Return of the Jeddack

To quote someone whose name I cannot recall, "I’m back!" The last few days have been quite trying.

Sadly it has been such a blur that I can’t recall dates too well, but basically, I did an update on Kubuntu and did the required restart. That’s when things went from mediocre and annoying to flaming pit of Tartarus bad. Basically I got advised that the system couldn’t find the boot sector or several other sectors. I ran repair and finally, after a liter or so of perspiration, got the system to boot and immediately was confronted with the direst SMART warning I have ever seen. According to that, my hard drive was breathing its last.

This is not the first time this has happened. It’s the third. Once with Ubuntu running KDE and Unity, twice with Kubuntu running just KDE. So yes, the correlation is that KDE or some foible of (K)Ubuntu is to fault. Happily I don’t store anything on my OS HD in the way of data than I have to. (There’s also this thing under Ubuntus that the data drive periodically (?) loses its permissions and I have to reset them.) So I decided that I needed to expand the range of the experimentation.

I went into the corpus and extracted the old HD, still bright and shiny but with really RED SMART indicators and implanted a new, smaller HD. Incidentally, it is getting harder and harder to find small (100-500 Mb) hard drives. And I switched from Kubuntu to Debian Wheezy. Still running KDE because I do like my eyecandy. (Hey, I’m an ORF. I have an inalienable right to moose heads and antimacassars!) And that has been a bit of an experience.

I have always been told by colleagues that Debian is a somewhat stogy distribution favored by power users. The last few days have given me great insight into this. Or at least, more insight than I would have liked. The stogy is demonstrated by the lack of "APT-ADD-REPOSITORY" from the catalog of Python scripts. The distro also installed without either an app store or a discrete package manager. Right there about half of my vectors of working with repositories were in a null space.

Happily, I could add Synaptic and Apper is better than Manjaro’s Octopus (or whatever it’s called?) But finding repositories has proven to be harder than Livingston to find. And the version is a bit antiquated, at least compared to the Ubuntus. I can’t even install Typecatcher because the library won’t support it. And it is still using FF 17. Which is great because I want to use ScribeFire old version. Although I am using Blogilio now and it’s actually got spell check which I have NEVER seen before in any other distro.

I keep think of Goethe and his "That which does not kill us makes us stringer." Definitely applicable. I now have a growing appreciation of how the Ubuntus are for nebishes and wimps, and I don’t mean particles in the latter. Shuttleworth is definitely a democrud. One of the "I’m an aristocrat and everyone else is mentally incompetent" variety.

Anyway, maybe now I can get back to issuing some blots. They won’t be any better, but my Heinlein sense has been renewed.


One of my colleagues, who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons, posed an horrible question this morning: If Android went away would you switch to Apple or MegaHard?

This is a chilling question. Never mind the: why would the primary (by numbers) cellular telephone OS go away? Just treat the question as the horrible, slimy, corrosive thing that it is.

“I would fly to some country where they sold them and obtain a FireFox phone.”

Now we can discuss whether this indicates the nation is healthy or dead.

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On the Path

Gad! A day! FD SCP drug me across Marshall county and I rather feel like it was attached to a rope behind the motorcar. So I was in one of those do/don’t rise modes this morning. The constitutional helped although I was a bit distressed by a political sign pickup truck illegally parked too close to a polling place. That is a norm in Alibam, especially among Repulsians and this fellow is one of the most odious and nasty of that ilk.

But the podcast episode, one of the “Pen Addict”, [Link] was quite diverting. For once, the grammar was passable, which I attribute to a female guest setting a higher tone, but the word usage was abysmal. At one point the host was “blaming” pen and paper for ink bleed-through. Blame? Doesn’t that imply sentience on the part of something or someone? And isn’t it clearly not the pen nor paper since they aren’t sentient? So isn’t this about the human diverting blame from himself?

This leads me to wonder just how rational these people are. I hypothesize they are likely geek rather than bog, mostly because there is some degree of rationality in their deliberations. But evidently not when it comes to sentience?

This led me to posit to myself if we apply analysis to charity does that doom us? It seems quite probable. But if we do not apply analysis to charity how then do we execute it? Are the only stable solutions the two extremes? If so, the matter is another fitting critique of christianism on an ice cream day.

I also considered how the nature of writing differs in the STEM environment from the environment of the podcasters. What can we call their environment? It is not the consistent denialism and delusion of the boggerate. But it is not the environment of STEM. Cogitation seems to be mandated. Film at 11. (Metaphor.)

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Broken Society

Alas, now is the summer of our disservice. Yesterday was a foul day. The new part for my primary motorcar, necessary for my self-transport, did not arrive as promised by the warehouse and hence the date when I can retrieve the motorcar from the dealer’s maintenance shop is delayed. The fellow from the fencing company scheduled to repair FD SCP’s marvelous and recently purchased fence was totally unpresent. And the electrician to repair various things I am unpermitted to assay was late unto almost nil.

And because of the electrical work I had to shut down my deskboxes and I have still not gotten them back to minimum performance.

Happily the walk in the park was modestly pleasant, I had the facility to myself, no feral felines nor conscript parents – the latter are venomous and scabrous, you know, and the podcast did not trigger regurgitation.

On a brighter side I ran across an article [Link] that basically announced that W8 is one with Vister for inept incompetence. And MegaHard has already announced W9 for later this year.

Frankly, beyond the confirmation that MegaHard has gone whackers I am not greatly interested. But I was interested enough to view another article [Link] That indicates that Apple is also losing ground. It is almost enough for one to entertain, frivolously, that rationality is spreading.

This is one of those times when I am glad that I am neither a Winders nor an Apple user. I do still use a WXP client for my writing but that is only until the next version release of the client which is supposed to support Linux. With that I can consign MegaHard to the pit. Except for FD SCP’s sewing stuff.

So maybe there is some hope for the day after all?

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Abuse of Words

Fair start. Warmer than I should prefer but the early “rise” of Sol was welcome to obviate the need for personal photon emission. I had the park largely to myself, at least in terms of sentience and intelligence. Several birds and the obligatory feral felines that the conscript parents are now targeting for a pogrom. Another activity to hide their ineptitude in other matters, in all likelihood.

One of the things that occurred and occupied some of my cognitive resources was how we are afflicted by bogs and their abuse of words. I have an acquaintance, a FaceScroll “friend”, who attended high schule with me who seems to think, at least, says, that energy can be good or bad and that containers can be powerful. I have tried to inquire how energy can be good/bad and its rate of change can be contained but when I do I am affixed with one of those bog gazes that indicates that the individual thinks me mad or worse.

Not that I really care but I do wish these people would learn to think and not pollute communication with rational people with their mind slime. And I have to trample any further effort to illuminate the matter because I have the feeling of stomping of puppies if I do.

Not that I have ever stomped a puppy. I have inadvertently stepped on a tail a couple of times, which has taught be caution. But I have met people who have stomped puppies and I regret their conception.

Not that I was involved in it but someone with some sense should have been.

But we who treasure a bit of precision in the meanings of our words and only alter them under conditions of demonstrated usefulness. We certainly do not treat them like freshly painted latrine walls.

But it does give us opportunity to contemplate whether we can get along without bogs.

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Speaker for God

The Amish have a saying: “The greatest sin is to speak for God.” Or at least that is my memory after a goodly number of years. It occurred to me that this is what the Yankee governments uppest band of justicers (regrets, I am unsure of what the proper collective name is for justicers) has empowered religionist capitalist oligarchs to be.

One of my favorite authors, Lester Sprague deCamp has said (approximately) that “Freedom of Religion is the freedom to persecute those who do not believe as you do.”

Part of that is simple us versus them, in group/out group psychology that we can blame on biological and social evolution. But it doesn’t excuse it.

Bullying is evil, no matter what guise we wrap it in. Government does not have that privilege. Religion should not.

But that is the situation with Hobby Lobby and the other religionist oligarchist organizations. The religious beliefs of the owners is imposed on the employees.

If this is freedom of religion it is in deCamp’s sense, not that of the Founding Fathers.

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Is strange Odin’s day. Not off to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill until afternoon, Oral scrapings with concomitant pain and discomfort. Precipitation. Most of the day, supposedly. Decent session at gym other than my heart rate monitor was acting askew. Waiting is. But the weight bouncers were tardy so scant interaction which almost makes up for a rather poor episode of the CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks”.

I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

almost a week ago so it is belated but as I recall from my days as an active rocket scientist, anytime you have a thrust malalignment like this, you have excitement. Not always, even most, the good kind. But having been there and done that, it is bnice to recall and remember and not relive.

In a similar vein, I ran across this article [Link] about how work by some boffins at the Smithsonian have pushed back the dates of some of humanity’s chiefest physiological advantages to spread the development of human out over a longer period, perhaps even back to Australopithecines.

Don’t you just LOVE how spell checkers don’t work worth a flatulence with “nerd words”? The spell checker built into this editor choked on Australopithecine, offering up one one choice: Australopithecus. That’s one of the curses of being a nerd blogger. Spell checking. It’s either absent – as in the repository editors – or handicapped and ignorant – this one. Which leads to missing simple words misspelled since you can’t trust those red underlinings.

Which it seems, is indicative of what this human development bit from the English Museum of Amerika shows, that modern humans aren’t near as smart (or wise) as we like to give ourselves credit form On the other hand, however, we do now have an easy way to distinguish the smart members of the species, at least here in Amerika. We just ask the Yankee Government’s National Spying Agency who they consider an “extremist.”

Of course, they will probably do an Infernal Revenooer Service stunt and claim the email was lost in a disk crash. Actually, I am not all that convinced that they don’t have a lot of such. They are dependent on a lot of closed, out-of-the-ordinary code and they don’t do the right IT things. Or rather all of the Yankee government doesn’t do the latter. But the IRS is triply suspect. So I wouldn’t be surprised at lost of crashes. Which is probably why so many corporate tax evaders get away with their crimes.


Pursuit of the Intellectuals, Chapter Eleventy-eleven

Back yo week in. Decent session at gym although the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealing with the religious concept of “chosen” was a bit disturbing. One might almost take it as an admission on the part of the religionists that they know what they are doing is superstition and mysticism, that by adopting some irrational beliefs they have to somehow exalt themselves as justification (or shield?)

But on the other hand, the weight bouncers weren’t that obnoxious and harassful today.

On the subject of NSA privacy intrusion, my colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force, sent me this cartoon: [Link]

(or at least its link,) and it does seem to represent the situation rather well. Although I do have to admit that my first thought had been whether if there were a next panel, the bald fellow would be wearing the clip board about his nick?

Anyway, I fear this is a good representation of the boggerate. This is the same bunch who think wireless refers to cellular telephony. And given this level of knowledge and understanding it is rather easy to see how the NSA, and the administration, perhaps, would feel insecure with people who do know what broadband is and USB and CD and Linux…. So why not keep your eye on them. Governments have always mistrusted, watched, and discorporated intellectuals.

Although it is a bit distressing to consider people who know a bit about IT as intellectuals. Not that they aren’t good people, but intellectuals? But perhaps that is the azimuth of the times. Philosophy, or so my colleagues foolishly expound, is rather irrelevant and a waste. Arts are only of value if they have monetary value. And science is something to be denied and harassed. I sometimes wonder if politicians wouldn’t like to pass a law making literacy (and calculacy and computancy) a felony punishable by discorporation. Except for politicians. And maybe capitalist oligarchs?

Anyway, we shouldn’t forget that the NSA wouldn’t be doing this without the approval of politicians.

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