also not overlook the amusement value of the outrageous statements and grammar mishaps on the local news. Mostly these occur on the bimbo side of the news desk but occasionally the weather beavers get the taste of rubber shoe heel. I suspect the jock journalist does similar but I lack the strength and stupidity to actually listen to such. Besides, I have to hide the hard objects in the room lest I necessitate the replacement of the audio-visual receiver from damaging impact. Projectile regurgitation can at least be easily removed from the instrument although the carpet requires service attention.

This is a bit perplexing. The evening news has long been the Amerikan equivalent of daily rituals to the lares and penates. Indeed, one may argue that the aforementioned bimbo side of the news desk is often an initiate of Vesta. But times change. The custom basically dates from the post-Great Patriotic War proliferation of television, not something initiated with the adoption of sedentaryism. So abandoning it will not be something serious like abandoning evening dental hygiene. After all, there is the internet and newspapers.

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Forcesless Biology?

Humor abounds! But you’ll have to put up with an explanation. I belong to a professional organization for science researchers named Sigma Xi. It used to be an honor society back when such were not politically incorrect and because it lacks integrity and honesty, the organization caved and ceased billing itself as such. They send out a daily newsletter. [Link] The newsletter includes a “relevant” quote and today’s is:

About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age.
– Gloria Pitzer, American writer

Now, we look at our dictionary for the defintion of effort:

effort:  (technical) a force exerted by a machine or in a process.

It is impossible to live for any period of time longer than about a second without exerting force.

So one cannot live without exerting force and hence cannot live to “old age” without doing so.

I have to admit to not being familiar with the author and what is said likely makes sense in some boggish context, perhaps even geekisn, but NOT nerdish. In fact it is foolish and hence a matter of humor.

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Falling Freya

Into week out. And I squeaked a constitutional in the park. Got back  half an hour ago and the dihydrogen oxide is just now beginning to fall. Evidently the weather beavers didn’t get the time line quite right. I can excuse that. Turbulence tells! Just get the temperature extremes accurately!

I was glad to see the return of the Big Bang Theory program last evening. I don’t expect much from the television apparat but selling out to the roundball perversion was mentally nauseating. I can only rationalize it as the result of tertiary syphilis among the network executives. The only question is whether they got it on their own or it was passed to them in utero

My colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force, was regaling me about his correspondence with the maker of the SCIENCE podcast. Evidently he sent in some constructive criticism about the podcast episodes getting too short – which they have been – and ended up with a useful dialog. I have to agree that this is the sort of thing that makes SCIENCE podcast first among. Not that the journal itself isn’t anal retentive and Sturgeonish, but the podcast is definitely good. Which is surprising since Amerikans can’t seem to get the hang of podcasts. The other English speaking peoples do, but not Amerikans. Perhaps this has to do with having a dysfunctional political system?

Speaking of which, how do we start a petition to recall all congress critters? And have a national referendum on the matter. Given that most are approved at the local level but don’t function nationally indicates that some change is needed and I would prefer it not wait for armed violence.

Meanwhile the Alibam council of thieves has adjourned so at least they won’t do any more damage for a while. And in the interim maybe the Yankee government justicers will correct some of their vandalism.

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Thorian Candor

Survival, somehow. Actually, yesterday was not bad. The traffic was quite light in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill; the Memorial Parkway was not a parking lot as it usually is when I try to traverse it. And the reduction in density seemed to quench the occurrence of Kamakazi drivers. It was a bit warm but I was able to buck up and not engage the temperature reduction mode as I returned to Greater Metropolitan Arab. And the gym was quite sparse this morning although the podcast, an episode of “The Linux Action Show” reviewing Cinnamon 2, was poor at best. Between sciency gibble that threatened to precipitate projectile regurgitation and a review that was almost completely incoherent as well as incomprehensible, I had attention span wandering and a touch of mind nausea.

I noticed some congress critter mumbling something about criminal charges against General Motors and my first thought was that the confress critter needed a better joke writer. Criminal charges against an organization? In Amerika? Pray do not insult my limited intelligence. What are you going to do, lock up the buildings in jail? Threatening a corporate oligarch with corporate fines just jacks up the price of goods. If you want to make the organization quit doing stupid shit to citizens, and that makes a deal more sense than extracting a monetary punishment that will cost more to collect that it amounts, then form firing parties and conduct a ritual decimation of the executives. After the YG does that a couple of time corporate amerika will play rather more nicely than it does now.

And speaking of punishment, I note that the so-called sitcom “How I met your mother” has concluded. No sadness here. What is it about New York (any big city) show that is supposed to be funny that it isn’t? Do people who live in cities actually think these are funny? If so, another reason not to live in cities. I have to admit to having watched the show a few times. The best I can say is that it is better than spectator sports. But funny? That it is not. I shall not comment on anything else: plot; actors; stories;….; that would be redundant. Failure is all pervasive.

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Two Thought

The temperature increasing is. But the density in gym was quite low, even for a Two Day. And the podcasts were passable. Better than last Two Day although the SCIENCE podcast is too short. And I learned that the mud slide out in Washington (the state) was a disaster because of real estate agent greed and county government collusion. Gee, that sounds like Greater Metropolitan Arab.

Which led me to reflect on the failure of the civil legal system and the rot of society. If someone does you wrong without actually committing a criminal act, it can’t be made good. It can only be made to give you an inadequate amount of money. You lose an eye or limb on the job due to employer negligence? All you get is a paltry sum. No new eye or limb. That’s what we call justice in Amerika.

And the criminal side is worse, since if an organization does something illegal, they don’t lock management up – not that that would be adequate – they just fine them a bit. Organizations get the rights of citizens with almost none of the responsibilities. And they get to own congress critters.

But on reflection, maybe that’s better than the code of Hamurabbi?

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