A State of Evil?

The peopling of the Americas has always been a fractal of mysteries. A great part of the mystery is embedded in current societies. As a nerd, I find the objections of descendants of earleir emigrants to science to be obstructionist and mystically petty. Hence I was surprised and pleased with the “news” of DNA sequencing of a human of Clovis culture.

The results are, as often are, emotionally charged and mixed. Yes, current Amerindians are descendants of the Clovis people, but the Clovis people are themselves related to humans who dwelt in central europe. So yes, the remains are an ancestor but current Amerindians are also the same humanity as the hater “white” man.

I have to admit that I am continually puzzled by all this “race” grrr brrr. As a child growing up I was exposed to the whole spectrum of old confederacy prejudice towards those who are not (adequately) “white”. I vividly recall the paired drinking fountains in the Woolworth’s downtown and the striking differences in the school environments. But I also recall noting that (a) the whole idea of difference was specious and just plain garbage, and (b) that if I wasn’t careful to hide that attitude I would be injured or killed by those who did not perceive as I did.

When I got to college I was pleased to learn that the whole concept of “race” is absent any substantive scientific validity, but this did not improve my understanding of the concept, especially as it changed from being righteous to sinful. I use that terminology carefully because the whole “race” rhetoric seemed to have some religionist context; it could only be used in a pronouncitive, derogatory fashion, immenable to discussion or analysis. “Race” was bad, never mind that we don’t know what it is or that it is specious, I have decided you are “racist” and therefore BAD.

I realize this is not unusual among bogs. They consistently do things based on an absence or actual contradiction of data. It is, sadly, in the nature of bogs to do so. I see no way to alter that situation short of extinguishing all bogs and since that means extinguishing the species, not an action to be entertained. And sadly, it seems that such attitudes are also anti-science and themselves apparently contributing to the extinction of the species. So not only is the concept of “race” outside of comprehension, it is also detrimental. Simply put, whether righteous or sinful, “race” as a meme has a negative effect on humans.

And we still don’t know what it is.

Scientist Intelligence

Not a bad morning so far. A bit nippish but nowhere as heat deprived as the middle and aft end of the week, Or at least that’s what the weather beavers foretell and I suspect they are being optimist and misleading. The gym was pleasantly sparse although the podcast was a bit dull.

So I was in a very good situation to consider an article [Link] sent me by a colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force, about how natural scientists are more intelligent than social scientists. I am not sure of this, personally. It seems to me rather like comparing one type of fruit with another. Are biologists less intelligent than physicists because they can’t do maths as well? Are biologists more intelligent than economists because what maths they can do they get right? I am not sure.

From what I have seen, intelligence quantification is somewhat arbitrary and subjective. Not to mention that intelligence itself is poorly posed and worse defined.  It seems rather like measuring the mass of a proton with a postal balance.

Having worked with other STEMs, and I think I can, on an individual basis, extend the appellation to include social scientists, I know that their smarts – I shan’t call it intelligence – is different from that of natural scientists. In facts, mathematicians are different from physicists from chemists…….. So there.

But I am still not convinced that bogs are actually intelligent. Or even sentient.

Internet Value 4

Another middling night, above the phase change temperature, and hence this morning to ablutions and the bicycle. Now back to the internet.

I am not sure there is much left. In its original form, the internet was supposed to be a means of communication and data exchange among creative STEMs. That, of course, is a minor positive in that there are other ways of doing the same. Admittedly there is a convenience to email and file transfers that makes that minor positive rock solid.

Sadly however, the internet has been corrupted with so many unSTEM, uncreative people that it is almost impossible to move STEM data about any more, so that minor positive has been largely eroded by kitsch and gibble. I suppose that if one evicted all those parasites then the utility of the internet could be restored but I suspect that is an idealistic pipe dream that sublimates in the fierce glare of actuality and irreversible social thermodynamics.

In that illumination, it is clear that the internet lacks any real value. Sadly, it will not dissolve away but continue as the money leech of capitalist oligarchs and those who would destroy the species for a profit, the kind of people Stalin talked about who sold rope. And in this context the efforts of FOSS and EFF and such like are nothing more than speed bumps on the road to extinction. But it is notable that lemmings to not discorporate in place but run great distances before plunging.

Internet Value 3

A moderate night. Below the phase change temperature but barely. And I did my tim on the stationary bicycle so I can now proceed with the day.

The road to “civilization” began with the desire for more gear (goods) and has evolved to the search for entertainment (diversion.) Somehow it seems rather a let down, but that is what the majority of humanity does, spend the bulk of its time being divorced from life.

And that, in large part is what the internet has come to be. It started with sharing “funny” things, like labeled cat photographs and has developed where there are serious political debates over whether preference should be given to the transport of entertainment files over the internet. So much for DARPA’s dream. Not that DARPA is very good at either dreaming or taking action on their dreams. They are more in the nature of the mathematician in the burning hotel room.

But the question is whether the entertainment on the internet, which apparently is at least half of it, has value? Is there value in diverting those who lack any form of creativity or will power from creating mischief? Perhaps. Is there value in preventing those who have creativity but inadequate will power from exercising their creativity? Only negative. Is it possible for entertainment to itself have value? Probably not, at least based on observation and history.

So we have a situation where entertainment on the internet has a value somewhere between zero and assuredly negative. In other words, maths words, non-positive.

This is beginning to get discouraging. Is my lantern too dim? Or are there really no honest men?

Internet Value 2

Not a very fun night. Got moderately unwarm. The weather beavers once more overestimated the minimum temperature. They have a long way to go in rebuilding trust. A VERY long way. And apparently no effort in that direction.

The brrrrrrrrrrrrr gave me occasion to contemplate the value of the internet some more. From its beginning – once it got out of the direct control of the Yankee government – it has engaged in commerce. In fact, even accessing it is a matter of commerce. So the question must be addressed: is internet commerce beneficial?

Note that this is not an efficiency question, nor it is a cost question. Efficiency in the marketplace has always been a question relevant to suppliers not demanders. Customers are never efficient, only gullible. And any savings enjoyed – apparently – by customers is irrelevant since only profit is a meaningful metric.

On this basis it is very hard to make a telling argument that internet commerce has social value. There were marketplace transport arcs and market nodes prior to the internet. If the internet were to go away these or equivalent arcs and nodes would reappear. So the transport aspects of the internet are not relevant to the question.

Except, from the standpoint of centralization. In much the same way as MalWart, excessive centralization is a negative. It depletes communities of their survivability by destroying their local economies and it makes them fragile when disaster occurs by removing local concentrations of goods and services. So in this sense, the internet is an overall negative. At least from a commerce standpoint.

We do have to consider whether the diversity of goods offered on the internet is a good. This is a bit denser. Unless the thing offered is a survival thing, the diversity is irrelevant. And we have to argue that if that survival thing had not been available in the local marketplace pre-internet, then those who needed it would have found a conventional source or lived elsewhere. But since it is now available on the internet, it adds to the increased fragility of the local environment and hence is actually a negative.

In summary, the internet of goods is a negative value. So our search has to proceed.

Frustration of Experiment

Fair to middling night. I didn’t have to get up to inspect faucets. That part was blissful. But the bed aches also returned. I am now entertaining the conjecture that when you are ORF if one thing doesn’t get you, something else will.

On which azimuth, I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

one in a trajectory or sequence on the matter of science fair projects (and bogs.) Still, even with the boggish flavor of waiting until the last moment and doing something utterly wrongly and poorly conceived, it does illustrate a couple of the problems with research.

I should comment, before proceeding, that half of all the compromised projects are compromised by poor statistical conception. I don’t expect children to understand the niceties of statistics but the fact seems to be that their parents are even worse than they are. Apparently this is a by-blow of the denial of algebra.

Having gotten that over, part of the problem is that the test subjects, whether animal or particulate, are perverse and uncooperative. I know from experience that physicists tend to anthropomorphize whatever particle or phenomena they are working with, probably because of that perversity. Theorists have it rather worse since the perversion is within themselves. And when the frustration creeps out, it can be embarrass. FD SCP is often amused at my conversations with simple machines – jar lids, for example – and commonplace objects. She claims that the only object I don’t converse at is the electric toothbrush, and that only for reasons of droolage.

I have long held that there is nothing wrong with these monologues, that, if anything, they are the simplest form of intelligent conversation. Although I do find I agree with myself somewhat less often than my colleagues agree with me. This is hardly surprising. After all, unlike extro bogs, those head conversations are frequent and often on ambiguous matters. But for all the irritation and annoyance, it is still better than their emotional depravity.

Dirac Smoothie

The Age of Marvels is not yet done! I now have something to share with my grandson. The magnetic monopole has been found! [Link]

I suppose I should explain why this is important. I probably won’t. Some things don’t explain well. But I shall try. Naturally occurring magnets are dipoles. They have a Nawth and a Sowth end – like the nation. But if one slices/saws/splits a magnet in two, one of two things happens: (1) you end up with two of each – two dipoles; or (2) none because you bash the magnetism. And no matter how small you cut the bits this always applies.

But what if you could? Cut a magnet in half and have two things – half magnets – that are anisotropic: one end is magnetic and the other end isn’t. Those are monopoles, literally one pole transliterated. And that’s why this is important.

Paul Adrien Maurice (PAM) Dirac, the daddy rabbit of Fermi-Dirac statistics (with Fermi), and quantum foam, and relativistic quantum mechanics, and …….. predicted monopoles back before me, and my daddy had no attention span for the matter. And people have been looking for them for years. And now we have them. And now – maybe – we can begin to build a real engineering of magnetism. No, not just generators and motors but really useful things.

And it happened in my lifetime. I was a kid when we landed on the moon. That was just Yankee government engineering. This is science.

Absence of Teaching

“Where there has been no learning, there has been no teaching.”

I was reminded yesterday, courtesy of C. Northcutte Parkinson, is that teaching is conditional on learning. IOW, teaching fails when there is no learning.

I have commented several times previously on how the schules, even the colleges, are failing, and failing miserably. But yesterday I asked myself whether there was some problem beyond the easily observable. And this led me to ask about learning. I immediately recalled how rare learning is among the GEN Y. They lack even basics, like grammar and basic things that previous generations have known. Why?

There are two types of learning: curiosity learning and compulsion learning. The former is motivated from within and needs only be facilitated, channeled, and, above all, NOT stifled. The latter is pain avoidance learning; learning occurs because its pain is less than the alternative. This learning is motivated from outside and must be forced. Schules are supposed to embody both. Optimally.

The problem, at least the first problem, is to recognize the difference between the two because the tactics used for the second can and will destroy the first. And the tactics used for the first totally miss the second. So the first job of teaching is to distinguish between individuals and situations of curiosity and compulsion learning. The second job is to act appropriately to effect the learning.

This seems to be where the schules are failing. On both counts. Most seriously, they are failing to identify individuals who want to learn and will learn on their own and only need facilitation from individuals who do not want to learn and must be coerced. They are treating everyone the same and failing all.

That seems to be one reason they are educationalists and not teachers. They can’t teach, and their pupils aren’t; they can’t learn. If they want to learn they are prevented and if they don’t want to learn they aren’t forced.

Ideally, at some point an individual learns enough, if not already a curiosity learner, to become one. This does not happen to everyone. Some people cannot become curiosity learners. They just stay bogs. But the folks who are geek and nerds are curiosity learners. And the older one gets the less likely it is to become a curiosity learner. So if one graduates from high schule without becoming a curiosity learner in at least some area, then the odds are one won’t and college is a waste on that person. They can’t become educated.

And too many of the folks I meet today, GEN Ys, who have graduated from college are not curiosity learners. They aren’t educated. They have failed and the educational system has failed them because it failed to teach.

And that seems to be why and how the schules are failing.

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Ho, Ho, Ho

I have finally found an aspect of the holidays to enjoy. I ran across an article [Link] this morning on the failure of UPS and FedEx to meet schedule on a rather SMALL number of packages. And when I read it I realized how amused I had been by all the pettiness and stupidity displayed on the news broadcasts.

Let’s us start with some basic knowledge. You may have n toilets in your house, typically n is magnitude three to five but that isn’t greatly important, but if you flush all the toilets simultaneously you are going to get some disappointment on what happens to the stercus. The basic idea reminds me of an episode of a television series about the Yankee Army Military Academy at West Point when I was a bairn. Some prank involving rupturing pipes, and bright students being suppressed (disciplined was the YA term) by anal faculty.

Point being is that every plumbing system is designed around some flow rate. It is seldom the maximum possible – every potty pushed at once! – but some moderate value. The reasons for this are a mixture of economic and esthetic. One doesn’t want one’s house to be dominated by plumbing; it isn’t a hamster run.

Now UPS and FedeX (and the Yankee government postal service – more later) are plumbing systems. They move stuff from point A to point B, with there being a lot of points of both intake and output. But fundamentally they are structured around some load capacity. And that capacity is determined in large part by some intermediate loading. For economic reasons. If UPS (e.g.) designed for Consumermas loading then it would be 0.9 idle almost all of the time. And it would go broke paying for guys in tacky brown uniforms, and big brown trucks and big brown airplanes (do you get the stercus analogy yet?) in a month or so. And then there would be no delivery system.

So when I got exposed to the whining from all the entitlement delusionals I had to reflect on just how arrogant and petty and above all, STUPID these folks are. When you overload a transportation system – plumbing – you are going to get some failures. Some things are going to get delivered late or to the wrong place. And it can’t be helped. It’s a price of having such a system. Your choices are to have a limited capacity system or none at all. Your pick. And think about that before you open your vocalizer and make a roaring FOOL of yourself for being too STUPID to keep your mouth shut under water.

And I promised to mention the Postal Service. Apparently the folks making stercus accidents of themselves have forgotten (or don’t know) of how the Yankee government postal service used to do this ALL the time. When I was a bairn there were always packages ordered from Sears or wherever that didn’t get delivered until around New Year’s. And then the postal service figured out their capacity and set a not-later-than date to get stuff to point B, a system firmly in place now and not bitched about by vacuum skulls.

So there is some humor in the holiday after all and it is the ferds who don’t know how plumbing works.